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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

Recommended Posts

1) Millennium Force

2) Steel Vengeance

3) Top Thrill Dragster

4) Maverick

5) Raptor

6) Wicked Twister

7) Rougarou

8) Gemini

9) Blue Streak

10) Magnum

11) Pipe Scream

12) Valravn

13) Gatekeeper

14) Mine Ride

15) Iron Dragon

16) Corkscrew

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1. Magnum

2. Dragster

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Gemini

6. Blue Streak

7. Mean Streak

8. Wildcat

9. Mantis

10. Wicked Twister

11. Corkscrew

12. Mine Ride

13. Iron Dragon

14. Disaster Transport

15. Woodstock’s Express

16. Jr. Gemini

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Hey all! I just finished with my first day at Cedar Point! Well, I'm not going to lie, I loved the coasters (that were open), but I wasn't overall a huge fan of a lot of aspects about the park. I'll get back to that a little later. It was my first time going to the park with Steel Vengeance, and I loved the ride! I thought it was gonna feel like a bit MORE, but I still loved it! I just felt like the airtime was gonna be a lot more violent like Storm Chaser. The airtime just felt a bit weaker, but there was a lot of it. It's so hard to determine what my favorite coaster in the park is. Its probably a three-way tie between Maverick, Steel Vengeance, and Millennium Force. Millennium Force might actually be my favorite.

I mentioned above that I love the coasters of Cedar Point, but am not a fan of a lot of aspects about the park. So, the first time I went to Cedar Point was in 2017 and it was on a overcast day at the beginning of the season; today, was a sunny day with a no clouds covering the sun. WHY IS THERE SUCH A LACK OF SHADE IN THE PARK???? So I'm ginger, and I layer on the sunscreen like NO OTHER. I was still sunburnt by noon. I think the main reason for that is that a lot of the midways in the park are so wide with NO SHADE. Millennium's queue is especially awful. Speaking of that, the line for access passes was half an hour long and it was all on that unshaded midway. The line was shorter than the line at Maverick, but it moved at half the speed. I wanted to get more rerides, but I saw the lines stretching into those unshaded cattle pens on a lot of rides, and I was just like "nope, not today." I love Cedar Point, I just don't have as much of a good time there as at other parks because of the lack of shade. I just wish the cattle pens were under a permanent roof or under those shade structures that they have over part of some of the queues.

Speaking of the access passes, I kinda wasn't a huge fan of the system that they used for the access passes. When I was at Kings Island yesterday, they were able to pass out the passes like crazy so that people weren't lined up on the pathways; Kings Island was busy, but the line was never longer than ten people for the access pass. All of the access pass lines stretched through the park. They were quick with Steel Vengeance, fairly quick with Maverick, but slow with Millennium. I wish that the system was an online reservation you could make. Or, since you have to make a reservation to get into the park (either as a passholder or as a hotel guest, which I was), I wish that they gave you a time that you can get on the three big coasters, if you do choose so. It was just kinda annoying to wait forty minutes for an access pass, and then wait another hour to ride after you have your pass.

I had a good time today there's no doubt about that, it was just kinda annoying at times.

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My Last Visit sadly from 2013





Mill Force

TTD (still scares the crap out of me)

Wicked Twister





Blue Streak

Mine Ride

Iron Dragon


Woodstock express

jr gemini

mean streak

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Still at the park for Day 2 now. Much improved from yesterday... But I'm not sure how much of that is actually improved operations or just me tempering my expectations.


In great news, Dragster was cycling again. Spoke with a white-shirt supervisor that was working the ride, who informed me that they were going through the state certification process and that if everything went according to plan,

it would be opening to the public tomorrow afternoon. Now, this is Dragster we're talking about, so chances are something will go wrong, but personally I'm fingers crossed for my first ride on it since 2008.

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Unpadded metal. It's painful. Trust me you want the seat belt as tight as possible and like at least 3 inches between the bar and your thighs. I kinda lift my legs and scooch forward when they're checking the restraints, then on the lift slide back and tighten the hell out of the belt.

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How painful is it with a loose seatbelt? What's the restraint made of?


as Mike says. . REALLY painful.


and that last dip, that's hidden in the tunnel? will ABSOLUTELY F-up your back, if you do not have the seat belt tight.


