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  1. coll TR guys. I have been living in California for all my life and have only been there once when I was 7. I could only remeber going on NINJA. Hey Dallas did you go on Goliath. If so my friend who is not an enthusiast like me wants to know if it is scary. He is going to SFMM this summer.
  2. On tuesday La Qau of Japan anounced there new Intamin launch ride themed after the movie AKIRA by katsushiro Otomo. These are known facts about the ride Intamin Colors are Red Inversions Loop Noregian loop Inline twist. Please respond pictures coming soon.
  3. pretty good ride. exept I did notice that there were some minor bumps and you hit some red Gs on the top of the top hat. 7.9 out of 10
  4. I havent been to knotts in like 2 years but it is a great park! And others agree as in guests! Its a popular park and the lines are usualy just genaricly long especialy if you go on the weekend. other than that it should be a great visit!
  5. probably ghost rider at knotts. but i also like Giant Dipper at Santacruz beach boardwalk!
  6. just a small update I deceded to make some original supports. THis is just the begining of the large update. original supports
  7. Thanks man I am planning on posting a huge update tommorow the park is 40 percent complete!!
  8. thanks! well Here is an update from the new zone Tidal wave Platue! This is the superthemed water flume ride! PLEASE POST! not yet named.
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