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  1. Definitely: Six Flags Great America Cedar Point Valleyfair Sea World Orlando Universal/Islands of Adventure Busch Gardens Tampa Luna Park (Sydney) Dreamworld Movie World Sea World Australia Hopefully: Six Flags St. Louis King's Island
  2. I'm really excited to go to VF this fall! I'm moving to Mankato, MN for school in a few weeks, so reading all this stuff is getting me anxious
  3. My major is Aviation with a concentration in Professional Flight!
  4. I've stayed at a lot of hotels, but we don't stay with the same chain often. So I'm just gonna have to say Motel 6 because all the ones I've stayed at had really odd rooms...specifically really weird showers...so I thought that was always mildly entertaining to see.
  5. My favorite moment was probably my first visit to SFMM this past summer, particularly riding X2. I had never experienced anything like it, and having a relatively low coaster count (67), I'd have to say it's my favorite. I also got my first GCI experience with Terminator, my first Vekoma Boomerang experience at Elitch's, my first Arrow shuttle loop, and have successfully rode a roller coaster from every decade since the '30s. For the most part, my summer was a season of firsts.
  6. I'd say the most surprising soaking I got was on the Log Chute at Mall of America. I had ridden it several times before, all without a drop on me, but when you put 4 full grown males in at the same time, it rides surprisingly low and gets you quite wet.
  7. I'm majoring in Professional Flight at Minnesota State University Mankato
  8. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, and Heavy Rain a lot on PS3 lately. Heavy Rain is truly a unique and amazing game..I just started it on Sunday and I really enjoy it. Mass Effect is really cool too; I don't usually play games like that, and I like it a lot.
  9. My newest one...The Mars Volta's album artwork to Octahedron
  10. Cicatriz ESP- The Mars Volta I've never heard anything more pleasing than this band. They're amazing.
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