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  1. I did curling today in Phys. Ed. It was really fun, but I don't consider it to be very sporting. It's more of a leisure activity.
  2. Maverick for sure. It also helps to be able to get front row on it 5 times during the Morning ERT (Platinum pass)
  3. Colossus. Yeah it is pretty over-rated. Now Nemesis Inferno is worth going to TP for.
  4. This was in the comments on the New York New York POV video.
  5. Wall-E wins in my opinion, hands down. I'm gonna say it, it touched me emotionally. It's one of those movies where you honestly love the characters, there aren't any voices in Wall-e or Eve, so you have to be able to understand what they mean through sound and movement. It's the best animated movie ever, without a doubt, I just think that other movies stole its thunder. Also, every Newspaper review I've read has said 5 stars for WALL-E, Kung-fu panda got 2-3 stars most of the time.
  6. Dino, all over the city you can get imitation ones called Mini Melts (Indoor Soccer Center or Southland Leisure Center to name some). They are just as good, if not better. My very first Dippin' Dots was at Big Sky waterpark in Whitefish, Montana. I got chocolate then, and since then, haven't changed my preference since.
  7. Thats almost exactly my problem, except for the fact that it is that our ISP gave us a piece of crap modem/router, and they don't work.
  8. Ok, I know this isn't part of the whole credit whoring/complaining discussion, but I'm just going to say, I saw the POV on the website, and to be completely honest, it looks amazing. It was the longest ride I've ever watched (pov) or ridden on, it keeps its pace the whole way through, and looks just great.
  9. Wow, that makes the Calgary Stampede look like the Tea Party of Travelling Carnivals. I'm almost ashamed lol
  10. i have heard so many people talking about that too...I really hate it when they ask "when is the rain stopping?" Do they ask "when is it stopping", or "when is this rain going to stop!" (imagine it in frustrationn) Two fully different things here. Calaway Park Waiting in line for Vortex (formerly Corkscrew) Woman: Does this go upside down? You walk under BOTH corkscrews to get to the entrance of the line and they are pretty damn visible.
  11. Those pictures of the focused leaves with structures (and the statue) unfocused are so cool.
  12. I remember you, when I was there in May you were one of the ride ops I had. You were doing the facts spiel. I love the pic where the train is in contrast but nothing else it. Do you ever get tired of "Ready to go" While standing in the station?
  13. I counted 5 duckies. And, I don't think anyone has posted this, but in Big Mike's previous trip report, John looks like Alfred from MAD Magazine when he's in the little helicopter.
  14. Maximum RPM gets my vote, simply because of the lift.
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