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  1. By this point, I advise you to ban my account and delete the pictures. NO PERMISSION WERE ASKED TO THE PARK MANAGEMENT OR THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT In the mail I sent you,I didn't speak of the fact that the photos were official or not.
  2. Did you know that the only relocated B&M coaster is Goliath at Fiesta Texas which moved twice !
  3. This night I dreamed about Everland. I was in the park with my whole family and T express was closed, but it looked like an oval wooden coaster. Eagle Fortress was called "Joy" and the coaster shuted down too. An employee made me visit a new roller coaster which was as I though a diving machine. Finally I visited an indoor part of the park where a sort of Thunder Dolphin was. It has a very typical lift. All the cars got loose and each had a platform . In fact, these platforms were Space Shot platforms. When all the cars were fast at the top all the cars were connected again and the train began its first drop. Original lift !
  4. I hesitate but even if Vekoma begin to make smooth rides (Jimmy Neutron at MPG) I would say that Arrow is better because my favourite coaster is a Xtreme experience...
  5. My planned parks for the next year: -Parc Astérix -WDS -Tripsdrill -Heide-Park -Toverland -La Ronde -BPB -Efteling -Walibi Belgium -Bobbejaanland
  6. X is clearly the most impressive... their last and their best
  7. 1. Nemesis 2. Black Mamba 3. Dueling Dragons Ice 4. BTR 5. Dueling Dragons Fire
  8. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=0pKFbo8n74s Here is another video of Moonsault Scramble.
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