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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

P. 28: Tidal Surge Screamin' Swing coming for 2022!

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Agreed, this park has every type of coaster really among only 6 selections. They have done a good job adding some major family coasters to bridge the gap.


-Thrill hyper coaster

-Thrill inverted coaster

-Family launched coaster

-Family wooden coaster

-Water coaster

-Kiddie coaster


Texas Stingray looks really fun. The middle of the ride does a lot of cool things, like a higher speed hill to turn, drop in the middle of a turn, s-hill over the first drop, then more low to the ground stuff. The finale looks really good too, with a drop inside the turning tunnel into two fast terrain hugging turns with an airtime hill in between. Really excited to go down there and ride it as soon as it opens this winter/spring.



In this POV, I'm talking about the sections from 1:05-1:23 and then the tunnel to the end from 1:31-1:40. Really other than the first 2 hills and a few slower hills before the tunnel between these two sections, this ride is very low to the ground and follows the terrain more than you'd guess!

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Glad to see an open date. My son and I are taking quick little coaster trip over Spring Break but have a limited set of days we can be there. Flying into San Antonio on Sat 3/14. We will go to Fiesta on Sun and then have a day to sightsee and head up to Dallas (via a quick stop at ZDT's) and go to Over Texas on Wed. Fly home on Thurs 3/19.


Which means we only have Sat night that we get in to stop at Seaworld. Our plane is due in at 2:50 and we will grab our car and go straight there....hoping with a fastpass we can get on everything by closing at 9. It might sound crazy but it's our only shot so we are going for it! Now I just gotta hope for no weird airport delays.

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I found this information for the previews and opening of Texas Stingray:


Pass Member Preview Weekend


Platinum Pass Members 10am-12pm

Silver, Gold and Platinum Pass Members 12pm-8pm



Silver, Gold and Platinum Pass Members 10am-5pm




Opening Ceremony 10:30am

Open to all guests immediately after


I can probably make it on 2/23 before it opens to to the public! If I can swing 2/22 that would be even better for night rides. We'll see. Excited for a new custom woodie in Texas!

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^ If your focus is the coasters, you should have plenty of time. The only wrinkle would be Texas Stingray if it isn't on the Quick Queue like some of the newer Busch/SeaWorld rides.



I figured as much. If necessary Mom is willing to stand in line for Stingray while the boy rides some of the other coasters and gets his count up. The things we do for kids!

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