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  1. Was able to hit up Universal for a bit this morning. Took off when tons of teenagers starting swarming in, for Grad Bash tonight. Both parks close at 6PM....anyway onto Potter pics from today: Full Post here: www.allaroundorlando.net/2014/04/photo-gallery-universal-studios-diagon.html At IOA,
  2. Just got back from the park. Rockit is/was closed when I was there. Simpsons update: allaroundorlando.blogspot.com/2013/08/springfield-at-universal-stuidos.html
  3. Here are a few pics that I took today, rest are in my blog update. The Chief Wiggum statue still had white wrapping around his head. I liked how the lights on the police car lit up, that was a surprise. Enjoy! Rest of the pics: allaroundorlando.blogspot.com/2013/08/universal-studios-florida-springfield.html
  4. Just got home from the park...here's some pics from today. Getting closer to Springfield completion! All photos posted here: allaroundorlando.blogspot.com/2013/07/universal-studios-florida-springfield_31.html Notice the Duff Brewery costume on the guy in the back The plaque is now up on Jebidiah New Duff signage
  5. Snapped a bunch of pics today and just uploaded 40+ to my blog. allaroundorlando.blogspot.com Here's some of the highlights:
  6. Kang (or is it Kodos) eye moves back & forth as well. Each car has a name on it as well. Universal has really stepped up with theming recently.
  7. I took a trip around Universal on Friday and took some pics. These are linked from my blog. If you want to see all my recent pics check out allaroundorlando.blogspot.com If links aren't allowed please delete the link Mods. Bumblebee Man Tack Truck New sign above Duff Gardens New view when walking into Springfield Spinner was testing again Full queue for Transformers Potter 2.0 near where Fear Factor is Time to head out....
  8. According to the sign posted at the Disney Parks Blog meetup last night, pricing is: Sunday - Thursday for 1 & 1/2 Hour of unlimited bowling & shoes: 10a-5p $15 per person 5pm-10pm $20 per person 10pm-close $15 per person Friday & Saturday 10a-5p $15 per person Evening & Late night $20 per person Billiards $9 per hour per table
  9. You go backstage next to One Fish and then its in the big soundstage across from where the Dead End house was and behind Hard Rock.
  10. Just curious...requested to be in the TPoRlando group a few weeks back and do not have access. I am pretty sure I requested it correctly as it show pending.
  11. Can't believe the park went there with the Cajun Cliffhanger. Edgy! Here's an HD video link to the "graveyard". I know Cedar Point has done this in the past, so it's not like its a groundbreaking idea, but it is a great addition.
  12. SfGam parking cost has changed this year. Early this year it was $15 for the far back lot, and $25 for the "preferred" & season pass lot. They have had ALL kinds of trouble getting cars into quickly and off Grand Ave. and recently (like in the past 2 weeks) have gone to everyone pays $20. It does make everything quicker.
  13. http://www.wfrv.com/news/local/Family-to-pursue-legal-action-against-Extreme-World-99902264.html In this video from the Green Bay area news, they say Extreme World says the employee is on leave for "mental health issues". This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. The local NBC news here in Chicago said that the employee was a 33 year old with 15 years experience at the park.
  14. Ran to the park this morning for the Little Dipper re-opening. The ride looks fantastic and it fits in perfectly. The ride was re-built at SFgam with nearly 90% wood, but the specs are supposed to be nearly exact to when it was at Kiddieland. The height limit is 36 inches with an adult or 42 inches alone. The Little Dipper is a wonderful first coaster for the little ones. I have also included a couple pics of the new ropes course going in front of the Demon.
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