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  1. It’s all good Holmes. We’ve all been there. Before Fahrenheit was announced, I was for sure it was a B&M Hyper. I had an “insiders” view. They shafted me. Oh well.
  2. Just remember, milk chocolate melts in your mouth, and in your hand. Pretty much everywhere actually. Take wipes if you invite them back. Lol
  3. Funny story about that Hershey kiss, Bert.....worked as a rides operator at HP for the 1996 and 1997 seasons in the North section. (Where the kissing tower stands). There was a small pavilion where that thing would pose for pics with you. As rides operator , we rotated out to do sweeping in our areas....and that thing sexually harassed me. Straight up grabbed my ass. Never knew who it was inside....but that kiss liked me...ALOT
  4. Unless I see the actual permits with B&M mentioned, I’m a i’m a little skeptical of them adding another steel hyper with an out an back layout so close to Skyrush. Hersheypark likes to throw people for a loop sometimes. Im not saying it’s not possible, but just unlikely. If it’s a good layout, it doesn’t really mater I suppose. But I would love to see an RMC or a GCI renaissance.
  5. Whoa. I didn’t even read the B&M part about the permits. Maybe a dive machine? The area of expansion has a lot of leeway with what they can do over there
  6. I understand and totally respect all the comments on the differences , pros and cons of adding another potentially similar ride to Skyrush to the new area at Hersheypark. But what if they’re actually going with a groundbreaking hybrid coaster ? With the tech available today, it wouldn’t be anything for RMC or even GCI to create a wooden hybrid hyper of some type.
  7. They're not getting rid of the Kissing Tower. They're having the tower redone electronically in the very near future. They were supposed to have it done this year but they dragged their feet getting the order in. The Kissing Tower isn't going anywhere.
  8. Just a thought I'm throwing out here. Perhaps it's a racing/dueling ala lightning racer? It seems like they want you to choose sides for the ride
  9. I just spent my first full day at magic kingdom yesterday (Monday). All I have to say is HOLY CRAP is this place cool. It's a little crowded, but fast pass makes it a lot better . We're going back to Magic Kingdom today because we couldn't possibly hit it all on one day. The one thing that really blew my mind was the extent of the transportation system. I parked, went through the ticket area and expected to enter an amusement park. Nope. A freaking railway station! Disney wins the award for both most ridiculous and most awesome way to enter a theme park!
  10. Knoebels is stating that it will be a lift hill and not a launch. https://m.facebook.com/comment/replies/?ctoken=10153800091000551_46989186&ft_ent_identifier=10153800091000551&gfid=AQArBrwbhfELS6L6&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like
  11. On the issue of steel coasters---Lets not forget Knoebels also had at least 2 other steel coasters within the last 30 years. They had a Jet Star (or Jet Star II, can’t remember), and a Vekoma double corkscrew coaster, both of which sat on the same site as The Flying Turns.
  12. Sorry. You must be 42" to ride. I was just agreeing with the weight restrictions.
  13. Yeah, the ride is very quiet and surprisingly smooth. Entering the final brake run (where it returns to the track), the transition works great.
  14. I would like to add that Stratosphere's seat #3 is "fat friendly" I'm a fairly large dude and it accommodated me comfortably.
  15. I had a herniated L4/L5 repaired with surgery last year. I only rode one coaster last year --Skyrush---- 7 months after and I was fine. I wasn’t about to try woodies yet, but I think steel coasters from Intamin and B&M would be fine for your back. Avoid the Vekomas and Arrows for now. If you do ride, and notice anything wrong, stop immediately. Other rides like log flumes and tower rides should be no problem for ya.
  16. I hit HP this past sunday, and I have to say Skyrush is an amazing coaster. The airtime is absolutely insane. I didn't have the "Pain" in the thighs some people have talked about in previous posts, I felt the restraints were great. The first drop basically has you free falling until the train catches you at the bottom, and the lift hill....holy crap was that fast
  17. Skyrush track is complete. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/03/hersheypark_finishes_laying_sk.html
  18. I've driven by it and it's def 200 ft. Thing dives right down into a river bed, which they have drained right now. It looks absolutely massive when you are close to it. The new track style is probably one of the key things as to why it doesn't look so big, but don't let the photos fool you.
  19. It's an Intamin Hyper with a dual chain lift (for staging) Look for a potential design in between intimidator 305 and a mega lite zooming up ad down the creek area. I retract my initial prediction that it will go to the old golf course
  20. I'm not sure I really understand this comment since the Midway America has been there since 1997. Both GCI woodies were installed years before the boardwalk. I agree that the placement of the boardwalk is foolish, and I believe the whole issue has to do with the water attraction being constructed where it is. Sorry, just a realistic fan boy spouting here.
  21. Relax, people. SDL is safe. No coasters are getting removed. Expect some type of flat ride next year and neat-o coaster is 2012
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