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  1. I loved the video, nice one! I've been to Port Aventura last november, it was also my first time. For me PA is one of the beter parks, nice ride's, nice food,... Only some people aren't that friendly in spain The reaction of the men that sad ''better than Balder'', he's right! In Stampida I have a real woody feeling, Balder i've missed that. Balder is too smooth,... has a lot of airtime but that's it, no fast curves ore something like that.
  2. Thanks for the information, i'm looking forward to Port Aventura. It will be my first time at the park. Hopefully the waitingline's aren't to bad for the halloween ride's, I think we whill wait a long time for La Selva Del Miedo, al lot of people are happy about it so it must be great.
  3. Nice tripreport and photo's, I'm looking forward, just 2 more days to go and i'm flying out to Girona/Barcelona. About the Halloween mazes and attraction's, witch one have the longest waitingtime? And on what time did they open?
  4. Believe it or not, I've got 25/25. It helps a lot when you look every day for new updates
  5. No problem, i'm more looking forward to the park, Port Aventura. Not only Furius Baco, the lay-out looks nothing special. It's about the speed and that's it I think. I've been one more Intamin Rocketcoaster, Rita, Kanonen, Stealth. Also fast coaster with a powerfull launch. I loved Stealth, short but so powerfull.
  6. I'm looking forward to Port Aventura, it's my first time there so I hope Furius Baco is open. I will be there with a Belgium Rollercoasterclub 2november till 4 november.
  7. ''Wonderlands biggest announcement ever! Our website revealls at 7PM on AUG 27. Source: Website of Canda's Wonderland --- A bit longer waiting I think?
  8. Thank you verry much for these pictures! I'm really looking forward to visit this park in 2 weeks
  9. And Drop Zone isn't the only attractions where Robin break a record. Last may, he has a world record on the Eclipse, a Mondial Capriolo. Also 10 hours nonstop on this ride, and he made that too. Photo's of Eclipse can be seen here: Photos record Eclipse (Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what I mean.)
  10. Do al the B&M's in Europe to start with Only Dragon Kahn I must do then. Coastercount isn't going to reach the 200 I think, have now 153 Coaster count
  11. Sunday the 5th november. The laster day that Walibi Belgium was open this season. I've rode Calamity Mine twice, last coaster that day.
  12. One question, sorry it isn't about Valleyfair. Why do you like Balder so much, everybody is verry happy about this coaster. Why? I've rode it almost 2 months ago for the first time, i really don't think it's the nr1 wooden coaster. Not at all! You have allot of airtime but that's it, the curves are slow, to slow. And, it's to smooth. Yes, to smooth, in a wooden coaster I wanne feel it, not with pain offcourse buth litte shaking is good. Than you have airtime, fast curves and the feeling of a real woodie. But that's my opinion, hopefully you now what I mean, my english isn't that good for spelling Oh, nice that Valleyfair builds a new coaster
  13. Yes, I love the ride. Did the haunted house last saterday when I was for the first time in Madrid/Spain. Verry nice ride en scary, nice scene's and the acteurs where really good!
  14. I've rode last monday Stuntfall in Parque warner Madrid. I love the coaster and the park
  15. Hey, manny thanks for that website. For me the best haunted house is also the one in Liseberg, beautifull scene's en nice story's. Also a good one is in Movie World Italie, Horror House. Saterday the 12th august i'm in Parque D'attractiones, maybe I will visit the haunted house there.
  16. 4 hours ago, Olympia Looping on the fun fair in Herne (DE). That coaster with 5 loops
  17. Yesterday Alpina Bahn on the funfair in Duren (Germany).; The coaster for that was Black Mamba in Phantasialand the same day.
  18. Almost 2 weeks ago i've rode the Rutschebanen in Tivoli Gardens and in Bakken. The one in Tivoli is open since 1914. The other one in Bakken is open since 1932. By the way, both coasters are really nice for that age. For me, they are better than de Vekoma woodie's Weerwolf and Robin Hood in Walibi Belgium/World.
  19. Balder in Liseberg last monday. Nice coaster but not the number one in the world for me.
  20. Beverly Hills Cop, don't now witch one but it's filmed in a Paramount's park.
  21. Steel: Klondike Goldmine, done it in Drayton Manor in 2004 now its relocated to Funland Amusement Park. The trains where to smal, to painfull, to small loop,... Wood: Sierra Tonante at Mirabilandia. Verry painfull and rough, to rough.
  22. Yesterday Goliath the last ride of the day. The day before was Black Mamba also the last ride of the day.
  23. Katun 25 times in one day and it was in augustus. Busy day but not for Katun, verry strange. Good coasters you ride a lot, that's Katun. Also Goliath 13 times in one day, not that much because we did al other rides to and the line was 30min or 15min waiting.
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