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  1. Survivor was fun but I can't go on it anymore since it spins same w/Delirum & Endavor & even the Flying Eagles & Celebration Swings & the Spongebob Boatmobiles. Those all make me feel sick after! Oh & even the Berserker oh & Centrifuge. Endavor is my favorite. Too bad I can't go on it. At least the Drop Zone at CGA is one of the tallest. Vortex & The Grizzly are the ABSOLUTE WORST. The Demon & Top Gun are ok. The Demon was my first upside down coaster back in 1993. I'm sorry but I'd much rather have Stealth over that dumb water park & Greased Lightnin instead of Firefall.
  2. Is Medusa a walk on? Last time I went in July I waited like 30 minutes. I hope they get White Water Safari open. It's a good rapids ride. But not as good as the one at Islands Of Adventure. I enjoy Roar alot now especially after riding Ghostrider last summer(Ghostrider is HOORIBLE!). I used to not like Roar but now I do. Kong is so hoorible I will not go on it again. Worth skipping cause I always end up with a headache after. It bangs you around. Got to be the worst inverted!
  3. Has anyone gone this month & are all these rides all open? -Roar -Medusa -V2 -Boomerang -Splashwater Falls -White Water Safari
  4. I am going to SFDK again next weekend most likely on Saturday. Does anyone know if these rides are still open? I just want to make sure! -Roar -V2 -Medusa -Boomerang -Splashwater Falls -White Water Safari
  5. I've been waiting forever for the California TPR trip pictures! Glad to see some are posted. Have fun at SFDK BUT PLEASE PEOPLE I'M BEGGING FOR YOU TO SKIP KONG!!! DO NOT GO ON IT!!! UNLESS YOU WANT A MAJOR HEADACHE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!! DO HOWEVER RIDE Medusa,Roar,V2 all day long!!! Have fun at SFDK-my home park. Don't miss the water rides & Shouka!!!
  6. Don't forget to ad X2 & Terminator for $20($10 extra for each) What I would do is RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO X2 at opening so you can get in an extra ride. Then get your Gold Q-Bot. Save your X2 fast lane for night. Riding X2 is awsome in the dark. The fire really lights up.
  7. UG! I almost felt sick watching the video. That is not my kind of ride!
  8. ^I KNOW!!! The problem is I don't drive out of state. I do very little driving-only around town where I live so me trying to drive there is out of the question. It's not fair. These last times we have been to Florida it's always for the sick grandparents. My mom doesn't care about Orlando anymore & she could careless about theme parks. Same w/my dad. Haven't been since 06 & I sure miss it. Of course she already booked the tickets to Ft. Lauderdale & can't change them. There must be something I can do.......
  9. I will be stuck in Naples,Fla for 8 WHOLE DAYS Dec 22th-30th. BOORING!!! (No Orlando ) UNLESS I can figure out a way how to get there myself. I would have to leave very early in the morning & I can only spend 1 night there. I have to try to make use of my free Universal Orlando ticket I won during the Superbowl!!! I don't want it to go to waste!!! Trying to get my Aunt to drive us is 100% out of the question. I already know she doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to leave where she is. I need a back up plan. Is there any bus I can take that leaves at like 6 in the morning from Naples to Orlando? I would do Universal the day I get there & the day after until about 6(will have to leave around that time to get back to Naples). I can't stay onsite so I would be buying the Express Pass that's no question!!!
  10. Mind Eraser-OUCH!!! Mind Eraser has got to be as painful as Kong at SFDK since they are both the exact same layout!!! & Motocoaster aka Poney Express are such a waste of space & time. Why were they even built???
  11. I sent a money order for an auction I won on Ebay but I changed my mind & didn't want the seller to send what I won. He returned the money order I made out to him. I saved my reciet. Will I have any problem cashing it to get my money back? I am worried because the money order is worth $76 & I need that money!
  12. Its a DVD/VHS player & home made movies. I used another player to copy it & it worked but now I can't play it on my laptop. How do I get the DVD to play on my laptop?
