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  1. That means nothing. Every Cedar Fair park changes their haunts and winterfest pages to "_____ will return in ____" as soon as the events are over. Until there is an active link on the main webpage or they start removing haunts from the page then there is nothing to read into it. If parks change anything for their haunt season you can type in the url and will see that certain haunts are missing, this happens every year. The best example to show that this means nothing look here ValleyScare. The park doesn't have a plan to open and its haunt page is the same as kings island. Orion has been added but was probably and automatic update when they updated the site before the season started.
  2. You're right. I had forgot that the Firehawk queue appears to have been added as an extended Flight of Fear queue (That is correct, isn't it?). If I have that right did FOF actually need more queue?
  3. To me it looks like the building is for the ride exit, which means that it should be a gift shop.
  4. ^^ That is considered line jumping. If you cant be bothered to wait in line there are options to buy a pass so you don't wait(maybe not an option for this ride) or wait just like everyone else. Most people get annoyed with people "catching up to their group". You are stuck in a tight space with often obnoxious and poorly smelling folks only to have someone bump into you and say excuse me coming from someone who gives off the perception of "hey I am more important than you so please let me by". 1 person may not be a big deal but you are 1 of many more who do that. I see it more as a respect thing, they have a system that is in place and no one should a above it. As far as I know the acceptable options for leaving the line and shoe horning your way back up front is restroom break and to get water. If anyone thinks I am off base here let me know; I am always interested in other people's opinions and maybe you can enlighten me if I am wrong
  5. Looking for a little help here. Heading to the park next friday and I am looking for any discount on tickets that don't include listening to a timeshare sales pitch. Last year they had a great deal on their website but don't seem to be offering it again this year. Do any stores sell discount tickets besides the special thursday tickets? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. ^ It was asylum island for a long time and had really good reviews. Then came 2016 haunt season and there was a big "controversy" about haunts depicting mental illness in a negative way. So all six flags and cedar fair parks scrambled to remove all their haunts referencing mental illness. Most got the change over done before haunt season or just opened with 1 less house that year. If you had haunt maps from 2016 they would often reference houses that did not operate that year due to this outrage. So asylum opened with haunt before the controversy started (don't remember which park the controversy started at, I think in California). Then people got upset about depicting mental health in a negative light so they went to work on a quick overlay. During the 2016 season it was changed to urgent scare. In 2017 Urgent scare came back for a second season but just always felt like a crappier version of asylum island. Best comparison would be dueling dragons to dragon challenge, still a solid attraction but every time you went through you were reminded of how good it used to be. So in 2018 it was replaced with Chaos unleashed which is a good replacement. Still uses some of the hight points from asylum, but feels like it's own unique maze.
  7. If I had to guess I would bet that beast doesn't run because of potential snowfall. There are spots where trees are overhead and then you have the risk of snow falling off of a tree and hitting a rider. Also looking at a pov there is the tunnel out in the woods that looks like it could fill up easily with snow and would be difficult to clean out.
  8. ^ I said fright lane plus. The one that has the skeleton key rooms. I hope it returns as those bonus rooms were always my favorite parts. They always had the best employees working them and they were usually filled with humor and small scares
  9. Halloweekends site is up and there is a new scarezone and an update to an old maze. Hexed has been changed to having a you take a flashlight with you that keeps flickering on and off while you go through the maze. Interesting to note that none of the cedar fair parks are mentioning fright lane plus on their sites. I feel like it is just because they are selling tickets or fright lane for the event yet. You can access every cedar fair parks haunt site if you please, there should be a link in the special events tab if not just type "/haunt" after the parks web address and it will take you to the site. Not all parks haunt sites show the new attractions for this year (valleyfair and kings dominion are two i know of that only show returning attractions from last year).
  10. Haunt site is up and showing off a new maze and an update to an old one. I am glad to see they updated wax museum because when they updated vampire it turned the maze from bad to a solid attraction. Wax museum wasn't bad but was getting worse and worse each year for me. I still wish zombie would be changed out and all the scarezones reworked. Boneyard, great location but feels very stale. Carnevil needs a new location, preferably to london terrors old location, seems perfect for a scarzone. Outlaw revenge has been there for so long that it just needs to be changed. Also worth noting that so far no park has a mention of fright lane plus, but I can see them getting rid of it. I would be sad as those experiences were always the high point of our haunt visit. You can access every cedar fair parks haunt site if you please, there should be a link in the special events tab if not just type "/haunt" after the parks web address and it will take you to the site. Not all parks haunt sites show the new attractions for this year (valleyfair and kings dominion are two i know of that only show returning attractions from last year).
  11. They had in park WiFi for haunt. We were using it to check college football scores and track that nasty storm that hit during haunt.
