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  1. You should consider trying out Apple's new EarPods. The sound quality is far superior than the old earbuds and they only cost £25. I love them.
  2. I liked X:/No Way Out just because I had no idea what to expect, no idea what was going on during it and no idea what had happened after it. The whole experience is a bit blurry (Especially all of the bits where you just sit in the dark puzzled)
  3. ^Thanks, I found it on google images I think that's the best place to look. Most wallpaper sites try to rope you into a membership!
  4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I accept that completely. I just find it strange that Saw isn't so popular. I thought it was more thrilling than the other rides at Thorpe Park and the theming made the whole thing even better. Why does it get a hard time?
  5. Nemesis is a great ride. I love Saw at Thorpe Park though. The darkness makes the first half really intense and the theming makes you feel a bit creeped out (As if you are waiting to die)
  6. Here are a few pictures of mine that I edited to try out iPhoto on my new iMac! The Mumbo Jumbo sign at Flamingo Land Velocity! The (not so good) DCA Tower!
  7. I'm quite an amateur photographer but recently have started to take lots of pictures. I use my iPhone 4S which has a very good camera in my opinion. How does it shape up in comparison to professional cameras? Does anyone else use the iPhone 4S as their main camera? I may be crazy but it's the best that I can afford for the moment. Enjoy the shots: My lovely acoustic guitar. I still have to name it... This is the Empire State Building of Glasgow! My best shot at a flower!
  8. Great trip report! nice pictures! The park looks a bit like my local park which is now closed (Loudon Castle) Many similar rides. This park looks a lot better when it comes to theming though.
  9. I love mine. It's aesthetically pleasing
  10. Hmmm...I think my favourite drop has to be the first drop on Kraken at Seaworld. It just feels so open and you get a great view and rush at the same time! I also love the drop on Saw:The Ride.
  11. Piers is the one member that I really want to meet! Such a fun looking guy! Glad the cruise was a big success. I'm going on the Independence at New Year so hope it's just as good...
  12. Wow! I visited only two weeks ago and only a bit of the lift was complete! It seems to be sprouting up fast...Didn't realize how quickly they put these things up. It should be amazing and well worth another visit to check out...mum...please!?
  13. ^ You're not going crazy. This happens on mine! I got my iPhone 4s today and love it. Everything works just a bit better that its predecessor. The phone itself is almost completely identical to the iPhone 4 but Siri and the camera make it worth the buy! Siri is stunning (even though it hates my Scottish accent) It answers and completes tasks very quickly. I hope to see more great improvements from apple in the future.
  14. It's so creepy to see...I used to visit a lot! I would love for the park to open up again!
  15. I like letting people have their own opinion on things like cell phones...but come on! You have to agree that the iPhone is lovely. Maybe it's just because i'm used to blackberry. I just wrote this post on my 3gs and it felt wonderful...
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