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Best Drops....

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Since i didn't like the selectiveness of the "First drop on woodies" topic, I decided to start a topic about the best drops on ANY ride. Coaster or not.




-I like the death drop on Raven.

-The drop down to the water on Cornball is awesome in the backseat.



-The droping part of the "2nd loop" on Mindbender at SFoG is great.




-I liked Plunge before they neutered it.

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- Any on the Phoenix (Airtime!!)

- 'The Drop' on Ghostrider



- X's Skydive

- Xcel's Tophat (I love how it seems like it's going to dump right on to the street below)



- PP before neuterification (soo steep)

- ToT at DCA (only seat-belts!)

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I totally just posted about this in the Best 1st Drop...said it was hard to pick and I wanted to list any drop on a woody!


That being said...Jack Rabbits Double Down & Cyclops' Psycho thing!


Elissa "drop rides...Acrophobia & Blue Fall are insane!" Alvey

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I am a huge fan of Raven, my current #1 but I have to say that I like Ghostrider's "The Drop" a little better, It just seems ever slighlty more powerful. The ravens is pure coaster goodness, but what makes the Raven is that drop and all the track after it, it quite literally flies by.

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Just off the top of my head:


Skull Mountain - backseat

Windstorm - mid run drop

The Boss - double down first drop

Any SLC - first drop, I love how you end up whipping around the tight curve banked almost completely sideways

Dudley Do-Right - yeah, it's a flume, but god that drop scared me

PKD Grizzly - the tunnel drop (well, it's more of a tiny hop)

PKD Anaconda - I'm alone here, but I just love the first drop

Mamba - second drop, goes below grade, extreme air

SFA Superman - third hill/drop, probably the most extreme moment of air on any coaster I've ridden


/user goes blank

That's all can think of right now.




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3 drops came to mind initially. Firstly, Expedition GeForce's first drop. It's like the Big One's but, well, good. The way you just can't see where you're going from the top of the lifthill scared the hell out of me the first time!


Secondly, Magnum Force/Dreier Looping's first drop. The major banking and crazy speed on that drop makes it the most intense one i've experienced.


The third one, while not much is the pre-lift drop from the station on Nemesis: Inferno. It's basically just B&M showing off, but it's the best bit of the ride, and it's very cool!

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The best drops I have expeirenced are


Wooden : Thunder Run (SFKK) there is a ton of air time on this ride.


Steel : The Incredible Hulk Coaster (IOA) The turn around after the second loop and off of the break run.


Hulk's turn around and break run

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Legend- back seat. That drop is just insane. One of two first drops that still puts butterflies in my stomach (the other being Vortex)

Phantom's Revenge- That second drop is just amazing, but the first drop doesn't receive enoughc credit.

Dominator- First drop, back seat, either of the far ends. Just try it.

Top Thrill Dragster- Do I really need to explain this?

Millennium Force- ^

Jack Rabbit- The double-down

Vortex at PKI- back seat. Once again, you just have to experience it. The airtime is insane.

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Top Thrill Dragster (corrected, someone wake me up at work again please...), back seat right - whoa nice air on the twisting drop

Skull Mountain, back seat either - bonus points for "slapping the pumpkin"

Apollo's Chariot, back or front rows - great floater air, recliner seating a big plus!



Georgia Cyclone, back seat - massive ejector air all over the place, especially drop 4 or 5, bonus points for rainy weather

Ghostrider, back seat - drop 5, nothing else to say...

Raven, back seat - blissfull drop 5 airtime

Tremors, front or back seat - first drop, whoa

Thunderhead, front seat - good air in several spots, great air in 1 or 2 spots

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