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  1. It's true! Good riddance to that banana roll, who believed he was taller than the rest of the ride.
  2. This. All of this. I think the ride looks great though. The ride, name and color scheme are enough.
  3. One can only hope! But this is such a huge investment (I'm guessing) it won't be until 2035 when that happens.
  4. Great pics and video, Robb! Steel Vengeance looks incredible on so many levels. The sustained speed, variety of airtime moments, variety of elements and the overall flat-out craziness will put this ride on many people's top 5 (or even top 3) for sure.
  5. I really hope there is substance to this. KW's silence on the future of the Log Jammer site is a intriguing but a little unnerving. If 2019 is the earliest that a new roller coaster (or any replacement for the LJ) can open there, I hope, at the very least, that the site looks good and is well landscaped. However, I'm open to the idea of the park surprising us all (slightly) by renting a ride for that site just for one season.
  6. Youtube Facebook Mostly a lurker. Rarely respond or contribute.
  7. I've been on both a few times and I like SheiKra more because of the helix and the more interactive splashdown area.
  8. On the 2008 East Coast Tour, I was one of two on El Toro for a couple of rounds shortly after ERT on it ended. Kingda Ka opened and everyone else in the TPR group rushed over to get the credit. I didn't know at the time why they suddenly left, but I knew ERT on El Toro was over, so my riding partner and I took a few more laps on El Toro before the public flooded it. There used to be a photo of us on it here, somewhere.
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