  12. I was also at the park on saturday during the storm. We took cover in the antique car queue since it wasn't crowded, had nice roof to keep us dry (that didn't happen, thanks crazy wind), and was uphill. The heavy rain and high winds cause leaves to fall which which clogged most of the drains on the midway causing most of the pathways to be at least ankle deep with water. The most interesting part of the night was finding out that the guest services building flooded meaning that they were not able to work with guests who had fright lane passes or those who just arrived for the night. All the employees were very nice and informed people that they just need to call guest services during the week and they will make it right. We ended up calling guest services since we had fright lane for Saturday and they said they could be used and any of the remaining days and offered us free admission to come back this year. So it looks like we will be making another trip to Kansas City and try haunt for a second time. I am looking at bringing my 3 year old for the day time festivities, does anyone know if there is a place in kansas city that would have discount tickets for him? Large tree down Canopy down! More tree limbs down Fallen tree on drink stand Minor damage to log ride from fallen tree
  13. Any park that is closed down for the winter this could happen at. It would be so easy to sneak in a park in the middle of the night when it is closed for the year. All you have to do is hope the fence and boom, you are in and they aren't going to have security guards wandering the park looking for people. Also seeing people from the outside in a park would be hard to do because most of the area isn't right against a busy street.
  14. I went haunt last night and man it was a blast. On a side note if you get fright lane plus it will be a time crunch to get every haunt and bonus room in. We were there for the entire haunt period and went from haunt to haunt with only one break for prowler (15 min wait), but only managed to do all the bonus room and 7 of the 8 haunts. Asylum was amazing, but I did get multiple confirmations of Saturday being the last night for it. Finally the phone repair man is hilarious and a highlight of the night which makes it almost a necessity to do fright lane plus.
  15. Since this seems to be the main place for asylum talk I figured I would give an update as to what has been happening. All 3 VR haunts gone Valleyfair-asylum scare zone gone Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- Dark Oaks Asylum removed from website Six Flags New England- Pyscho-Path Haunted Asylum renamed The Forgotten Laboratory Six Flags Over Texas- Cadaver Hall Asylum removed from website Six Flags Great America- Massacre Medical Center was referred to as an asylum in description and that has now changed and doesn't mention the "A" word anymore *All information came from comparing haunt maps to parks haunt website.
  16. I know it is one of the best attractions, personally I think it is second best behind cornstalkers. I am just getting worried now that cedar fair has removed 4 attractions(3VR and 1 scarezone) dealing with the asylum theme in the last few days because of people being offended. Also six flags has either removed or rethemed 3 asylum mazes. If they are whitewashing asylum from everything then they better do the same for clowns. #ClownsArePeopleToo
  17. Anyone hear if they are removing asylum? I see that the 3 vr haunts are gone and valleyfair removed their asylum scare zone. Really curious as it is one of the top haunts and I will be there this weekend.
  18. Did they do anything to the psycho freaks and Hexed? I know last year they had about 3 people and 1 or 2 props in each section. Glad to hear prowler is running well
  19. ^ If you went to haunt I would like to know how the new Carnevil and London terror compared to before. Also be nice to hear if people think any haunts have improved or gotten worse this year. And a side note is that I am curious how skeleton key rooms changed, are they still mainly focused on grossing you out? Excited to see everything in 2 weeks when I go. Thanks for any information provided.
  20. Not exactly sure if this is the best place to post this but, I have noticed that it looks like cedar fair has done away with fright lane without skeleton key. Since they haven't released all of their haunt sites yet, I was wondering what the price points for fright lane are now compared to last year. Are they priced to the old regular fright lane? Old fright lane with skeleton key? Or are they somewhere in the middle? Just trying to figure out how much to budget for haunt(WOF) this year.
  21. Man that is such a waste if they don't at least make the old London Terror spot a scare zone. I mean at least move the outlaws revenge there as it is terrible in its current spot. I am excited to see what the new London Terror brings though. It does worry me a bit with how crazy that area will be this year.
  22. Thanks for all the updates. I hope that if they don't add a new house to the London Terror spot(seems unlikely) that they put a scare zone there as that spot seems perfect. The only scare zone that actually works now it boneyard and that area is setup very similar. I am curious as to why the are planning to move London Terror, I wonder if that has to do with all the guests that wonder into that zone when it is closed during the day.
  23. I am wanting to check up on the current status for upcoming attractions from the more informed people on the site. Thanks for the answers in advance. 2017 Are we still looking at condor and troika plus a dark ride or is it looking to just be the two rides? Halloween Haunt Is London Terror moving indoors by where Timberwolf dumps you out? If so does that mean Carnevil will be moved? Maybe where London Terror was, still keeping it a scare zone. Also any word on if it may switch to feary tales like other CF parks? Side note I really hope they replace lore of the vampire soon. Blackout is the most interesting and one I would most like to see in the chain. Also I can't wait for them to remove zombie high, but that still has 5+ years left
  24. I would personally start at the waterpark as that is where the worst waits in the park usually are. Also the Waterpark has been known to reach capacity and stop allowing people in. That probably won't happen though, since it isn't the weekend. It is nice starting the day off with walk-ons for all the slides and then being able to lounge around while the slides have 30 mins waits. Either way you should have fun though
  25. I can'tbelieve Dollywood has a flyer and they don't even advertise it But don't let facts get in your way of constent VF and cedar fair complaining.
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