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  1. lol, I just read on CNN Money that the FourTwo only gets 36mpg... my old Saturn can get that, and it doesn't require premium fuel! Great buy I just filled up and got 40 mpg. It varies anywhere from 36-40+.IMO, the smart is a lot nicer than most Saturns anyways.
  2. Another thing to add on to what Elissa said. If you do go to visit, make sure you don't treat it as a vacation. If possible try to go through your "normal routines" when you are there. That way you'll get an idea of what it would be like to live there instead of just visiting. Good luck with your decision!
  3. My Dad and I are going to try to attend. For anyone who isn't sure about going, this event is awesome! Last year was great, and this year looks even better.
  4. I'd definitely go to Adventure Island, especially because it's so close to your hotel. It has some good slides, and the atmosphere is really fun and laid back.
  5. That and A Knight's Tale, were my two favorite of his movies. This was really sad and shocking to hear.
  6. I would if I was paying for it.
  7. MacBook Air Anyone have $1800 I can borrow?
  8. ^Tell her those pictures are amazing!
  9. So I take it you didnt go to HHN this past year because they only used the Bone Yard as a MidWay this year. The main stage was placed right across from Mel's Diner. They use two stages for Rock The Universe that they could just as easily move into one stage and cut out some of the less popular bands OR they could use the Animal Actors stadium for those lesser named acts wrather then putting the speakers there and they have already talked about moving the stage for Mardi Gras to the Mel's Area. It can work very well actully!! Ya I did go this year. Sorry I didn't word it very clearly. What I meant was if the Bone Yard was taken up with a coaster, it would effect the traffic flow of HHN because of the 3 soundstage houses and their exits which all flowed out into the Bone Yard.
  10. ^^Taking up the Bone Yard would totally screw up traffic flow for HHN or Mardis Gras because that is where the stage normally goes. I'm sure they are taking that into consideration though.
  11. So the Blue Men are Eco-friendly? How many times have you seen their show on Universal property, and does it change from show to show?
  12. Somehow, sadly, this doesn't shock me. It's actually disappointing for me that he didn't get hit by a boat.
  13. Besides the fact that the comments on this thread thoroughly disturbed me... Those sweaters are freakin' hilarious!
  14. I couldn't agree more. Coming from someone who is still 'growing up' there will always be kids picking on other kids. What really surprises me though, is that these are 1st graders! When I was in 1st grade I don't think any of us knew how to make fun of each other.
  15. Cool, does this work like the 1.6 Update or does everyone pay full price?
  16. I think it's actually based on the cartoon, rather than Ron Howard’s movie. How did you like it? I can't wait so see it.
  17. I agree with you on Hulk, but once in awhile I'll get a random glass-smooth ride. I think it might have something to do with the trains.
  18. ^It was probably because of his T-shirt. Nice reviews and pictures! I miss the Carnival.
  19. Strawberry, yes. Apple, no--although that actually does sound really good. Here's the flavors that I can remember: Honey Coconut Sea Salt Salted Black Pepper Curry Strawberry Caramel Chocolate Am I missing any? Curry always had the longest line. Curry on popcorn didn't sound good to me, so I skipped it. Coconut Popcorn If I wasn't already sold on eventually going to Japan; I am now!
  20. That has to be the most accurate description of Disney World. Last time I visited Magic Kingdom I would get caught up in a swarm of people, and I swear they were just screaming out "Blah, blah,blah,blahh". It was like the anchovies on Spongebob or something!
  21. Good luck this weekend! I still can't believe you've lost that much so fast!
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