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  1. The last Thursday night was packed because most schools are let out on that friday in central florida... it's a teachers day, so all the kids have the day off every year. HHN and HOS expected it, the express passes were the same price as friday or saturday night ones this thursday.
  2. I was at Howl-o-Scream's media day event, and did the screamcam through one of their new houses, DED sorority house. Busch really did an amazing job this year, practically on par with HHN, and much scarier houses, on a lower budget. To sum up HOS compared too HHN, HHN is pretty while HOS is scary.
  3. With whatever theme or characters Universal hires for HHN, you know that they are going to do a great job with it as always. They are the best when it comes to storytelling and horror, and scares in their event and we all know that even though the main characters seem a bit odd, they are good at tying them together and making an awesome HHN. And HOS is actually REALLY good too! Sure, the details and the storylines aren't on Universal's level because Busch isn't a movie park and doesn't have the greatest experience with it, but they do a really good job. And believe it or not, some people
  4. That is really fun and creepy that this has happened at BGA. It's been my home park for all my life, and it's so weird because every time I go to Busch I eat at Crown Colony. And what's even weirder is that I thought it was just me that thought the place was creepy... it really is. I've honestly only been creeped out or felt like that only 3 times in my life, but everytime I go I think about those 3 expeirences I've had with my family on the 3rd floor where these creepy ass things happened. Oh well, thanks for the pictures and the report!
  5. The train was actually really relaxing, and took us through the "Serengeti Plain", which is a big chunk of land/animal habitat... even with the 98 degree weather, it also still cooled me off "wtf are the humans looking at?" The bumper cars were getting transformed into another HOS house, with walls surrounding the buidling, even the queve Didn't get to ride, but it looked fun as it was hot as butt outside and everyone looked like they got soaked Kumba time! Kumba is showing its age, but is still a really fun coaster! I didn't really time this good, but ah,
  6. I just got my new Nikon D60 less than a month ago, and why not bring it to a park and try it out? And BGA is a perfect place to do it! The park is as beautiful as always, and I'm very, very displeased and sad over the whole Inbev buying out Busch thing, it's just horrible. Because I know that the park won't be in the state it is right now once Busch eventually loses rights to the park and it's just saddening. But anyway, I don't want to start a whole discussion on that because everyone knows how that is. Annnywhhhooo, Howl-o-Scream decorations and theming are going up really, really fast
  7. How did you do that kumba shot? did you clone the two trains in photoshop or something? I work at Busch and doubt thats even possible of happening. would be curious to find out though! (:
  8. Hah that was awesome. Great pics, great report, too bad my AP expired last month.
  9. Oooo nice TR, can't wait for the pictures at the parks. Walt Disney World is the best and can't be beat, I'm glad I live in a drive-able distance from WDW.
  10. Good to hear Silverwood got it back up and running, and if the 10 minutes evac is true, than thats amazing... congrats to them. Oh and the whole epcot 75 minute evac thing: they usually take a while to get the guests off as Disney tries all they can do to re-start the ride and get it up and running before evac'ing... that's there last resort and usually don't like doing it as their rides are very complex, with lots of safety systems in place unlike a lot of coasters out there, and they hold a lot of people as well.
  11. 1. MONTU!! It's not even trimmed as much as before, and rode it last week... just an amazing coaster. 2. Dueling Dragons, Ice 3. Dueling Dragons, Fire 4. Katun 5. Batman clones
  12. I love the pictures! What type of camera did you use?
  13. What camera did you guys use? The pictures are awesome!
  14. Montu. Rode only one coaster at BGA today because of the heavy rains, it sucked. I rode it in heavy rain before it closed down for the day at like 3.
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