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  1. Even tho I am in the UK, I still haven't done most of the parks in Europe. Must admit we do find it quite hard with a 3 year old in tow. Troverland is one I certainly want to do. We are off to Europa this year for the first time in 8 years. Get photos from your trip. Hope you really enjoyed it
  2. We are off to Liseberg for the first time tomorrow. Stopping overnight so we can stay for the 11pm close Really looking forward to it
  3. We visited Paultons for the first time this week and it is a lovely little park but needs a little something more and I think this project for next year will certainly give them that
  4. Got to ride Smiler on Saturday and it's a fun ride but nothing special tbh. The best bit by far is the bunny hops - airtime heaven!. We had an ERS on Nemesis in the morning 8-9 and the park recommended we headed over to Smiler straight after which we did. We were in the queue from 9.10am and they opened it at 11.40. We rode about 10 mins after it opened. The staff running it were making sure every train was going out full which was great to see. (Shame we couldn't say the same about Oblivion) Smiler has quite a bit of power and speed even tho it looked very slow during testing. It w
  5. But I have a good reason! We have a new member in our household. Please meet Rebecca who was born in late March. Lucky for me I didn't miss much of the coaster season but I did lose out a bit when we went to Sweden in September but I had already visited the park so wasn't too disappointed
  6. We are off to visit Alton next Saturday so will take some photos and hopefully be able to report back on what it is like. So far it has had mixed reviews.....
  7. Alton Towers, next year I expect. Depends on when Baby shows up
  8. After my short visit in May this year, my family decided they would like to visit this park. So we planned a 1 night stay to spend 2 days at the park. After a very early start to the day and an early flight we arrived in Sweden early enough to go and visit the largest Ikea store whilst we waited for Gröna Lund to open at 3pm. We headed across Stockholm city centre (which took about 45 mins from our hotel) and once we had our entry wristbands headed off to ride the two kiddie coasters first. On my last visit the park was so busy that I wasn't able to get the credit for these. The weat
  9. We can't watch it in the UK so we have managed to download it. Looked good and we had even been on two of the coaster show Thought it was quite funny that of the 8 coasters featured in the first 2 episodes 7 of them were B&M's
  10. I wish they could cook - would save me having to cook for them most evenings. In the US i think they are called "pups" in europa we call them "kittens" (which can be quite funny as people think of baby cats and then see the rat and panic )
  11. There isn't really enough new stuff over here at the moment for them to visit (at a guess)
  12. GronaLund, Sweden Will be my 2nd visit but the rest of my group's 1st visit
  13. Rat show info now here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=62924
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