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  1. Any random 4D or Indy style motion base dark rides. I liked your POVs of ones like Tokyo Panic Cruise or that Speed of Dreams one at Ferrari World, but I know there are many that have gone under the radar, particularly in China.
  2. The footers for this were going in when I was there in December. You could tell it was going to be a coaster, but it looked so rectangular, I thought it might have been a Eurofighter or something. Good job, a family invert looks great!
  3. I was in Japan over Christmas just now, and yeah I was quite surprised too that Fuji Q was better than expected and Nagashima seemed worse in terms of operations. When I arrived at Fuji Q, the park was under a blanket of snow, and coasters didn’t start opening till 1pm (Though sadly Eejanaika never opened, I got a couple of laps on the rest, plus the minor rides like Fuji Airways, the Naruto dark ride, the hospital, Duncan, the Thomas treasure hunt, rapids etc) But I was impressed how hard they worked to clear snow from the tracks and get rides testing. At Nagashima, I bare
  4. It's a garbage incinerator plant by Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-21/the-japanese-waste-incinerator-that-has-its-own-tripadvisor-page/9780872
  5. Just on the first day, would you consider leaving on Friday night and driving to some point till around 10pm. Then on the Saturday set off and you could spend an extra afternoon at Dollywood and have a go at a mountain coaster or two. Also, for CP, rather than 3 days, I found it worked well to go for 2 days, but purchase Fast lane plus, which would probably work out fairly equivalent to an additional night of hotel. I know everyone loves CP, but at the same time, 2 days, with one of those days having queue jumping is more than enough to ride a wide variety of attractions and take in the a
  6. They also finally opened their Flying Theatre, Sky Voyager, today after an 8 month delay. Awesome news, Dreamworld have needed a signature full circuit thrill coaster for so long. Blue Fire is fantastic, and the shuttle launch and spinning car will add a bit of interest over and above the base model.
  7. Reminds me of the Moody Blues Trip ride from Hard Rock Park.
  8. If it becomes too much of a problem you could just install a diffuser over the nozzle set foward enough and wide enough that it is not possible to seal your lips over it.
  9. Wouldn't the 'puddle' of water the raft is in move through with the raft? Problem? This is basically just a giant auger pump.
  10. DC Rivals HyperCoaster opened Saturday. In a word, stunning. I know you are expecting some local bias, but the ride is objectively good, and my favourite "hyper/giga". Certainly beats anything B&M have done, and is more comfortable than the Intamins. For context in terms of what I am judging against, I have ridden all US hypers (Except Wild Thing and Mako), plus the Pepsi Max Big One. I think Skyrush is the closest contender, but DC Rivals feels more fleshed out and longer, and is of course more comfortable (Though I didn't find Skyrush that uncomfortable) In terms
  11. I still think a Tetris themed drop ride would be perfect for this.
  12. A full reservation based system is always going to be challenging because there's no handbrake on people "joining" the queue. People can tap at the totems at a far higher rate than the rides dispatch interval, so its clear how virtual queue slots would be eaten up very quickly. With a standby queue there is a natural reality check when you see the line and ask yourself ”Can I really be bothered waiting?" and that works as a natural handbrake, and people naturally distribute themselves more evenly around the park, to attractions with spare capacity. Id agree with other posters about
  13. Non inverting loops have airtime and cool lateral forces. Whereas a regular loop just feels like you are following a continuous upwards curve.
  14. In my mind I've wondered if you could do a "Ghetto Harry Potter" type dark ride like this with a similar, but reduced range of movement. Basically have the cars travelling sideways through the scenes, rotating as needed to provide side to side movements (Eg in front of projection domes) For sections like the whomping willow, the track would just bank upwards so you are on your back more.
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