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  1. Wow I can't believe I'm the only person voting for Hypersonic...I mean I rode Dominator at Geauga Lake and it was great, but I didn't think it was better than Hypersonic whe nit was over a lake, so I just can't see myself liking more now that it's over a parking lot
  2. It was very rough when I rode it last month, hopefully this helps improve what seems like it could be a very good ride...
  3. LOL as did I...I'm quite pissed right now, considering I booked my flight 2 weeks ago and the trip is next weekend... alternate plan: SFOG, WA, Carowinds
  4. Parks, the GT awards offer an incredible marketing opportunity...anyone who's been to SFNE and ridden S:ROS knows how much they promote it being the "number one coaster" what I want to know is when can I join the panel? I've been to over 50 parks, ridden 316 coasters, own 2 season passes, ridden coasters outside of my home country ect...Maybe because magnum and beast aren't in my top ten?
  5. Seems to me that Six Flags should add hats to the things that must be stored in a locker before riding... I hope this guy doesn't die...
  6. Really? according to Mitch Hawker's Steel Roller Coaster poll (which many enthusiasts refer to as the most accurate roller coaster poll) Mantis is rated as 198/357 meaning it's in the top 50% of steel coasters... as for Millennium Force it beats 315 other coasters I've ridden for my number one coaster (including Goliath at Walibi World and S:ROS at SFNE) now granted that is just my opinion...Roughness???? did you ride Mean Streak? I'm assuming you've never ridden a boomerang considering you are complaining about Millennium Force be too rough and forceful haha...but anyway, I'm glad you a
  7. 2005: Italian Job Stunt Track (KI) Hades 2006: Voyage Kentucky Rumbler Tatsu (rode it 2 days after 2007 new year, I count it) 2007: Renegade Maverick Tony Hawk's Big Spin (SFStL) 2008: Avatar Airbender Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge OCC Motocoaster Dark Knight (SFGAv) Voodoo Fahrenheit Ravine Flyer 2 Thunderhawk Sea Serpent (That Fun Place) Behemoth
  8. hmmm very interesting. When I visited Kennywood I wondered why they didn't have an SP available, but once I saw some of the crowds I no longer wondered. Hopefully a bunch of ghetto morons don't buy passes and turn Kennywood into a dump
  9. Well I appreciate it, those flyers are quite misleading...I mean it looks like an alright place, but no coaster means its not worth my money
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