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  1. Wild Train is a funny ride. It count for rcdb but it's even less a coaster than an Alpine for me. You can make your Parc Saint Paul at home. You may have: -A garden -A dragon made with paperboard -3 or 4 steel tubes and you ask your grandmother to sew a mascot.
  2. This coaster was pretty horrible. I rode it before it has an accident. A man is in the coma. The train detached itself at the top of the loop and wagons fell on the ground. I remember that 6 or 7 peoples were injured. it will be soon dismounted. "Telepherique" is not a coaster. In France there is a lot of Gardens or playgrounds which have that type of attraction. There is often a tire where you can sit down or remain stand
  3. nope. It's easy ! -Blue and white -Transportable "structure" ! -Sound like something which is fast -near from UK -An accident -Another accident in the park a last help: I hate Russian manufacturers
  4. I mean that the structures are not planted in the ground. The coaster is blue and white and there was another accident in this park. It's in Europe
  5. It sound like something fast. Sorry. In france when we say something rhyme it's not obligatorily the same sound at the end but it can be the same signification.
  6. It's not in America but the name sounded like something which is fast.
  7. Ok, My name rhyme with speed , my opening was delayed and and my strutcture is mobile . Who I am?
  8. Black Mamba Station is the best for me with the snake around the cave. The environment when the train goes out the station is Incredible (with lights and music)
  9. I only rode Trace du hourra. I vote for it
  10. The trains arrived. other pictures: http://www.adventureislandguide.com/rides/construction/rage/jan07x10-1.htm
  11. Poltergeist could be describe as a Female themed coaster.
  12. My parks of the year: -Bobbejaanland -Walibi Belgium -WDS -DLRP -Holiday park -Port aventura -Nigloland -Phantasialand -Walibi RA
  13. Maybe they will change the theme to a Superman theme ? The name will become "Superman: the ride" Mr freeze with red and blue colors... there is a problem.
  14. I put what I rode: 1. X 2. Riddler's revenge 3. Scream 4.Batman TR 5.Ninja 6.Goliath 7.Revolution (I love the layout!) 8.Colossus
  15. Speedy Bob at Bobbejaanland and Dragon Kahn at PA
  16. -Walibi Belgium -Walibi World -Walibi Lorraine -Walibi Rhône-Alpes -Disneyland Resort Paris -Walt Disney Studios -Bobbejaanland -Parc St Paul -Jardin d'acclimatation -Parc Astérix -Festyland -Holiday Park -Phantasialand -Port Aventura -Touroparc -Nigloland -Mer de Sable -Six Flags Magic Mountain -Universal studios / IOA -Sea World Orlando -Stratosphere tower -New York New York -Adventuredome -Nascar café
  17. A new coaster: 1. Inverted 2. Roll over 3. Major accident last year
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