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  1. Here's hoping this woodie is more successful with an inversion than Son of Beast was.
  2. This is pure genius! Not only have you combined my two favorite things into one (Baseball and Roller Coasters of course), but this is probably the best park I've ever seen from RCT2. Well done sir!
  3. Yay! The first B&M lives again! Hopefully it will run a little smoother in its new home, but I'm just glad a piece of history was saved!
  4. At Kings Island: -If you look directly under Flight Deck's station you can see where there is old excess que line. There's also banners hanging up under there from its Top Gun days. -From the top of Flight Deck's lift hill you can see where the old safari monorail ride used to go. There's also random junk back there from SOB, etc. -Son of Beast's que line and station has been used the past two years for a Halloween Haunt maze.
  5. Wow finally a park is challenging the Beast! But hey 32 years of the title ain't bad at all
  6. The Beast at KI. It was the best night ride I've ever had on it! I don't what it was but it just seemed to be moving faster in the fog. Crazy ride at night, boring ride during the day. Still top 10 for me though.
  7. Top 3: 1. Dominator when it was at Geauga Lake. 2. Medusa when it was still Medusa at Great Adventure. 3. Scream at Magic Moutain.
  8. Everyone knew this was bound to happen sometime and I know this ride is a classic but....MAKE WAY FOR A BRAND NEW RIDE! (Or Chang)
  9. Basketball, baseball and rollercoasters, what a great combo!!! Sounds like a great trip
  10. Xscream on the Stratosphere Tower in Vegas. There's just something that feels unsafe about hanging off the edge of a 1000+ foot building....
  11. These are some VERY cool pictures! I cant wait to see more.
  12. Interesting how you didn't give much attention to the woodies. When I went here last year, I thought they were what really made this a great park. But anyway nice pictures and it looked like you had fun! PS: Pat Benetar does rock!!!
  13. Pretty much all coasters are better at night! The out of control feeling is soo much higher. Some of my favorites are: The Beast at night is still my favorite despite getting rougher every year. You just can't beat flying through the woods at night! Millennium Force was incredible at night in the front seat! (Although getting hit in the face with bugs was gross ) Voyage, Raven, and Legend are all better at night. I also have a thing for Loch Ness Monster at BGE.
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