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  1. The Huss Flipper - I love the sound the gondolas make when they whip to the corner, and the overall spin of the plate! S&S Launched Freefalls - I love the sound the car makes right when it blasts off! Premier LIM Coasters - I love the sound of the car speeding off into the distance, and the multiple screams that follow it!
  2. I wasn't implying that they MIGHT put in the attraction. It was merely a question on what do you think happen IF they did. Disney Studios is Hollywood Studios, I was never talking about them placing the attraction at Magic Kingdom> The point of this thread is for people to post their opinions regarding there predictions on how the long the ride would last, the GP's reaction, etc. Thanks for your response none the less.
  3. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter as most of you know was a frightening ride at Walt Disney World that provided the feeling of an alien walking around you in a closed environment. The ride was closed due to the parents complaining about the ride being too intense for kids despite the fact that there were multiple age restriction warnings posted. This idea however was started way back in the day, due to the popularity of the movie "Alien". The ride was going to be themed to the movie "Alien", this idea however was declined as it wouldn't fit in the Disney environment, Star Tours was built instead, Now the new move Prometheus comes out in 2012, a prequel to the movie "Alien". A though came over me, what if they opened up "Alien", or "Prometheus" at MGM studios. The same technology as the ET Alien Encounter, but themed to the movie Prometheus, or Alien? The warnings would still be enforced, but I don't think it would be as big of a deal due to the fact that Disney Studios is mainly a park consisting of teen based rides. Tower of Terror is a tamer attraction, but still consist of an eerie theme, if TOT can manage could Alien manage to survive in the park? What do you think?
  4. Speaking of China http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHSReZgFn3o
  5. As much as I like Harry Potter, I feel it should just stay in it's own realm, in IOA. I mean it seems like Universal Studios is slowly turning into Harry Potter World, whatever happened to the magic of making movies theme?
  6. Well I have started to add more stuff to the small park. Shot0014.bmp This is a small used schwarzkopf powered coaster imported from Germany. The Coaster has no name as of now. Shot0016.bmp The Rotor is right down the midway. Shot0017.bmp The parks dark ride. Ghost Haus. Shot0018.bmp Another shot of the coaster with no name.
  7. A.J thanks, and I have been using M Brookes actually this park would probably be impossible to make with "M Brookes", but thanks for the tip. ericm95- Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.
  8. This is my first RCT3 park in like a year however I am not a starter. I know about CS, and CFR's, but I got a new computer, and i'm too lazy to download them all again. This a couple of teaser photos just to show you whats yet to come. This is park use's no CS. 1.bmp 3.bmp 5.bmp 6.bmp 9.bmp 7.bmp
  9. What do you think is the best portable coaster. Judging by looks I feel that Olympia Looping is the best portable coaster, but judging on experience i'd have to say my favorite portable coaster is the RC-48 coaster.
  10. Delgrosso had the old Liberty Land Revolution planned for construction, but there wasn't enough space to build it.
  11. What ride removals were the most shocking to you when you heard the news that they were being removed, One of the rides I found quite shocking was the Kongfrontation attraction in Universal Studios Florida only because it was a huge Icon of the park. It was one of the star attractions of the park. To my surprise there is still a parking lot themed after Kong. Another ride that shocked me when I heard it was closing was The Big Bad Wolf. That was a classic Arrow attraction which thrill seekers still enjoyed. I knew it was going to get removed sometime or another, but I wasn't expecting it to be removed in 2009. The most shocking thing about it though was that the coaster was celebrating it's 25th birthday right before it was removed.
  12. I love this park. I was at Universal Orlando last night. This has the Universal feel to it. Good Job
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