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Best Drops....

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Wood: Cyclops @ Mt. Olympus. For those who haven't been on it. You REALLY need to.


Thank god someone said this. Or I was about to be sorely dissapointed. Believe me people... there is a reason that it is Wisconsin state law that you have to be 18 or older to ride in the back seat. It's "OMFG" airtime!

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Cyclops' last drop-This is the most insane airtime ever. and I mean ever

Any of the first four drops on the GA Cyclone-Second most insane airtime

Hades' first drop-Really good airtime into a huge tunnel

Voyage's first three drops-really good airtime

Voyage' tripple down-Amazing airtime in the dark



Millennium Forces first drop-Just plain huge

Sheikra's drops-Best dropping sensation I have ever felt

Goliath at SFMM first drop-Huge drop into a tunnel

The drop part of mindbender's inclined helix-So many G's!

Raging Bulls first drop(even though the rest of the ride was terrible)

Any Drops on SFOG's Goliath-Airtime on every single hill.

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Millennium Force's first drop in the back row.

Roar at SFMW's first drop in the back row.

Xcelerator's tophat is great too!

Hmm what else...

As much as I dislike X, I have to admit the first drop is pretty amazing.

Gian Dipper in Santa Cruz has a fun 'mini-drop' into the tunnel at the beginning.

Oh, Raptor's first drop is fun too...so is Wicked Twister's back spike in the back row.

And, any drop with airtime is a favorite of mine!

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Cyclops-last drop as far back in the train as you can get. It's the only wooden stand-up coaster ever created.

Zeus-not sure which drop it is, but the one on the way out that looks like a bunny hop at first, but gives insane air and just keeps going down and down and down.

Avalanche-this thing has big airtime on every one of its drops. I especially like the one that sends you careening past the station.



Millennium Force-first drop in the front or back row. It's completely impossible to describe this amazing sensation.

Mamba/Steel Force/Wild Thing-first drop from the back row looking backwards. It's the only thing that makes Wild Thing fun anymore.

Patriot-how could I not mention this? The first drop gives the most awesome blend of floater airtime and positive g's. It's perfect in the back row. It makes Alpengeist's drop look boring.

Apollo's Chariot/Raging Bull-first drop in the back row. Utter bliss.



Giant Drop, SFGAm-this ride almost took my shirt of. Enough said.

Demon Drop, CP-I love how you look at this ride and it doesn't look all that tall, then you get up there and you are pretty darn high up. I also love how you can't see the track at all right before the fall. It feels like you aren't attatched to anything. And the drop just keeps going and going! The airtime is maintained until you're nearly horizontal!

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I don't really understand the whole "You have to be 18 to sit in the back seat of Cyclops" thing. I could probably pass as an 18-year-old, even though I'm only 16. I'm sure you don't have to show them any identification. They should change the rule to something like "You must be a certain height above the usual limit to ride in the back seat." And what about the 2nd to back seat. I'm sure it's nearly as intense, only without the age restriction.


My favorite drops are: (all in the backseat, of course!)

1. MF first drop

2. Voyage 1st drop

3. 5th drop on Raven

4. GA Cyclone 4th drop

5. Gemini's first drop

6. Every drop on Boss (Especially the second part of the double down!)

7. Tennessee Tornado's first drop

8. Mindbender- Every drop! (Especially the headchopper helix drop)

9. Ninja @ SFSTL first drop (It has great airtime,but the rest of the ride is terrible!)

10. The largest drop on Space Mountain @ Disney World. I'm not sure where it was in the ride, but it really caught me by surprise. It seemed incredibly huge in the dark.

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Ok, I now I talk a lot of crap about MF, but I have to say, MF's first drop is REALLY good. The rest of the ride is crap


Raging Bull, last seat, first drop.....

Skyliner first drop back seat....

TTD, the way down...twisty goodness.

I'm thinking of more but can't think of them right now.

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Can't decide between these:


- Jack Rabbit's double-down [last car]

- Steel Force's double-up [first car]

- Drop off the MCBR on Steel Force [last car]

- Basically any drop on El Toro, in any car. It's just that good.

- Millennium Force's first drop [last car]

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Steel Eel's first drop in the very back seat. Ahh, your butt is nowhere near being in that seat. I think it is so much fun personally. The first drop has that crazy part where you go down slightly for about 10 feet and then drop off into the main drop. In the back, you get flung over that 10 feet and just pulled down the drop even faster. So much fun. Anyone who has ridden it knows what I am talking about.



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For some reason I absolutely love Griffon's first drop. Just hanging there really makes it better when suddenly you drop. And, to top it all of, you're pretty much weightless the whole way down. It's an awesome feeling. But for woodies I'm going to have to stick with my favorite Lightning Racers. For some reason they have always been my favorite for first drops out of all the woodies that I've been on.

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There's this part on Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster where you're backwards. Yeah, and you don't even know you're going backwards until you come backwards out of the elevator into this drop! There's also this drop that just comes out of noooo where. Awesome airtime!


-J "I love Scooby!" Z

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Cyclops- First drop and famous drop

Millennium Force- First drop

El Toro- First Drop

Superman DL- 3rd drop

Voyage- Does the triple down count?

Boulder Dash- First drop. Feel's like you're being yanked the whole way down


Any Intamin hyper first drop is just bliss.

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Wooden Coasters

1) Comet (Hersheypark

2) Excalibur

3) Wildcat (Hersheypark)

4) Yankee Cannonball

5) Cyclone (SFNE)


Steel Coasters

1) Behemoth

2) Apollo's Chariot

3) Ride of Steel

4) Bizarro (SFNE)

5) Hydra the Revenge


Drop Towers

1) Tower of Terror (WDW)

2) Drop Tower (Canada's Wonderland)

3) Dragon's Descent (Funtown)

4) Scream! (SFNE)

5) Sasquatch (The Great Escape)


Water Rides

1) Jurassic Park River Adventure (Orlando)

2) Ripsaw Falls

3) Log Flume (Seabreeze)

4) Tidal Force (Hershey)

5) Shipwreck Falls (Darien Lake)


Water Slides

1) Summit Plummet

2) Stealth (Aquaboggan)

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Wood: Don't know that I have ridden enough to say but I get to ride Voyage, Raven, Legend, Beast and KY Rumbler in a few weeks...I would say as for now that Rampage probably was one of the best wooden drops; oh and I forgot this one but Swamp Fox has an OMG moment on the first drop...ejector airtime!!!!


Steel: SheiKra, Deja Vu, Goliath SFOG (Back row OMG amazing), Intimidator 232 first drop (even though the rest of it sucked balls)

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El Toro- all four big hills are amazing. I can't even keep my hands up down the first drop most of the time

Phoenix- all the bunny hills, especially towards the end.

Boulder Dash- Too many good hills to count, but the tripple up is very memorable (guess that's not really a drop though)

Jackrabbit- The double dip of course!



Bizarro at SFNE- Pretty much every drop is airtime heaven!

Superman at SFA and Ride of Steel at SFDL- The third hill is amazing.

Apollo's Chariot- All drops are good, the photo drop and drop off the MCBR are awesome.

Goliath at SFOG- Plenty of good drops.

Shockwave at SFOT- the best "old school" steel airtime hills I've experienced.

Millieneum Force- The first drop

Maverick- First drop, my vote for second best first drop, right after El Toro!

Titan at SFOT's first drop is verry underrated as well. It's got decent airtime in the back and it just lasts forever!

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