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  1. I have just finished my Titanosaur Coaster that I have been working on for 2 days. I used elementary as an attempt making it smooth. But I'm afraid the area of the track got far too big. I think too I made too much support, but I actually don't know and would be grateful to hear from you, if it is the case. Link for Titanosaur Coaster -------------- Btw. today i saw this: "The one mile land speed record is 763.055 mph set by Andy Green (UK) in Thrust SSC in the Black Rock Desert". I thought that speed was unbelieveable, and I wanted to find out how it would look. That's why I made one more track today, "Speedy thing". Check it out, it is MAD!! Titanosaur Coaster Speedy thing.nltrack
  2. I've actually been involved in a crash 12 years ago. A boy tried to hold on in the middle of a waterslide, by means of which I got delayed. It really sucked, coz the boy ran away for fear of revenge, and the women who crashed into me put the blame on me
  3. 1. Katun @ Mirabilandia IT 2. Batman The Ride @ SFGadv US 3. Nemesis Inferno @ Thorpe Park UK It makes me sad looking at this... I want to slam my face into everything (Or else go on more coaster?! )
  4. I completely agree!!! - which is why I can't wait for getting my first ride in this real Ferrari - Whenever it takes place. But the acceleration, which actually is 27 percent weaker than ring*racer, makes me doubt whether this is gonna feel better than ring*racer.
  5. Vertigo at Tivoli Garden is the best flat ride i've been on! We allways choose to let it be on the top speed (100 km/h) during the whole ride. We knew that we were going to be under an averagely influence of 4,2 g's for 210 sekunds, but during the ride I was very surprised; I really wanted the g-force to double up ...I wondered why the sign of facts didn't say anything about 3 g's . But still it's the best flat ride i've been on.
  6. 2 or 3 years ago I was at a Hotel close to Europapark, where my dad found a paper about Silver Star. A staff member of B&M was quoted for saying that they easily had been able to increase the speed and height by 10 or even 30 percent, but they simply thought the height and speed on Silver Star were just right. I dont't remember if he said, but definitely he expressed fear of exaggeration.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go on a trip next year, but of course I'm hoping that it's gonna happen! I think that I'm only able to join a trip within July, and I prefer the Middle America Trip rather than Brazil and UK. I think UK would be expensive, but still I choose UK rather than Brazil. Im sure that an experience like a trip wuld be my best experience ever
  8. I love all of your photos, they are so amazing!! I can't till july the 11th.
  9. The only flying coaster i've been on.
  10. If you want six flags to do something, what ever it is, just make a group on facebook, they listen It's very nice news that he returns
  11. Another bad experience: Last time i visited Europa Park, when I was on eurosat with my sister, everyone else (expect my mum's aunt and husband) didn't tell they were about to queue up for Silver Star. When we went back we couldn't queue up, it was late the day. But my mum's aunt persuaded a guard to let us in 10 minutes later the queue was frozen 10 minutes later the emergency exits opened
  12. Titel: The mud dance This is how one of my teachers is trying to be world-famous I just post this to help him
  13. Im 16 years, and my first coaster was The Dog Fart Coaster @ Bon Bon Land, 12 years ago. It also was my sekund, third, fourth...30th
  14. Right now there is 1489 days utill im gonna ""eat "" , ""eat "" , ""eat "" to survive the 1490th day.
  15. I don't care if they finished building it or not, I wanna go on it Really great photos
  16. I really want to try this in someday I remember iv'e seen this to happen in a loop on the TV. I think it's not pleasantly, but I would like to try it once
  17. Empty or full stomich on any coasters should not matter at all Have you never been eating on a coaster? I haven't, but it's simply because you are not allowed to I been on Silver Star with very full stomich, that was no problem
  18. Rush was the best experience i've had yet on a flat ride, but the KMG Afterburner at bakken was very great too. I really want to go on more KMG rides!
  19. It looks damn cool and I think it's a great bonus for the scandinavia trip
  20. I've tried alot to do something cool to it, but it goes wrong and I get lot of promblems everytime. Few times I've been unable to start windows, then now I stopped, standard = no problems!
  21. Around my home the prices is like 7,65 USD a gallon
  22. These pictures is tooo cool! I haven't seen pictures with that quality before, it's too great to see!
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