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  1. Tonight was a really bad night. I am going to hold off on really giving this year's event the full review until after my next visit, but I just thought I'd share with you guys a few of my thoughts on it. First off, I have to say that with no scarezones, no central theme, and no icon to hold it together, this year feels very in-cohesive and the park itself feels like it's not the real thing, not the real Horror Nights experience we have come to love. Some areas of the park, especially around Simpsons feels just empty. I'm hoping the other nights will prove me wrong on my feelings so far as
  2. Friday is just around the corner, and I seriously could not be more excited for this year's Horror Nights if I tried. As a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, some of those preview pictures make me feel almost giddy. Universal better not let me down with this one, they have been pushing all my buttons lately(that's a rant for another time though). You know I'm there
  3. Are the Qbots going to be used as a perhaps cheaper option to their current unlimited Express? If so this is even more exciting than just the fact a Florida park is getting Qbots!
  4. I wonder how many lost articles they found when they drained out that pond for the construction. I'm kind of sad that the "once a lake" is now becoming even smaller, but hey another big guest drawing attraction at this park is only a good thing in my mind. Still waiting for that frisbee though.
  5. I'm seriously going to miss getting Mountain Dew, but hey if some awesome Freestyle machines are in the near future for the parks I will be very happy. Vault will easily replace Mountain Dew for me.
  6. Have to give a nice shout-out to my personal favorite in the Carolinas, Woods of Terror: http://www.woodsofterror.com/source/index.html#/index This is their 20th year of operation and has some amazing sets and very talented actors. Seriously the best haunt the Carolinas has to offer, even being better than Carowinds' Haunt, and it has been rated for the past few years as one of America's Best Haunts. If you get a chance, I seriously recommend checking it out.
  7. First Trip Report! I will do my best to avoid any real spoilers. Last night I was given the great opportunity to experience HHN during the employee preview (thanks to doublestufforeo). There was a rather large turn out for the event, but I still managed to squeeze in a walk through of every house at least once, three of them I got in twice. A couple of the houses were rather bland, but 4 of them immediately stand out as being some of the best houses I've seen. Can't talk about the attractions without first giving my input on the event itself. Universal once again managed to give
  8. ^Whoever told you that about the buses was extremely exaggerating. The longest bus route you can take on Disney property is from the Animal Kingdom area to the Magic Kingdom area being a 30-45 minute bus ride. Also we schedule the buses so that one arrives at each stop at least every 30 minutes. About the Extra Magic Hours, they are really best for if you get your tickets with the park hopper option, allowing you to spend the majority of your day in one park and then show up for just the extra magic hours later. During the time you will be showing up though is one of Disney's slowest pe
  9. Before I continue in this off-topic discussion, these are some really awesome photos! Pure eye candy really, thank you so much for posting these. Now to the poster above me ^, Carowinds was a special case with this. It was the first time we were ever doing a single rider line for anything and so basically no one had any idea what it was. We would always have a greeter, every day of the week, and they told every person going into that line what it was and what it did, and that still didn't help. People were always using it thinking it was a "get on the ride quick" line. No one ever p
  10. ^I can answer a few of those. Deja Vu was in fact where the newly renamed whistle stop park, previously Thoma Town, is now located. I do not know about a second gate, maybe someone else can answer that one. Viper was on the hill where Goliath now sits and it was removed for Goliath's construction (so long as I have my facts straight). Z-Force was around the area Ninja now sits, don't remember the exact location. This picture should help: picture credit rcdb.com
  11. Visited the park today, not too awfully crowded. First thing in the morning Cheetah Hunt was packing a 90 minute wait, but as the day progressed the guests dispersed and it held between 30 and 45 minutes until closing. Montu was down for a very good majority of the day so I didn't manage any rides on it this trip. Now, onto the real reason for me posting this, Kinetix, what did I think? Holy crap it is AWESOME! Sadly due to some mechanical issue with the ceiling lowering/raising mechanism they were unable to perform the seesaw act, but everything else was presented. First thing I have
  12. ^Or it could also mean that they might not have picked up full rights to some items within the museum and as such cannot permit people to photograph these items for reason of infringement. Or it could also be that they have photo albums, DVDs, etc detailing the museum and several of the items within it and letting people take pictures would cut back on merchandise sales (this is the usual reason at least). Anyways, thanks for the report on the museum as this is a place I will eventually go see. Just need a reason to go to CA first.
  13. Yay! You were finally able to update the thread! Anyways, a lot of these pictures did turn out really good, that camera you have is beast.
  14. I wish I could get a free donut for waiting in line for my local Krispy Kreme. This just doesn't seem fair, though the 35 minute wait is a bit extreme. Anyways, this jealous boy is jealous. Hope you are all enjoying your trip and can't wait to hear more about it. I will make it on the next one of these, oh yes, I will...
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