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  1. Awesome? Never gets boring? Are you talking about something else, Inferno (I never add its 'Nemesis' prefix because it doesn't deserve it and puts shame to the Nemesis name!) is easily the worst B&M inverter and one of, if not the dullest coaster i've been on. You feel more forces when you get out of bed quickly.
  2. Nice update! Just wondering if you could point me in the direction of the photo you used in your post without the writing and stuffs on it? As its great. A desktop sized one would be even better !
  3. *Sigh* once again our Nations dreams are shattered by a penalty shootout. We battled so hard after we went down to 10 men (and it was no way a red card) and deserved to win. Ahh well, next time I guess
  4. Black 4GB iPod Nano myself, filled to the brim. Had no problems with it so far, fingers crossed.
  5. Nope, your not the only one. I wear my glasses with no strap on almost all coasters with no problems at all. The only time i'm asked to taken them off is on Rita: QOS and they are quite strict with it as every visit i've had I always have to remove them. When you move you head around quickly or violently when not on a coaster they don't fall off so why would they when on a coaster. I do take them off on drop towers, partly because of the forces involved and partly because I don't really want to see anyway.
  6. Personally I didn't think much of Expedition GeForce, don't get me wrong it is a good coaster, but consistantly voted #1? Its not that good IMO. Just didn't do it for me I guess. From what i've been on i'd say Kraken and Nemesis are my joint favourite coasters. I'd imagine they will be blown right down the list after my SoCal trip in 6 weeks time. We shall see.
  7. All the Tussuads parks entrance fee are around £29.50 and your a fool if you pay more than about £25 for it because of all the offers that are always going around on the net, even the official site sells tickets for £23. Also you could get an annual pass which is very good value for money. Are you kidding me? Its busier than ever this year and its still easily the best park in the UK and will be around for a long long time. Enthusiasts seem to take Alton Towers for granted in my eyes and go round looking for faults with the place, personally i've never had a bad day there. [/end rant]
  8. Looks like your having a great time! Your certainly lucky that your not experiencing typical English weather, the past few days have been damn hot. Continue to have a good time, but don't be surprised if every thing stops for 90 minutes at 2pm today when England play their first match
  9. Have already been to Thorpe Park this year and will be going several more times there and to Alton Towers when my exams have finished and throughout the summer. Im off to California on July 26th (1 month 22 days to go, but who's counting ) so will be going to: Disneyland DCA KBF USH SFMM SeaWorld San Diego Very much looking forward to my second visit stateside after such an awesome time in Florida last year.
  10. I've been on five: 1) Nemesis 2) DD: Fire 3) DD: Ice 4) Montu 5) Nemesis Inferno The top four are all quite close, Nemesis wins for its relentless forces and crazy foot choppers. There's not much between DD Fire and Ice IMO especially at the front of them. I don't really remember Montu much, which isn't a good thing, one thing I do remember is the stupid trims. As for Nemesis Inferno, I get more thrill from sitting on my sofa. I will be riding Batman and Silver Bullet later in the year...
  11. Would this be the one you are talking about? Clickady-click Yes it may be cruel but its a classic, I cried with laughter when I first saw it.
  12. England (obviously) Wales Scotland France Belgium Netherlands Germany Tanzania USA (Florida last summer, California this summer )
  13. I don't know where you got that information from because as far as i'm aware it will not be a per pay ride attraction, it will have a height limit but this is good as Alton didn't have enough kiddie rides. It is replacing the Vintage Cars, which was outdated and dull and a Carrousel of which there is another one in the park anyway. So a worth while swap, really.
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