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  1. ^ No it’s ok, thank you. I’m just waiting to get banned at this point. I have been nothing but civil and insightful to everyone in this forum. I just don’t feel the need to censor myself from talking about very real topics raised by another user in relation the theme parks. Civility in discourse and dissent is exactly why we have so many problems in the world today. Just because you don’t like a perspective that you hear that is simply analyzing national trends does not mean it will go away if you bully someone to stop talking about it. That’s exactly why we are so fractured right now as a nat
  2. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?! Now "Christmas" is a political thing??!?! Can you please just stop posting to our forums? I'm not joking. You can do a quick google search to see how the use of the word Christmas has become political. Seriously, just look it up. It’s not something made up at all. Also, nice job keeping the forums PG-13 like you say you strive to do in the terms of service. It’s just the nature of the world we live in. If you don’t like it maybe that says more about this country than it does about me, but in any case I’m happy to leave the forums. I
  3. I'm sorry but wearing a mask should not be a "political" thing. That's so insanely stupid. I wear a mask because it helps the good of everyone. I don't give a fuck if they are "left" or right" and anyone that thinks that way really has other issues that I'm not sure how could be addressed. It's honestly a shame that asking people in this country to do something simple for the good of everyone was way too much to ask. We were just talking tonight how Japan, after the 2011 earthquake, all got together and voluntarily shut off lights and other electronics for "power saving" and it worked. W
  4. ^Lol how much of that $5 pin actually went to conservation? Knowing how Six Flags charges $10 for a bottle of water, I wouldn't put it past them to take a massive cut. "Ohh it's conservation of OUR OWN animals, AKA we use that money to buy food to feed the safari animals" JK that actually sounds like a pretty nice gesture to do
  5. I think in SeaWorld's mind, they are trying to skirt the line to attract everyone. I think they believe the conservationist messaging alone will be enough to eventually attract the left. They appeal a bit more culturally to the right just to give those people a reason as well. They want conservation to be an inclusive movement, not an elitist exclusive one. Not saying it's a good strategy, but if I had to get inside their head, that's probably at least close to their train of thought. Free beer is the big one though... everyone likes when they do free beer.
  6. I think you also might be underestimating just how religious many Latin American people are. These people make up a huge group that is still in the SeaWorld camp as well. Most hispanic tourists (not necessarily hispanic Americans) are also far more right-wing than many would believe as well. Abortion is illegal in all but three Latin American countries, except for in cases to preserve health or save a women's life. (https://reproductiverights.org/worldabortionlaws?country=ARG) The entire Three Kings Celebration, based on Hispanic traditions centered around the arrival of the three wise men, wa
  7. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/06/09/seaworld-orlandos-reopening-met-with-new-push-by-fans-to-remove-board-chairman-scott-ross
  8. ^I guess that means they plan on keeping the sky cabin around for awhile, which is nice considering cedar point removed theirs years ago.
  9. For all the people in the no mask camp, feel free to make a little road trip out of Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. They are both only recommending masks and are 1.5 hours apart. Free world, free choices for all! You just have to understand that you don't make the rules, but feel free to act on your preferences! Theme parks across the board need our entertainment dollars this year!
  10. Does anyone know what we do if we are planning on utilizing a free season pass guest ticket and therefore don’t have an extra ticket number to input? I have one season pass and want to bring a friend free. Therefore, I only have one number but need two reservations.
  11. I think we all just need to acknowledge that it is the park's decision to require face masks or not. If wearing one makes you uncomfortable, don't go. If not wearing one makes you uncomfortable or feel unsafe, don't go. We were all given this beautiful thing called free will. We don't own Cedar Point nor are we on their board of operations or in the Ohio government. Either way the park chooses, it will still be there in 2021, I guarantee.
  12. ^You are right, it must have just been a temporary glitch. Thank you!
  13. To be honest I think the governor was worried about people from the Detroit Metropolitan area flooding Cedar Point and spreading it into Ohio.
  14. ^Thank you. I think the best bet is the phone, seeing as there is a good chance Carowinds could still be closed when I want to make my trip. Thanks again.
  15. Does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade a 2020 Carowinds gold pass to a platinum pass online? Can I do it at Cedar Point or will they not know what to do with it and what price I paid originally? Will I be able to make a reservation if I don't have the platinum pass number before reserving?
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