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  1. Hey! I thought I would post some photo's of Blackpool Pleasure Beach so far in 2008, quite a few changes and things happening, and the new attraction is Adventure Golf outside the park. First up Wild Mouse has been closed since November 07 and is having lots of work done, dure to open sometime in May hopefully. The scaffolding has been gradually coming of since February and there is now only bits left. It's re-paint looks good, the track especially looks brighter. Rollercoaster is having it's train replaced, so you now wont be able to ride restraint free anymore. The new train is an ex Big Dipper train, with shared lapbars, refurbished and re-painted and should be on soon, it's been sat on the station transfer track for quite some time, since last September in fact, starting with just the shell of a car, and it now looks like this.... Avalanche has been closed on some days these past couple of months as it is having a much needed re-paint, here is a pic of the mucky track... And a re-painted section... The lift hill and other bits have also now been done. The classic Whip ride which is underneath Revolution looks like it is finnaly being taken apart, it closed a few years ago and has been stood idle since. And a few photo's of the park this year to finish off... The 'new for 2007' standard SLC, Infusion (Traumatizer from Southport in Blue and mostly over water), some of us like to call it 'Intrusion'. Pepsi Max Big One. And a few general park photos... All photos Copyright Martynlc 2008. Thats about all, except the odd little updates and some other rides, all photo's taken from BPB Guide. http://www.tbppbguideforums.info/bpb/portal.php Thanks for looking!
  2. Rollercoaster Construction Gallery updated, and over 100 new photos added to the site today! Check it out now and join the discussion - www.newpleasurelandforums.co.uk
  3. Coaster Construction Updates will be coming up on New Pleasureland Forums tommorow! For discussion about the park, more coaster pics, original Pleasureland and much more visit the first ever forums to the park - www.newpleasurelandforums.co.uk
  4. Don't know if this has been posted or not but the new coaster at Pleasurewood Hills called 'Wipeout' has opened, very nice looking Vekoma Boomerang from the recently closed American Adventure Theme Park. I think it looks very nice. More info and pics here - http://www.ukrides.info/nphwipeout.htm Thanks.
  5. Thanks! The Fun House is back open, with new gags, a few originals remain but stuff like Bouncy Castles and things have been added.
  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Going to be the best looking Pinifari ever! Update 16 August Photos Copyright to me and New Pleasureland Forums.
  7. The Gauntlet is being painted the exact same colours as the Traumatizer was. I don't expect then to call it that though, must admit it is certainly eye catching! I will have pics soon.
  8. Here is an update from 06 August Gauntlet construction is continuing, the foundations have been laid and more track has arrived And some other ride photos - The Haunted Inn (one of the original rides from old Pleasureland) has been refurbed' and is back open Thanks for looking! Photos Copyright to me and New Pleasureland Forums.
  9. Update Construction of the new Looping Coaster is set to begin as soon as the second load arrives The Megaspin has left temporarily whilst it is attending an event, a inflatable is now on its site but the Megaspin will be back by next week. Also the Haunted Inn (one of the original rides from old Pleasureland) is being extensively refurbished and will be open to the public soon. Things are really looking good for Southport
  10. Ah i think you will be a bit to early Aparently its coming in 2 loads and only one has arrived they are waiting for the other. The weather was lovely. I guess it will be up and running in under a month i cant see it taking longer. Theres lots of other rides anyway so you will have fun P.s. i think it was a good spot on the Gauntlet track as its hidden away at the top of the car park lol im nosey
  11. Update 02 August. Lots of spaces have now been filled with new rides since my last update including a Megaspin, Metiorite, Dodgems, Ferris Wheel, and lots of new Kiddie rides. The Fun House is back open with all new gags! It wont be as good as before but its something. I didnt go inside but will do soon. Also track pieces for the parks looping rollercoaster have arrived in the car park. It is the former Gauntlet from Camelot which is a Pinifari looper my guess is it will go on the Traumatizer site. Overall the place is looking brilliant! Hardly any derelict spots left apart from the Traumatizer site which is to be filled. Its was busier than opening day and had a great atmosphere! It was lovely weather to! Gauntlet track and supports are in the car park - Will keep you updated best i can thanks for looking Photos copyright to me and New Pleasureland Forums.
  12. Il have a dig at the Gauntlet at Camelot which is a crappy Pinifari looper. It is now awaiting its re-build at Southport. It was the parks major coaster for like 2 years. Rough as all hell and horrible all over! Corkscrew at Alton is another very very bad coaster. Extremely rough and boring. Remove this pile of poo!
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