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  1. Absolutely the greatest idea for a dark ride ever. I'm not exactly sure how they got away with it, plus its set to an incredible (and obvioulsy very trippy) song. I would almost go back to that park just for that ride. Also, I don't know if it's technically under rated, but MIB Alien Attack is easily my favorite. I could ride that for hours straight. I am so determined to reach the elusive 999,999.
  2. I really liked Emiroo's Nights In White Satin: The Trip sponsored by D.A.R.E.
  3. The Beatles. You can say anything you want, but any rock band after 1970 would not EXIST if it were not for the Beatles. Rock music would not be what it is. Imagine the Beatles stayed together for even 5-10 more years. If the style of Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road and Revolver and Rubber Soul was developed just for a little bit longer, what would music be today? I can't even imagine anything better than Sgt. Pepper. Chances are they would have made at least one more album as good or better. Hendrix dying sucks too, but the Experience was not what made him great. Jimi would shine no matter
  4. Oh of course she has to stir up the fire right as its about to die down. Paula, you enjoy us speculating absolutely nothing more than anything else don't you? Well, speculate on. Those markings seem fairly far away from the beaten path to be just a small flat like a rocking ship ride or something. I'm not saying its gonna be something huge, its only that that's an awfully long walk for a tilting ship.
  5. While I know my opinion is probably not as highly valued as some others, I actually thought Led Zeppelin was a fairly good B&M. I though the loading process was kinda strange, but the interviews you are showed beforehand are interesting, if you are a big Led Zeppelin fan (which I am.) I thought the music was synced very well for the first half of the ride, and still went with the ending some. Yup, It was before a Vampire weekend concert at the Variety Playhouse. I have seen two shows there and Its honestly my favorite concert venue. Its so small and so narrow that no matter where
  6. Your opinions were very similar to what i thought about the park. Its a nice park with great theming and cool little things like the water guitar everywhere. If they had maybe 3 more big ticket rides, possibly a nice GCI, a big ticket flat such as an intamin drop tower themed with music and possibly a nice shooting dark ride, preferably themed to the yellow submarine. Hint hint. Then I think the park would be absolutely great. Some of the most fun you can have is playing "spot the reference to classic rock music" which you can do for days on end. Being a huge classic rock music fan, they
  7. I scoop ice cream. Any other Brusters scoopers in the crowd here?
  8. ~You frequently tell people their favorite roller coaster is complete garbage even though you have never been on it. I used to do this, but I have realized that its really not cool, cause its opinion. ~You cringe anytime you see the letters SLC together.
  9. Thats great! I love the Holiblog. In fact I was Holiblogged back in January back for a Video I made of holiday world. Its such an honor being in such an exclusive club!
  10. I am SO pumped for rock band. RCT2Wizard, where have you heard negative reviews? I have looked into it a little and all I have heard is that its the greatest thing ever invented by humans. I really hope thats gonna be true. In regards to GH3, I really LOVE it overall. The setlist is AWESOME, and the master tracks sound amazing! (see Paint it Black.) I do however have two grievances: 1. The only jump from hard to expert (in most cases) are harder chords, such as a two fret chord to a three fret chord. Also, raining blood on expert is just too damn hard. It took me at least 20 tries to beat
  11. a while ago. It was on the Georgia Cyclone sometime this summer. When was the last time you watched a movie?
  12. I hate it when a train pulls into the station and the cars get out of wack with the rows so it becomes confusing to the people around you as to which car to go to. This happened to me on GA Cyclone. I was waiting for my favorite seat and the train got all out of wack so some people took the row I was waiting for so the ride op told me just to go to another row.
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