  13. I have these blank Maxwell DVD-R discs that I have tried to record onto but after I insert the disc it's still a blank screen & I hear the disc inside moving & it has a little cd icon at the top left screen & says reading. I hit buttons on the remote & nothing works. How do I copy a vhs tape? I have a few I want to copy.
  14. Yes especially the ones that have an ear piercing scream. There was this girl who had the worst ear piercing scream-during the whole ride who was sitting right behind me on Space Mountain. I was so annoyed. I just wanted to turn around & slap her! That totatally ruined my ride!
  15. ^HA! Installed in 1988! Yeah right! Try June 1998 you news people! & I have never been stuck on a coaster. The only ride I've been stuck on is I think it was Yankee Clipper but only for like 10 min. It was in the flat area on top just before the drop.
  16. #1 Six Flags Magic Mountain #2 Six Flags Great Adventure #2 Six Flags Great America #3 Six Flags Over Georgia #4 Six Flags St. Louis #5 Six Flags Over Texas Worst: My home park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Sure it's got a couple good ones but it needs more! & It's overrun w/kiddie rides & flat rides!
  17. I heard on the radio today that an Invertigo train got stuck on one of the lift hills for more than an hour and a half & that the Santa Clara Fire Department was on it's way. Nothing worse! Especially in the heat! I feel sorry for those people who got stuck. Anybody working there today?
  18. I sort of miss that place! Last time I was there was 1999 so I'm long overdue in going there! So they didn't retheme the log ride after all? I hope they didn't!
  19. Best? Oh my gosh there are too many! I can't possibly just pick one. -X2 -Tatsu -Goliath -Viper -Riddler -Batman -Scream -Colossus -Terminator -Superman -Space Mountain -Big Thunder -Matterhorn -California Screamin -Roar -V2 -Medusa Worst: -Kong -Grizzly -Ghostrider -Pony Express -Vortex -THBS -Sierra Sidewinder(can't go on spinny coasters!)
  20. I vote Universal Orlando. I would sure take these coasters over Cedar Point coasters!: -Incredible Hulk -Dueling Dragons -Revenge Of The Mummy -Rip Ride Rocket if it's open PLUS all these great rides too: -Amazing Adventures Of Spider Man -Dudley Do Right Ripsaw Falls -Popeye & Bluto Rat Burdges white water rapids ride(this is the top rapids ride there is. You get drenched!) -Jurassic Park River Adventure -Simpsons -Men In Black -Twister -Shrek 4D -Cat In The Hat -Jaws -ET so many others. Universal Orlando is the way to go. There is also Water Mania right next door. If you can afford it try to stay at the Portofino. It is the place to stay. You get free Universal Express by flashing your room key card during your whole stay & water taxi over to the park. I can't wait to go again. I haven't been since 2006 so I'm long over due. Your whole family will have fun. Make sure you do at least 2 days there & you could possibly fit in Water Mania.
  21. Cedar Point looks so awsome. Although there are a couple coasters to skip: Corkscrew(already went on the Valley Fair version) & Disaster Transport. Cedar Point should turn it into something like Space Mountain,Rock N Roller or Revenge Of The Mummy. I hope to get there someday. Demon Drop is still operating? I love those first generation freefalls. I went on the Edge only once at CGA(PGA then) during it's last season in 1995. I hope to get on Demon Drop before it gets taken out.
  22. Yes there are quite a few bird exhibits. There is the butterfly habitat walk through area, Lorikeet aviary(buy a cup of food & they will all come to you),they have a flamingo area,& penguin exhibit. Don't miss any of those. Oh also the Bird Drop In show. I am going again in August but it won't be on the TPR day.
  23. Do they have a $15 ticket for SFDK??? It's hard to read.
  24. Is it too late for SFDK to announce a big coaster for next year? Or when will we see a good decent one-that's a hyper/flyer/inverted?
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