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  1. So yeah if anybody hears about when this opens, sound the alarm bells please. I have vacation June 14th-21st and I plan on spending maybe 1 full day back home in Pittsburgh, and the rest will be in Virginia Beach. I've gone to Kennywood every year my whole life until last year, and now that the bandaid has been ripped off, I sure can skip another year. I'll be really disappointed, but if Steel Curtain isn't open by my vacation, I'm just going to King's Dominion....
  2. Hey man, that's just what I saw... no reason for me to lie about that,and I think I can demonstrate honesty here, especially when my claim about Millennium being down and other ride malfunctions seem to be substantiated by other users. We walked up to it and my first thought was that it looked like an oversized, dirty and beaten looking mouthguard. When I picked it up, it was hot (like coaster wheels get) and the piece was about 16 inches long and really shredded looking, but it was arched in the shape of a perfect circle, and about an inch and a half thick and three inches wide (approximate guesses from my memory). Observing all those features led me to the conclusion that it was the rubber/polyurethane or whatever material outer rim of the wheel. Thankfully it didn't seem to be a detrimental malfunction, but still something minorly concerning for safety.
  3. So I haven't posted in a long time, but I figured I'd post about my first trip back to Cedar Point in like, 5 years? 1st off, Gatekeeper, Steel Vengeance, and Valravn were the three coasters that were new to me (I don't necessarily count Rougarou). All three were absolutely phenomenal. 2nd - wow the mechanical issues and downed rides was ridiculous... Millennium, Dragster, Gatekeeper, Rougarou, and Valravn were all down at the same time once this early afternoon. Millenium didn't open till about 6:15, and that truly stressed me out all day since it is my favorite coaster here. Thankfully I got on it and got to experience what I call pure rollercoaster bliss. Also, at about 7:30, we walked past Valravn, and me and my friend heard a loud snapping sound as Valravn approached the MCBR, and something flew off of the car. We thought it was going to be someone's glasses, but the closer we got, we couldn't figure it out. I picked it up and it was hot, and we realized it was probably one of the outer covers of one of the wheels!!! I took it to the attendant at the front of the line, and she ran to radio someone.... it's running again now but pretty crazy. 3rd - SCREW. THEIR. LOCKER. POLICIES!!!!!! But - still an amazing time at one of my favorite parks ever. Definitely will not be bringing a bag next time though.
  4. So can anyone fill me in here on the new coaster rumors? Haven't made it to KW yet this year (first summer EVER), but am going to a Fright Night. Saw my mom post the WTAE article about the Jammer closing, and I read through a few pages here and am seeing little RMC hints and possible coaster plans? What's the scoop?
  5. I'll start by saying B&M inverts are my no.1 favorite type of coaster to date, and all these I list are all amazing rides, but I'm being picky for the sake of this list. Unfortunately I've only been on five so far, but that makes this list easy to make 5. Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge - Ice - when I went to Universal (10 years ago) I rode this one once and Fire four times. For some reason, this one just left no impression on me. I'll be going back this summer again so I'll see whether that changes, but I don't remember the ride FEELING special. 4. Goliath (SFFT) - Great coaster, very forceful and snappy, but it just isn't super memorable to me for some reason 3. Raptor - Every time I've been to CP (about 4 or 5 times - too lazy to count right now), it's the obligatory first ride of the day. Very long and drawn out ride, very forceful, plenty of inversions. 2. Great Bear - Man such a unique ride! Everything from the supports to the layout - I LOVE that beginning helix off the lift, and the long, banked beginning of the first drop is the closest I feel I'll ever get to the sensation of flying, and it's phenomenal. Just wish they could've added a helix or something after the corkscrew, instead of a windy straightaway into the brakes - ONLY downside of the ride. 1. Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge - Fire - I rode this 4x more than Ice when I went cause it was just that much better! The most forceful invert from what I can remember, especially that second immelman going into the helix that wraps around - that is probably my favorite element on these 5 I have listed - being smooshed into your seat by gravity whilst whipping around that curve sideways with your arms out and the roar of the track - NOTHING LIKE IT! Plus I got to experience it when they dueled. Sad that this summer when I ride again I won't be able to see the other train flying towards me in the loops. Anywho I LOVE B&M INVERTS!!! So stoked to see how Montu stacks up against these, and if BTR at SFGrAm will be any better than it's mirrored cousin at SFFT.
  6. The last few pictures.... CHEESE CURDS ARE AWESOME!!!! Another perk of living in WI, I never heard of these when I lived in PA As you can see I love food On ride photo bonus!!!
