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  1. Hershey park announces Fahrenheit NOT OPENING!!! During testing one of the trains valleyed on the cobra roll. The media people recieved ERT(extra riding time) on Stormrunner for 2 hours!Lucky people!The people who got kicked off Stormrunner-not so lucky. I think that is unfair to the people who got kicked off the ride by those people!NEW OPENING DATE NOT ANNOUNCED YET!!!!!! I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED!!!
  2. Did you know this is a record amount of posts and pages for me?
  3. Hey here is my trip report of six flags great adventure- it was awesome-the food was good, rides were awesome.King da ka rolled back so i did not ride it my SFGA top 10- 1.Medusa-awesome ride 2. El Toro-( ) wow!!! 3.Nitro- great drop,nice and smooth 4. Superman Ultimate Flight- o.k. hurts and awesome trains-load and unload takes forever!!! 5.Batman.-no comments what so ever! 6.Rolling Thunder-painful- There it is..Pllease comment ADMIN EDIT: Wrong forum. And poorly put together. ~Matt
  4. A quick update on the Tree Top Racers rehab. Apparently the coaster will not reopen until they get all four cars converted to the new style. This involves keeping the existing body and putting it on a new bottom frame that will work with a new chain lift and anti-rollback system that has been installed aalong with a new wheel system for the cars. (3/12/08) X isn’t the only Southern California coaster being rejuvenated with all new trains in 2008 it seems. Tree Top Racers at Adventure City are said to be getting a new train design this year. While you can’t see much, I was sent a photo w
  5. Did you know that an orangutan escaped from busch gardens?
  6. Did you know that in Disneyland on Mainstreet Firehouse, Walt Disney himself lived in the upstairs of that building?The light shining in the window every night is a signal that his spirit is there.
  7. Here you can say anything. Secrets about parks like this- Did you know that there is a cemetery in the parking lot of Kings Dominion in Virginia? Leave this kind of stuff in this forum!!
  8. Is it true? Will it be a big target? Yes, it is true. Resources say it is in a "safe zone." I think it will be an easy target during the war. What about you. Feel free to discuss your opinions here!
  9. Just let me know what new ride for 08', you think will be.Mine is Fahrenheit. Now what about you?
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