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  1. My friend and I were able to ride it on Sunday, the day after it premiered. Dispatch times were absolutely atrocious! Taking anywhere between 10-20min. The line, where it would normally be a 20-30min wait, was taking 2+hours. Minding you, it wasn't a busy day at the park, with the longest line standby being about 20min. I'm very thankful we invested in a Platinum Flash Pass, we were able to get multiple rides on Superman this way, with absolutely no wait for the front row. No one wanted to ride in the front, because everyone wanted to try the VR after they waited so long. My review of the VR... first experience, it didn't work. I had video until half way up the lift, then my phone turned black. So I basically rode with a blindfold on. Second time, it worked. The video was cool. Superman himself was hugely out of proportion (Why is he as tall as a 4 story building?) In the right seat, you're Wonder Woman, complete with a nice rack; on the left, you're Batman. The "inversion" during the second twisting camel back was more disorienting than anything. Also, the drop, with the VR on, felt like it was 10ft tall. There were times where the video would also "pull" forward, because it became out of sync with the ride, creating a little bit of nausea for me. There was nothing in the video to designate getting wet from the mist on the ride, or being inside of tunnels, so the temperature change and suddenly being wet was kind of... strange. I wish they put a fountain or a water tower breaking... something at least to show you're gonna get wet. Final verdict for me, I thought the ride was actually BETTER without the VR. I hope they get the kinks fixed soon, or else it's going to be a 6hr wait during 4th of July weekend.
  2. Water slide pieces for Volcano Bay caught fire today... Hope this doesn't put construction behind schedule. http://www.clickorlando.com/news/fire-burns-near-wet-n-wild-in-orlando
  3. Someone on Reddit figured out that if you modify the coaster nodes after building a drop/element, you can manipulate them even more to get sharper angles.
  4. From the latest "Dev Video" they released almost two weeks ago via their Facebook, and immediately taken down after tons of negative comments flooded in. The coaster was called "Canyon Runner" I believe. You can find the video on YouTube still.
  5. I guess the guests don't have to sit in their seats... Damn though, it just seems to show that the devs don't even care about the game.
  6. Hi, and welcome to the first public *ALPHA* edition of the game. The game is in it's first stages, and isn't even in Beta. I'm sure your complaints will be fixed. But seriously... it's been less than a week. RCTW had what... a *BETA*. And it was garbage. Think about it for a minute.
  7. The game is out for Alpha. There are plenty of people streaming the game using Twitch. It looks AMAZING!
  8. I'm sure most of the newer slides (Disco H2O, Brain Wash, the mat racers that replaced Bubba Tub) are going to be moved to Volcano Bay, rethemed and repurposed. Slides like Mach 5, The Storm, Black Hole, and Bombay... Probably going to be scrapped. Pointless thread... Should've been part of the "Wet n' Wild" thread that already exists. Also... How the hell are you gonna move a Wave Pool and Lazy River? Lmao
  9. While this addition sounds great for the park, and also, much needed (another family coaster)... I'm just hoping Busch learned from it's mistakes with Gwazi. Also, I know Gwazi was built in FL, and the humidity may have had something to do with the "quick" deterioration of the ride... but it was also built by GCI... (I know, a very early GCI ride). Gwazi ran FANTASTICALLY during it's first two years of operation, providing great airtime and lateral G's, but as years went on, it just seemed that BGT didn't put enough effort in to maintaining it. Hopefully they'll do well to maintain the new ride at BGW, so it doesn't become a rough POS in the next 4 years.
  10. Jab at RCTW? Or are you saying that the flat rides in this game aren't realistic?
  11. Wow, this coming from the #1 RCTW fanboy. I think the world may have just stopped...
  12. Lol, this kid. Anyway. Yeah. No way this could be worse than Goliath at SFGAm. Looks fantastic, and as others have said, if Lightning Rod wasn't being built, this would easily be the most anticipated coaster of the year.
  13. So the dev team for RCTW released a new video today showing off "On ride footage" of one of their coasters. The reception was so bad AGAIN that they made the video private and deleted the post off their Facebook page, but because of the Internet, someone was able to save the video for all of us to watch. Behold: RCTW and all its greatness... Haha! [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/cZUdrr7SgLw[/youtu_be]
  14. Im not sure what people's experience with Steam on here is... But after seeing the latest dev blog, and their huge focus on User Created Content (UCC) has me worried, and here's my reasoning: Anyone ever hear of Cities: Skylines? You know, that game that was supposed to be the new "SimCity"? Unfortunately they focused on the same appeal... UCC. The workshop become SLAMMED with garbage. Minding you there was some quality work, but searching for it was time-consuming. There was absolutely no regulation on what was uploaded. They've released two expansions since the initial release, and both have gotten less-than-stellar receptions. Why? Not enough content. With Modders making everything from buildings/scenery and gameplay altering scripts (a lot of times for the better) there's very little left for the devs to do it seems. The night/day cycle that was introduced with their "after dark" expansion, had been created by a modder a few months before its release, though it was improved slightly. I'm worried they're gonna release the game, and forget about it; relying on users to keep the game "fresh". But here enlies the real problem: User Park Downloads. If you don't have the content that someone used in their park, it won't show up. So if someone were to use all custom foliage, and you didn't have any of it downloaded, the park would have no shrubbery. I'm not sure how it'll affect RCTW because the buildings are static, but with items that spawn (custom peeps?) the game uses a lot more resources, drastically increasing load times if you have a lot of UCC. Also, they're using Unity? Get ready for a lot of unhappy customers. I don't know what optimization methods they have in store, but Cities was built on Unity as well, and that game runs like garbage even on low settings unless you have a high-end gaming PC. Take a gander at Cities' Reddit... Mostly complaints about performance.
  15. They also posted this on their facebook: [fbvideonew]https://www.facebook.com/RCTPlus/videos/1045829868809562/[/fbvideonew] Hello fully functional stations and B&M track.
  16. Hmm. Guess this game is still a load of garbage. Keeping my observations, for the most part, true throughout this thread. Meanwhile, Parkitect still continues to listen to its customers, while still having a fun, working game in Alpha-stages.
  17. Eh, looks better in terms of gameplay and graphics... But what I'm really wondering is what the specs are for the computer they're using in this footage. If they're running it on a high-end PC and they're getting what looks like 15-20fps, forget running this on a potato. Right now, in my opinion, assuming they're using something like an Alienware, this game doesn't have me running out to buy a $2000 computer to run it. Parkitect/Planet Coaster still look like the go-to games.
  18. For some reason... and only on a few coasters, Arrow corkscrews.
  19. No. But to answer the OPs question, yes, it is normal. I couldn't stand drop towers for the longest time... I mean, I'd do them, but they'd always scare the crap out of me. Eventually I just kept throwing myself onto Doctor Doom's at IoA until I didn't get that "stomach in my throat" feeling. Eventually moving on to intamin/huss drop rides with a true free-fall. I think the trick is just to keep throwing yourself onto them if a park has one. You'll eventually get over your uneasiness with them. The last drop tower that I had a bit of fear on was Supreme Scream at KBF, only because I wasn't expecting it to be that tall, and I had never been on a Turbo Drop.
  20. They should add some mods to make it even more realistic. Six Flags Mod? Includes peeps dropping an obscene amount of trash, employees on cell phones, line jumping, and coaster stacking! Cedar Fair Mod? Every 5-10ft a trashcan is placed automatically.
  21. Python - Busch Gardens Tampa ... Jungala still seems weird without it.
  22. Um... do you mean Giovanola Hypers? Cause... http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&co=6908
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