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  1. Hello TRP! My girlfriend is doing an MBA in hospitality management, and currently in the process of writing her thesis about the coworking industry in the US. For this, she needs people who professionally work from coworking spaces or third spaces (libraries, starbucks, hotel lobbies and such), for example as an entrepreneur or freelancer, but there are lots of different 'flavours'. If you identify with this description, or know someone who does, could you do my girlfriend and therefore me a tremendous favour by filling in this questionnaire? It takes 5-10 minutes. https://lnkd.in/exuzMfY
  2. All this fuzz about a fairly dull looking coaster. Why is every park buying short wing and dive coasters? What happened to inverts and floorless coasters?
  3. Thanks for the comments and trivia sharing everyone! I really appreciate it.TPR is not one of my 'main sites', so I'm very glad I decided to share my trip reports here. Will continue to do so in the future. As a thank you... here is the last one. Possibly the best TR of the bunch? "Six Flags America is ghetto"; "All the coasters suck!"; "Don't get stabbed"; "Don't judge all six flags parks based on this"; "Why would you go to Six Flags America!?"; "Good thing you saved the best for last!"; "Six Flags America has the worst operations ever, they manage to turn a five minute queue i
  4. The third park of my trip was Hersheypark; perhaps the park that I had the highest expectations of, and the one that my girlfriend considers her 'home park'. Not an overly designed park like Busch Gardens, not stripped down to the core of steel and concrete like King's Dominion, but somewhere inbetween. Relatively straightforward, but with character, and a rich coaster line-up. That was what I expected, and that's what I got. As usual, we first headed to the ride that could otherwise give us a long queue later during the day. Thus Fahrenheit, the rather unique Intamin looper from 2007, was
  5. To be honest, ironically, American 'cuisine' like this breakfast is right up my alley. The junkfood aspect of this trip was almost as important to me as the theme park aspect. I'm perfectly fine with a breakfast of malformed waffles, watery apple juice and and dense muffins! Don't worry, I won't. Hello! Thanks for you reply, I'm glad you spoke up. Discussion is good and fun. Firstly I'd like to state that this is an account of my personal experience going to the US and these theme parks. And I often play the role of devil's advocate: I look around me, I see things, I form
  6. Yesterday I popped my American coaster cherry in Busch Gardens Williamsburg, to great satisfaction. Today was all about King's Dominion, a park less oriented at families, with less theming and focus on atmosphere, dominated by (twelve) roller coasters in sizes ranging from insignificant to top tier monstrosity. A very different experience from Busch Gardens, for sure. After visiting Busch Gardens the day before, my girlfriend and I drove to a hotel that is right across from King's Dominion. Looking out the window, we could admire a good portion of the King's Dominion skyline. We had a grea
  7. I know. I definitely think that health is ultimately everyone's own responsibility, the US with its questionable regulations and lack thereof has definitely lowered the bar for people to live unhealthy. It's so sad. I wish your country would wake up. There's a lot of potential going to waste. I enjoy watching strange social phenomenons and this certainly sounds like one. For sure, the prettiest park of the four I've seen! Glad you like the photos. You'll find out very soon!
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! It's hard to argue with that! The ride line-up is fantastic. The landscape, with all the slopes and waters, is very appealing. There were a ton of bridges and I thought that was really cool. Not sure what my favourite park from this trip was, but Gusch Gardens is a very good candidate. Love to come back sometime.
  9. I've been interested in theme parks and roller coasters for as long as I can remember. I have drawings of traveling fun fairs dating back to 1994 or 1995 and probably still have the Discovery Channel documentaries from the late 90's on video. The internet gave my hobby a huge boost around 2004-05 as I discovered the communities out there, and I was able to fit all the bits and pieces I knew from news papers and documentaries in a complete world view. I broadened my horizons over the years by visiting a couple of really cool theme parks in Europe. A large coaster-rich trip to the US became an a
  10. Hello! I already asked for BGW tips in the BGW thread, but since I'm also visiting King's Dominion on Wednesday, I'd like to hear some input on the same practical questions: - What crowds and queues can I expect? - Which rides get the biggest queues and should I try to do first? Is there a recommended order? - What are the best seats in every coaster? Thanks!
  11. Hello TRP. I'll be in Busch Gardens tomorow, first time, first time in a US park too. Couple of practical questions: - What crowds and queues can I expect? - Which rides get the biggest queues and should I try to do first? Is there a recommended order? - What are the best seats in every coaster? Front seat for Griffon and Alpengeist I suppose, and I already understood Apollo's Chariot is best in the back. What else? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! To be honest I don't think there's much difference! Drop, immelman, zero-G, helix, it's pretty much the same. Everything Heart of Coal has more of (a few turns here and there) pretty much sums up to being about 360 degrees worth of turns.
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