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  1. I literally JUST POSTED a whole rant about people being rude and obnoxious and you go and post this. As much as I'm sure you are all aware we support the LGBTQ community this is NOT the appropriate place to bring up whatever issues you have. Take your drama someplace else. We don't need to hear it. So people should keep their mouths shut when it's been rightfully pointed out that a percentage of guests would have to hide who they are to visit without being arrested? Sounds like some great LGBTQ+ community support there.
  2. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Not my top 3, but close: Joris en de Draak (Efteling), Stealth (Thorpe Park), Nemesis (Alton Towers). 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? Only 3. Thorpe Park, Efteling, Alton Towers 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Efteling. Quiet and madly cold day which meant much was closed but what was open was walk on. 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Wicker Man at Alton Towers 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? Walking Dead The Ride. For a cheap X refurbishment it was well themed and fun 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? Krokets at Efteling. 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? Wicker Man, the only new coaster I did in 2018 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. Efteling (only one I've booked). 9. Best ride themed to a bird? Vogel Top at Efteling 10. Lamest ride/coaster you rode in 2018? Walking Dead The Ride. I rode so few rides this year so the lamest ride is also the one that exceeded expectations. 11. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2019 ride) Taron at Phantasialand 12. What new-for-2019 ride or coaster are you most looking forward to? I almost certainly won't get to ride it soon / ever but Yukon Striker looks cool. 13. Name the first totally middle-of-the-road (not bad/not great) park that comes to mind. Thorpe park (comes to kind first as it's essentially my local park) 14. You're in Orlando and magically have a 1-hour ERT session on 1 coaster of your choice at any park in the city. You choose... Revenge of the Mummy! 15. Holiday In The Park vs. Winterfest. Who reigns supreme? Holiday in the park 16. Mystic Timbers mystery shed or Wicker Man fire infusion? Wicker Man fire for sure. 17. Which Six Flags have you been to most recently? None! 18. Intamin or Schwarzkopf? You may only choose one. Intamin. 19. Battle of Kings Coasters: Island or Dominion? Pick one. Been to neither but Island interests me more. 20. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2018? 2 hours for Wicker Man. Park was insanely busy. 21. What roller coaster have you ridden more than any other? Hard to know as I don't know how many times I went on Big Thunder Mountain as a kid, but as an adult it's probably Boris an de Draak at Efteling by virtue of a 4 day visit there in a very quiet January week. 22. Best drop tower under 150 feet? Tower of Terror (the drops themselves are below 150 right?) 23. Maverick or Millennium Force? (If you haven't been to CP, pick what you want to ride more) Maverick 24. Log flumes or sky rides? You can only choose one. Log Flumes are underrated. Love 'em. 25. What are 3 things you enjoying doing at your home park other than riding rides? Eating pizza pasta buffet, scare mazes and meeting friends. 26. What is your second favorite Cedar Fair park and why? Errr....no idea, but Cedar Point? 27. What is your home park and give us two good reasons why we should pay it a visit. Thorpe Park. It's not the best but it is a fun day out and it's compact which makes it easy to navigate. 28. Launch or Lift? Launch. 29. Did you buy fast pass at all in 2018? Once for nemesis Inferno because I was impatient. 30. What is your least favorite wooden coaster? Gwazi (ridden 6 and it was easily the worst) 31. Disney fanboys: cool or cult? Mix. Can be cool when the find hidden details and history of the parks but cult like in other ways. 32. Best Batman themed ride? Batman: The Ride 33. Name something that tend to take home from parks that you didn't bring with you. Soundtrack albums. 34. Best wooden coaster over 110 feet tall? (rcdb will help you) Colossos at Heide Park. 35. Have you ever been hit with something (loose change/a tree/vomit/etc) while riding something? Tree on vampire at Chessington. 36. Skywarps: credits or no? State your case. Yeah...why not...It's just a bit of fun anyway. 37. Turkey legs: nah or yaaaaassssss? Nah 38. What is the most recent B&M that you rode? Nemesis Inferno 39. You can eat nothing but corn dogs, churros or funnel cake for the next 48 hours, which do you choose? Churros 40. Post a great on-ride shot of you from 2018. (DO IT!) I have none!