(you slam up then down into the seat, right on your tailbone)

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Since we're playing the ranking game, and I now have recent rides on most of the coasters on this list, I can clearly say:


1. Maverick (back)

2. Millennium Force (front)

3. Raptor (back)

4. Top Thrill Dragster (front)

5. Gatekeeper (back)

6. Steel Vengeance (back)

7. Iron Dragon (back)

{substantial drop)

8. Magnum XL-200 (front or any non-wheel seat)

9. Rougarou (back)

10. Valravn (front)

11. Gemini (any non-wheel seat)

12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (any non-wheel seat)

{substantial drop}

13. Wicked Twister (front)

14. Blue Streak (any non-wheel seat)

15. Corkscrew (die in a fire)


Not ranked: Kiddie Coasters since they're kiddie coasters and Pipe Scream because its not a coaster, and defunct coasters.


Stay tuned, my day 2 report is coming later today! Preview: MUCH better day than yesterday; got on every operating coaster except Valravn. Gotta check out this "Thirsty Pony" that everyone raves about.

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Excited to get back to work at Cedar Point. I’m a Carowinds employee, and some of us are soon being sent up to CP for several weeks to help staff the park while Carowinds is still closed. Looking forward to being back at the park.


As for my rankings of CP’s coasters:

1) Steel Vengeance

2) Magnum XL-200

3) Maverick

4) Top Thrill Dragster

5) Millennium Force

6) Raptor

7) Gatekeeper

8) Gemini

9) Rougarou

10) Blue Streak

11) Valravn

12) Wicked Twister

13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14) Iron Dragon

15) Corkscrew

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Excited to get back to work at Cedar Point. I’m a Carowinds employee, and some of us are soon being sent up to CP for several weeks to help staff the park while Carowinds is still closed. Looking forward to being back at the park.


That is awesome to hear. I guess I wasn't too far off when I suggested they do that yesterday. I'm glad to hear the park has a plan to address their staffing issues. I also heard from a bartender at the Frontier Trail bar today that they somehow have some internationals ready to go, they just have to clear quarantine.


On another note, so far the Thrirsty Pony seems like an awesome place.

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Also, Steel Vengeance took about 3 or 4 rides until I started to really appreciate it, for the record. I still really dislike the finale, but damn it has some nice moves.


I am definitely in the same boat. I only have 4 rides on it so far, but it has continued to underwhelm me. It may be because I've never been in the very front or very back (all of my requests for row 12 this year have been denied), but to me the airtime feels weaker than, say, what I experienced on Lightning Run or Storm Chaser at KK last week. Don't get me wrong, it's still a real solid ride with a great duration and cool headchopper moments, but my front row rides on Maverick and Millennium today were more satisfying IMO.


On the bright side - I also had a much better today than last Friday. Got on all coasters except the Mine Ride. TTD opening might complicate things a bit, but for now, you can definitely knock out everything in one day provided the weather cooperates and you have a decent strategy before getting to the park.

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1: Steel Vengeance

2: M Force (FIGHT ME ABOUT IT well no bc IDC what crap ya got to say lol)

3: Maverick

4: TTD

5: Magnum

6: Wicked Twister (IDC love it always have. I mean dont wait long for it, but its just fun)

7: Raptor (good stuff but it just never wow'd me much as it's "supposed to" and it is kinda jarring these days)

8: Gatekeeper (back row only. I always got decent "pull" on it though the 2nd half can fizzle out, and if ya get a breeze at you oof I deff felt like it was not gunna make it lol)

9: Gemini

10: Iron Dragon

11: Valravn (dang shame it's pretty great to the MCBR its **** after.)

12: Rougarou

13: Cedar Creek Mine Ride (meh but watcha expect)

14: Blue Streak (meh)

15: Corkscrew (only ride I actually DISLIKE there, don't think I've bothered in 10 years now)


Its worth the trip every year. What a line up. Literally bottom tier coasters here would be top tier in other places.

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Thirsty Pony review: Awesome. That is all.


Day 2 of CP review will come at some time in the future. I am feeling to good in an adult way to type it out now.

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My "order of preference" at CP would look something like the following:


1.) Raptor

2.) Millennium Force

3.) Dragster (sucker for it's launch, what can I say?)

4.) Gatekeeper

5.) Maverick (Maverick would probably be in the #4 or #3 spot if not for the trains (the seat itself jams into my, uh, 'area', and the awkward first drop, which I very much dislike).

