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Best Drops....

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Wood - Haven't been on many woodies, and I'm not a big fan of Ghostrider, so I'd have to say Tremors backseat!


Steel - X, and the Mindbender HELLS YES. Not the one at SFOG, but at Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall! Oh man, within 3 seconds you plunge from the metal beams at the top of the building to below walkways and track and what seems like a beyond-vertical plunge into hell itself, man I love that thing.



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Well considering all I've been on


Steel - Raging Bull back row or Oblivion, arms and legs out. Greeaaat dropping feeling, both pretty similar. I think I prefer Oblivion's though because you get that back row feeling, yet have a fantastic veiw of the whole ride and beautiful surroundings.


Wood...considering I've only ever been on 2 woodies! (I know!) The Grand National. That double dip is insane, you really do fly.

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Wood:Ghostrider (The other 2 woodies I ever rode SUCK!)

Steel:Xs Skydive. That drop is SO INSANE! Xcelerators Awsome Tophat and DejaVus Vertical Tower. Goliaths drop is also fun.

Drop Rides:Supreme Scream and Tower of Terror


Kevin"The drop ride at my local fair was SO much better than Freefall at SFMM" Bujold

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I really enjoyed Desperado's First Drop but since the ride isn't aging well the coaster has become really rough, but I still love that first drop.


Tower of Terror (Disney MGM Studios, Florida), there was one program i rode which was the best. The ride actually caught me off guard.



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I remember one of the last times I was at Kennywood, my mom went on the Thunderbolt, and ended up bruising a rib on her side. It wasn't terrible for her, but she wasn't too comfortable for a while.


What's funny is that my mother is very picky about coasters, but anytime she goes to Kennywood, she rides Thunderbolt. She is 62, but she taught middle school for 38 years so she is pretty TOUGH!

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My Favorite Drops were on:



Raptor's 1st Drop: Cedar Point

Mantis's 1st Drop: Ceadar Point

Millennium Force's 1st & 2nd Drop: Cedar Point

Phantom's Revenge's 2nd Drop: Kennywood

Dominator's (BKF) 1st Drop: Geauge Lake



Villan's 1st & 2nd Drop: Geauge Lake

Mean Streak's 1st Drop: Cedar Point

Thunder Bolt's 1st & 4th Drop: Kennywood





Dave" Phantom's Revenge Is The Shhh".....Knight

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Woodie- Stampida's drop into the photo in the back.

Grand National's double- drop


Both are pretty insane and Airtime- filled.


Steel- Oblivion's drop.

Dragon Khan's first drop has some awesome floater on it.


Other- Hurukan Condor, 330ft of pure bliss.

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