  3. Hi, Since it's a weekday on the 16th and in the low season you should be fine with one day. The only issue there might be is the weather. If it's too cold the outdoor rollercoasters may close. In February 2018 there was a freak cold chill that took it to -1 degrees Celsius, which closed all outdoor coaster except Baron 1898. I went to the park last on a weekday in February and got on 23 rides in only 7 hours (including 5 on Baron and 4 on Symbolica). I still had a great time and sure you will too.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love the park, but Carnaval Festival is a bit tacky.
  5. I'm glad they're planning on wedding a new coaster but I must admit a circus theme doesn't excite me much. I worry it might be a little bit tacky.
  6. Thank you for setting up this poll Robb, AJ and Chase, I had great fun completing it. I find a few things on the results interesting, especially compared to the Mitch Hawker polls. I noticed Nemesis dropped much further down the polls than I expected. I imagine this is due to the new rides that overtook it, but it was still surprising. I also noticed Space Mountain Mission 2 in Paris was higher up than I expected. In the old Mitch Hawker polls it was one of the worst, yet it was ranked much higher in this. I wonder why?
  7. UK resident here, I've never visited BlackpoolYelford so can't comment on that. I have however been to Thorpe and Chessinot on a fair few times. Out of the two, Chessington is actually the busier of the two, so if pushed for time I might recommend buying some fastrack tickets. The fastrack packages do not save you much money, so would honestly just recommend buying on the day if you need them. Both parks will be busy in summer. Despite what people about the UK, you won't need a raincoat...it's not that bad, unless very unlucky!
  8. Efteling for me. It's got a fantastic charm to it and a great selection of rides. Not the best for thrill-seekers, but an all round brilliant park otherwise. Europa Park is an extremely close second for me, and honourable mentions go to Phantasialand and Disneyland Paris.
  9. TDS has always had a coaster. https://rcdb.com/1501.htm Forgot about that one (I was thinking for a second that Raging Spirits was the only one).
  10. Although since around 2006 (I think) it's had a credit, Tokyo Disney Sea didn't have a credit when it opened and it looked amazing even then (though I've never been there myself). EPCOT again needs a mention as it's (to my recollection) the only cred-less park I've been to in the last few years.
  11. I've never been, but Flying Turns interests me the most! Thorpe Park
  12. Also there's more to Liseberg than just Helix. There's more to most of these parks than just one coaster. Though Heide Park has Colossos for example I'd say Europa Park would be a better trip since it's more well rounded. Blue Fire doesn't hurt either. I'd argue a park with nice settings, efficient operations and a rounded selection of rides would be a better choice than one with a few 'noteworthy' rides but less of the rest. You will miss a lot of of great parks in the world if focussing just on "this ride craps of that one".
  13. Whilst it's true that there are not as big coasters in Europerror, that doesn't mean that they are bad, and in fact many world class rides live here. Maybe they're not as tall but many are very unique. In my native UK Alton Towers or Thorpe Park are your best coaster park options, both of which have rides which are exciting and thrilling, especially Nemesis and The Swarm. Germany is a great country for coasters, with Heide Park (Colossos ), Phantasialand (Taron, Black Mamba) and Europe Park (a little bit of everything). I think the main thing about a lot of European parks is that they blend thrills and theming more. The thrills are maybe weaker on average but they are often enhanced by theming and setting. This makes a lot of these worth a visit and most are enjoyable even if you ignore their coasters. If you want coasters I would advise Alton Towers or Europe Park. I would also advise Efteling or Phantasialand as parks overall, but not for coasters, as these two are not nearly as thrilling. I actually enjoy these a lot but of different reasons (theming, dark rides etc) If you go to Europe expecting the greatest thrills ever you will be disappointed. Go in expected something different to the USA and you'll love it.
  14. It is my favourite park I've visited, but yes, there can be a lot of overhype....odd when the park could speak for itself (as it did when I first visited only 3 years ago). Great reports Robb.
  15. This is an excellent report. I missed out on Hansa Park on my Euro-Trip last month and now I wish I'd had the time to go there.
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