6.) Steel Vengeance

7.) Blue Streak (Unfortunately as the only wood coaster in the park, it gets a small boost from that alone).

8.) Magnum

9.) Valravn

10.) CCMR

11.) Iron Dragon

12.) Gemini

13.) Corkscrew

14.) Wicked Twister

15.) Wilderness Run

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Why not.


1. Maverick

2. Millennium Force

3. Steel Vengeance (probably my 4th favorite RMC conversion)

4. Top Thrill Dragster

5. Raptor

6. Gatekeeper

7. Magnum XL-200

8. Valravn

9. Gemini

10. Wicked Twister

11. Blue Streak

12. Iron Dragon

13. Rougarou

14. Corkscrew (Only CP coaster I will never ride again)

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1) Millenium Force - just so much damn fun and it never gets old riding it

2) Steel Vengeance

3) Maverick

4) Dragster

5) Magnum

6) Valravn

7) Gemini

8) Gatekeeper

9) Raptor

10) Iron Dragon

11) Rogarou

12) Blue Streak

13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14) Corkscrew - fun to watch going over your head but that's about it

15) Wicked Twister - just personally my least favorite kind of coaster, I always feel like trash after I ride one so I just always skip this one and the one at Dorney anytime I'm there.

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Aren't enthusiasts supposed to react like when Big Bad Wolf was removed and claim the removed rides or rides other enthusiasts can't ride as the best ever to make ourselves feel good that we've got exclusive credits and gain superiority? I've watched a few nature documentaries during lock-down and you'll never find a mate otherwise.




1) Gemini Jr

2) Disaster Transport

3) Wildcat

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Alright, I'm back at my hotel after Day 3 of CP, just relaxing and packing for the drive home tomorrow before another trip to the Thirsty Pony, so here goes the rest of the TR:


Cedar Point Day 2 - July 14th


So, my game plan going into today was similar to my plan for yesterday - snag all three access passes first thing, then schedule the rest of the day around that. Using the same route (Steel Vengeance line before they start handing out the passes, then down to Millennium Force and then finally back to Maverick), I got 12:00, 1:00, and 3:00 times respectively. Again, as with day one, by the time I was done grabbing passes, people just started lining up for the 12:00 SV entry, so I grabbed my spot in line (3rd) and once again walked right up to the platform. One train later, and I was on, this time in the back row.


While it is a better ride in the back than the front (dat airtime), I stand by my original assessment - underwhelming. After having some great rides on Gatekeeper later in the trip, SV is, for me, a solid #6 at Cedar Point and #2 RMC behind Twisted Timbers. Sorry not sorry.


I grabbed a slice of Pizza from Wagon Wheel again, then completed my MF time slot (front row, 40 minutes in line plus 15 before they would let the 1:00s in) and then had some time to kill, so I walked around checking ride times (all too long) and finally went to Melt and had their cheeseburger, which was awesome as expected. Surprised though that the burger was just a regular circular patty and didn't take up the entirety of the bread.


Made it back to Maverick at around 3:15 (my access pass was for 3:00-4:00) and saw most of the outdoor queue filled up, so I decided to find a shady bench to lay down on until 3:50, when I entered the queue and walked right up to the second-from-front line of the out door area. Oh well...57 minutes for the back row, and awesome as always.


From there, my goal was to blitz all of the remaining operating coasters, lines be dammned. That went as follows:

-Cedar Creek Mine Ride, 27 minutes for row 3 (didn't have the choice to a non-wheel seat)

-Magnum XL-200, 27 minutes for row 13 (same thing here, was only running two trains)

-Iron Dragon, 27 minutes for last row (I could've sworn there was padding on these seats in the past, but not anymore)

-Gatekeeper, 28 minutes for last row right side (greyed out a little bit on the bottom of the drop loop, which was cool)

-Raptor, 55 minutes for row 7 (largely delayed on the brake run due to a protien spill on the train ahead of me).


No, I did not make up those times...I ran the stopwatch on my phone on each, and all of them except for Raptor were 27 or 28 minutes and some seconds. Freaky. Anyway, this proves that it is possible to ride all operating coasters in a normal COVID-shortened day without Fast Lane. You just need a plan, plenty of stamina, and a little luck.


So, all I had left at this point was Valravn, which had I gotten off of Raptor at a reasonable time, I could have made it in line before 8:00 for. Sadly, I walked out of Raptors exit ramp at 8:06, and then walked against the entire flow of traffic over to Valravn just to confirm that it was closed. Oh well, that's why I have a Day 3.


