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Best Drops....

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Although I'm tempted to say Millennium Force, one of my favorite drops has to be Gemini's first drop. It is just fantastic and floaty, and different. And I ADORE it's headchopper drop, especially on the Blue side. It is so fun to throw up your hands at that moment and freak out everyone on the train. For wooden coasters, I'd have to go with Jack Rabbit. That double drop is pretty excellent!

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going back in time.....



Rattler, opening season. Oh. My. God.

Texas Cyclone, post turn. Sideways airtime with simultaneous headchopper. Wicked.

Jack Rabbit, double down. 'nuff said.



PepsiMax. Too bad the rest of the ride blows.

Expedition GeForce. Perfection.

Excalibur (formerly Dexter Frebish's Electric Roller Ride) at SFAW in the back seat. Fixed lapbars, not expecting much from the ride, flat track leading to the drop, constant acceleration and then the car just got yanked out from under your butt. Was always fun to watch the braggers pull their raised hands back down to the bar in panic on that one. Very few coasters consistently made me feel that I was literally going to be thrown from the car, but that one did.

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as of today my top 5...


El Toro - the drop over Rolling Thunder into the finale


X2 - the flip on the first drop is still pretty awesome to me


Gwazii (blue) - the angled dueling camelback in the middle of the ride


Ghostrider - off the block brake...especially at night in the back row


Cyclops - the infamous drop into the ravine

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1.) X² - Frist drop, facing the ground = Probably one of my best coastermoments

2.) Superman (Parque Warner) - The most airtime on a coaster yet. In the front row, right seat: I flew up in the air and my whole body was ejected till my shoulders hit the resistains before the Zero-G-Roll rapes me.. and the airtime hill before the corkscrews No words for that.

3.) Goliath SFMM- First drop

4.) Expedition Geforce- First drop twistyness


Can't rate wood coasters, still shocked by that CoasterExpress

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I have no been to many parks so please forgive my list:



-El Toro

-Hercules (was at Dorney Park - R.I.P.)






-Kingda Ka (I think I am the only person who absolutely LOVES this coaster A LOT)


-Great Bear

-Mystery Mine (both drops)


Anything Else:

-Stunt Tower

-Tower of Teror (Disney)

-Summit Plummit

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Here are some new ones from me:


Raging Bull's first drop in the back row

Voyage's first and second drops, especially in the back

Mamba's second drop in the ejector seat

GCI first drops

Eurofighter first drops

Unexpected dark coaster drops, like on Fire in the Hole, and backwards drops

"The" drop on Cyclops in the back row--not necessarily my favorite, but certainly as advertised

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El Toro, defintiely every single drop on this coaster is amazing! Especially the last one over Rolling Thunder!



Magnum (well...of course)

Millennium Force (back row baby!)

Dragster (in the back on a good day)

Raptor (flyin' over the midway...nuff said)

Goliath (SFMM, my first hyper coaster...ooooooooohhh yeah)

X ("wait...what?...AAAHHHHH")

Nitro (airtime!)


My list is a bit limited due to a short coaster list, but these are still some pretty amazing drops, imo.

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Probably my favorite drop on a "small" roller coaster would be in Walt Disney World's Space Mountain - the largest drop on the ride completely caught me by surprise and rocketed (get it?) into a tight turn.

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I did like the drop of Griffon when I rode it. Too bad the ride was pretty much over after that.

The drop into the ravine that Phantom's Revenge has gets me every time! Same with the double-down on Jack Rabbit.

Apollo's Chariot wasn't lacking in the drop department either.

This way sound odd, but when you drop to go through the course of a Boomerang backwards. I actually rode the one in Wildwood a few times; it was much smoother than the one at Hersheypark.

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El Toro FTW!! The first drop and the last major drop going into the curvy ending are my 2 best. (Doesn't the park call a twister finale?)

Maverick's first and USF's Mummy launch-drop are pretty good too as well as "Horse I lost my train of thought" and the last drop on Dudley-do right. (Please don't remove it!)

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