  7. So after five years of living only four hours away, I FINALLY got myself out to Minneapolis. First stop was Mall of America, and was pleasantly surprised by Nick Universe. I didn't do a whole lot of research, and expected a few coasters and an arcade maybe. But wow they packed a lot into that place!!! I was stoked to see all the flat rides that flew up and down and around in what seemed like not that large of an area. The biggest hidden gem to me was the log flume ride, which was a blast, and was themed incredibly well, and was a neat experience riding a water ride indoors. Spongebob was of course hands down the best coaster there for me, of course cause it is the most intense. It was the first eurofighter I've rode, and it was intense, mostly smooth, and had some awesome quick elements. It did have a decent bit of vibration/rattling but nothing too bad. Fairly Odd Coaster was second, has been about 7 years since I've ridden a spinning coaster like that (Tony Hawk at SFFT was the last time), and I forgot how awesome they were. The Pepsi Orange Streak, ya know, it is what it is; a fun long cruise around the top of the place. So on to Valleyfair - so stoked to finally get here!!! I haven't been to a new, unvisited park in forever. For years now, I have basically just gone to Kennywood, SFFT or Cedar Point on my visits to see family over the years, and the only new credit I have attained in the past five years (until Nick U) was the new Batman at SFFT. I was ecstatic to explore new grounds for myself (and my wife). I loved the place, and so did my wife, had a real old school feel to it, with all the older kind of coasters like Corkscrew, High Roller, and even Wild Thing really aren't modern coasters anymore, and I really appreciated that atmosphere, midways weren't really giant, lots of nice trees and landscaping, small shops and food stands compared to VF's much bigger brother Cedar Point. Excalibur was closed, so I got six new credits here, and loved all of em. I'll give my opinions on em' on a best to not best (I had fun on everything so I won't say worst) order. 1 - Steel Venom - I have rode Wicked Twister in the past, and I don't know why but I just fell in love with this one. Maybe because it has been awhile since I have ridden one of these, but man the launches were so intense, and the freefall on the non twisting spike was phenomenal. Plus we had a great ride op who would do false countdowns and launch on 2 or 3 or count down twice and throw his hands up in confusion as if something was broken, then would hit the button. Great employee!!! 2 - Renegade - As much as I like the name and theming, this thing maybe should be called the Wild Thing instead, because the only thing I could keep saying after I got off was, "that was the most wild coaster I have ever been on". That one took the cake from Lightning Racer by a mile for me for a GCI woodie. Non stop directional changes, all taken at high speeds, not one straight drop anywhere, and absolutely no letting up of pace. I never knew which way we would whip next, and I adored it. 3 - Wild Thing - It was about what I expected - height, fun big drops and floaty airtime. This was my first pure Morgan hyper (Phantom's Revenge of course doesn't count because of it being a hybrid) so I wasn't sure how smooth it would be. It wasn't bad at all (waaaaay smoother than Magnum XL), but there's a couple decent jerks along the figure 8 turns section. Great coaster nonetheless, anything 200 feet or taller I like as long as it doesn't break your neck or something. 4 - Corkscrew - I classify myself as an Arrow fanboy, and as I slowly see an Arrow disappear every couple of years, it's nice to see a park taking care of theirs; that color changing paint job is marvelous!!! Anyways I love vertical loops and tumbling over the walkway and pond through the corkscrews. 5 - High Roller - Classic out and back, pretty mellow overall, fun, but only rode once 6 - Mad Mouse - It's a mad mouse, what is there to say haha. Didn't smash my elbow or bruise my ribs or anything so it's all good. I'm happy to say that this technically is my new home park, as it is the closest park to me (even though I live four hours away), I was very satisfied with all it had to offer. Kennywood will always be my OG home park, but for now this is my "local one", and I am fine with that. On to the pics!!!!! A good way to start a trip!!!! My local town has a crappy fast food selection.... St. Paul is a pretty nice looking city
  8. I just got back from Noahs Ark, felt safer there. Just heard about it an hour ago, really sad cause that park looks to have so much potential. The Hades revamp looked sweet from the highway as well. Only rode it in its original form years ago. They really just need an experienced company to come in and take over, cause that place is fun, but would be so much better and obviously safer if that happened. Oh well we can only hope. On another note Hellcat was pretty sweet, wouldnt want to ride back seat though, only rode front and it was a bit shaky.
  9. Well this stinks me and some friends were planning to go to Mt Olympus this year. Although I do remember feeling sketched out the one time I WAS there waiting in line for Hades when I noticed the lady working the controls dozing off But oh well there's always SFGAM and Noah's Ark nearby. Also that'd be great if Palace bought this place, they'd do wonders, as they've done great with my original home park Kennywood
  10. Yeah I've left the slaw on the past few times I've had a Pittsburger, but either way I was always fine without it too. Either way something to not pass up in the Burgh.
  11. Hey man you gotta try Primanti Bros! I'm a Pittsburgh native and I've nearly always taken the cole-slaw off the sandwich, I've never been looked down upon for it. Trust me it's worth it. Cool PTR.
  12. Does it seem like accidents have been occuring more often recently at amusement parks to anybody else? And does it seem like people become less and less educated everyday as well?
  13. Here's Darien Lake... Always a welcome sight to me I'm sure people could have some perverted comments about this picture My peeps Viper behind the trees *Insert humorous comment* Since RoS was closed, this would be our first ride of the day ahead Kennywood misses your brother! Pre-drop fun Signage I don't care what people say, I love SLC's The roughness adds to the wildness I love Arrow's small loops, they're so forceful mcbr I also admire Arrow's trains, they're sexy This was the tallest ride of the day for us, due to the RoS catastrophe The Ranger. I loved it, and I see why it's so popular. The restraints crushed my stomach on the first ride, but my second ride was much better and comfortable. Man, that ride just doesn't end. Funnel slides are so much fun Predator. I loved it this time, now I only rode in the front seat, but man it was fun. It was still rough, but not kill you or break your spine rough. Just a fun wild ride. But I'm not sure how the back was, I didn't want to ruin my experience. Huge Ferris Wheel Nice shot of Boomerang Viper again A beautiful boomerang element I like swooping drops A very picture-esque coaster *sigh* Oooh rollercoaster mechanics! More Vekoma sexiness. The more I ride Boomerangs (this is my third), the more I like them. The only one I didn't enjoy was Sidewinder at Hersheypark. Motocoaster; was closed most of the day, but I had the credit already from '09 iCarly showed up... yeah... I never really noticed how tall the Boomerang's towers were till now I'll leave you with another shot showing how bad my night time photography is
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