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  1. Yes but its drop is not very tall because of the helix after the lift. I think that Superman la Atracción de Acero is the floorless with the tallest drop with around 157 ft
  2. I don't know if you see but I noticed something strange on the page: A white form appears and disappears. I'm defenitely sure that it will be a floorless. Look at the image ! The rail is turned over
  3. If we forget the Hypercoaster probability, it cannot be a diving machine. You can see with the railway images that the ties beetween the rails are flat with a Diving machine and the pics which are taken at CW shows "twisted" ties.
  4. I think that fear is more impressive The first drop is better and there is more surprises (wild mouse turns are faster). I don't like the Force camelback because it does not have airtimes and the track is overall slow.
  5. Nigloland just because the grass is regularly mowed and all the park is naturalness and nonartificial. From what I can see with pictures, it's like Dollywood with less sensations and decorations but nicer.
  6. It was a great experience. I really liked the idea. I hope there will be other games like this one !
  7. From Paris with greetings ! I just received it today !
  8. "La pomme" in the largest fun fair in France, The Foire du Trône in Paris. I didn't have the credit which was an apple Pinfari !
  9. I heard on pointbuzz that it was almost 4 or 5 hours !
  10. Indy is the perfect clone of it: It's TL59 at Tivoliland (Denmark)
  11. One of the most original TR ever ! Congratulations I didn't know that Epcot was as big as this. A picture reminds me something when I went to Europa-Park the last month, see:
  12. There is many rumors about a new roller coaster at Parc Astérix. In 2009, the park would envisage a new themed area (Egypt) and the principal attraction would be a little sized inverted coaster B&M custom (almost like Nemesis Inferno).
  13. Close to water.... hummm not very judicious in case of flood.
  14. Maybe a mirror Great Bear model without first helix ? Lift supports are the same.
  15. Parc St Paul is the worst. No theme and very little park with very bad attractions. I hate fair rollercoasters and there is only it !
  16. 1. IOA 2. Phantasialand 3. SFMM 4. Port Aventura 5. Europa-Park 6. Nigloland 7. Parc Astérix 8. Walibi World
  17. my new top ten: 1. X 2.EGF 3.Dueling Dragons (Ice) 4.Black Mamba 5.Kraken 6.Tonnerre de Zeus 7.Goliath (WW) 8.Scream! 9.Stealth 10.Colossus (Thorpe Park)
  18. Steel: I like Goliath at WW but EGF is just INCREDIBLE: Wooden: I don't know many wooden but I prefer Tonnerre de Zeus. It shakes much but it's good
  19. Today at 13:00 PM the french High speed train (TGV) exceeded a speed record on railways. Until today it was of 515 kmp/h (320 miles/h) and it's now more than 574.7 kmp/h (356 miles/h). It's a new world record. A video: Congratulations for the french TGV team
  20. I didn't know that SROS was a Floorless: http://www.sixflags.com/america/Rides/SupermanRideofSteel.aspx
  21. Thank you for the trip. The park seems to be little and the aquatic part pretty good. It's always fun to have trips reports of distant parks.
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