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  1. The Dollywood Company has released its wildfire relief efforts: At 300 homes, this would be worth $1.8 Million. What a wonderful gesture! The loving and giving of Dollywood and all of its people has never ceased to amaze me. They are also accepting relief donations on their website, where you can also see the video message from Dolly. Source: wate.com/2016/11/30/dollywood-foundation-to-give-1000-per-month-to-gatlinburg-wildfire-families/ Donation Link: The Dollywood Foundation
  2. Yes. Sorry to say, the week after Christmas is typically Dollywood's busiest of of the entire season.
  3. Dollywood's other coasters don't have trims. Wild Eagle had a couple opening year but neither are used any longer, so I don't think this should be a major concern.
  4. I don't like them using that terminology either (and I wonder where it came from), the intent of my post was to say that repeated bad behavior can be very frustrating and the company should be strictly enforcing safety rules.
  5. ^ This. This a thousand times over. DW and HFEC are very strict on safety rules and whenever you make a general announcement, no one pays attention. So then you ask someone to put their camera away before the train leaves they generally do... then they pull it out on the lift hill, so you announce for them to put it away again, then they do. Then they pull it out again mid-way through the ride. Times that situation by 30 times a day considering everything has to be caught on video by everyone nowadays and you too would be frustrated by it. Then when a guest DOES lose something, it's your fault they did too. You can't win as a ride op in regard to loose articles. You're 'rude' if you don't let them take something then are 'rude' if they lose it and can't shut down to go look for it. Never mind the fact that your loose article could become a flying projectile and seriously hurt someone. Copyright infringement has never been a term i've used in regard to this situation, I just yell at them for breaking rules and disobeying instructions given by a ride attendant (which in essence is breaking two ride safety rules).
  6. I'd hit up Firechaser Express and Mystery Mine as soon as you can, as their capacities are lower. Hence, their lines often move slower. The other coasters can handle a crowd very well.
  7. As long as its a scannable ticket with a barcode, it'll work. The current promotion is after 3, next day free, you're right that the time changes for Christmas time but the park doesn't open until 2 during many days that time of the year.
  8. Yes. Any ticket scanned for entry after 3PM is valid the next operating day.
  9. While you're right about the reduction in parking spaces, it is countered with the addition of the large G&H (Preferred) Lots on the hill that will be used as overflow when needed. Overall parking capacity has went up this year, even though it doesn't look like it.
  10. The parking situation you described isn't new to this year. The parking attendants are only in the lots during the morning rush, after that, they prefer guests to park in whatever the farthest lot is and sign it with the "parking" signs pointing in. Not only does this save folks time from looking for a spot but the trams serve the furthest lot first and will pick up on the way back in only if they have room available. I always recommend parking at the furthest lot if you come in later in the day for this reason- it saves a lot of frustration. And what you saw on FCE is only temporary, everything should be back to normal by morning.
  11. The crossing gates are to cut down on the need for humans to stand out there directing traffic, sometimes at night, which can be dangerous as people don't like to stop sometimes!
  12. The Gatlinburg Golf Course (public) is located on the other side of Dollywood off Dollywood Lane, so there is that option!
  13. Dollywood will be debuting a new music festival event for its 30th Anniversary season next year, one that the park hopes will grow for years to come: Link: Dollywood Press Release Dollywood has had festivals centered around bluegrass and gospel music for years now, but this is the park's first real foray into the world of contemporary Christian music.
  14. While the lines haven't been as long as they were last year, I would expect it to be the longest line in the park, so your action plan would likely work. As for food stock, I wouldn't worry about that. Anything left over will simply be sent over to Dollywood.
  15. I would go into it expecting it to be quite crowded, being a holiday coupled with the last day of the season. Now, the weather forecast may change that if its bad (I haven't looked yet, this far out it wouldn't be reliable anyway). Everything should be in tip-top shape and operations should be flowing just fine simply because it is a holiday and the park should be fully staffed. Splash Country actually has a pretty good variety of food for a water park when compared to when it first opened. Admittedly, the selection isn't as good as Dollywood, but that's to be expected. Burgers/Fries/Chicken/Pizza/Salads/Wraps can be found at Campsite Grill and Miss Mamies (same large building in the middle of the park), Tacos and taco salads can be found at High Country (by the wave pool), Funnel sticks can be found by the main lockers, corn dogs and hot dogs can be found at Dogs n' Taters (by RiverRush) and hot dogs/nachos/BBQ sandwiches can be found at one of the other stands by the wave pool (the name escapes me). The park also has several Dippin' Dots stands (since DW switched back to them this season), as I said, pretty good selection for a water park!
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