Notably, during my travels of the coaster blitz, I saw Dragster cycling...a lot. Basically chruning empty trains out like nobody's business. I swung by the station, and there was a white-shirt supervisor (not sure the difference between them and the green-shirt supervisors) standing near the edge, overlooking the midway, so I asked him if there was any chance of it opening today. He said no, but "fingers crossed maybe tomorrow evening." He explained that they were running cycles for the state inspection process, which requires them to do X amount of runs without an issue before each season before the ride will be certified by the state to operate to the public. Either way, it gave me hope.


Got back to the hotel and took a cool shower, and then it was off for my first trip ever to the Thirsty Pony. Wow. Awesome place, reasonable prices, DELICIOUS food - I got a Goopy Burger - a regular hamburger dripping with Cheez-Whiz. For someone who routinely takes his cheeseteaks in Philly as "american and whiz, wit-out," it was glorious. Sat around there shooting the shit with a couple from western New York (about a 3 hour drive from CP) and a guy from Indiana about coasters, COVID, life, all while downing some yummy adult beverages. Ended up closing them out (which was at midnight, reasonable for a Tuesday I supposed), stumbled back to my hotel and off to bed for Day 3....


Cedar Point Day 3 - July 15th


Starting this day out, I only had 3 goals:

1. Get on Valravn

2. Get a second ride on Raptor and Gatekeeper

3. Try to get on Dragster


So, with this in mind, today was a lot more laid back. I didn't bother with SV or MF access passes, only getting one for Maverick. After I grabbed the pass, I shot down to Valravn and got in line. 52 minutes later, and I was complete with my back row ride. This was more out of completionism than anything else, I've never been a fan of B&M dive coasters...the two that I've been on (this and Griffon at BGW) just don't do enough with their layouts.


Back up to Maverick for my access pass usage, which I walked right up to the indoor queue area. This took a total of an hour and 28 minutes for front row start to finish. Probably 30+ minutes of that was a shutdown while I was in the queue (at least in the shade), during which they had to do an evac from the brake run. But, I stuck it out (what else would I do?) and eventually got on the front row, which is awsome. Not as great as the back row, but I already had two rides there this trip, so I figured I'd sample the other flavor.


Back to Melt for another grilled cheese/mac&cheese combo, then off to Raptor. On and off in 29 minutes in row 3. From there it was onto Gatekeeper, where I walked right up to the platform, but sadly they had just started their cleaning cycle. So, it took 21 minutes, again for the back row right side. Again, greyed out a little at the bottom of the initial drop loop.


All this time, I was watching Dragster like a hawk. I had even saved my Exit Pass that I got on Day 1 just for that ride. Sadly, though it was cycling earlier in the day, now it was quiet. I walked by the station and asked the employees if there was any chance of it opening today, to which they replied no but they were hoping for tomorrow. Bummer. Or maybe that's just a line they're told to say?


Either way, I was hot, and tired, and had accomplished everything I set out to with this Cedar Point trip, so it was time to call it a day. I hoofed it back up to the SV gift shop to buy the shot glass for my collection, then tried to take the train to save my legs some of the walk back, but after waiting 10 minutes and the train arriving, it was full by the time I got to the front of the line. Oh well....made the long walk back to the front of the park, every now and then glancing at Dragster, hoping for some signs of life, to no avail.


Back to my car, and to my hotel, and typed this up. I didn't take that many pictures at Cedar Point, but what I did take I'll post early next week when I'm home and recovered.


All in all, despite the first day feeling like a disaster at the start, once I tempered my expectations and came to realize that there's no way they would be operating at the same level that Kings Island was, I had a great time. Three rides on Maverick, two on Steel Vengeace, Millennium, Raptor, and Gatekeeper, and at least one lap on every other adult coaster that was operating is nothing to be sad about. Really the only closed coasters I truly missed being able to ride were Dragster, Gemini, and Rougarou (Blue Streak and Wicked Twister are meh and Corkscrew can die in a fire).


Apparently more rides will be opening as they complete inspections and get more staffing, so it sounds like the situation there is improving week by week. And at the end of the day, I still got to go to two amusement parks and ride 7 of my top 25 coasters in the span of a week in the middle of a "devastating pandemic."


Not bad, not bad at all.

Edited by Mike240SX
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