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Best Drops....

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5. DejaVu's Vertical Lifts

4. Sheikra's first drop

3. Millennium Force's first drop

2. X2's first drop

1. Three way tie betweem Jackrabbit's double dip, Cyclop's crazy last drop, and any drop on Coaster.

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Wel, let's make a top 5 then

1) Expedition Geforce

2) Colossus (I'm looking forward to El Toro next september!!!)

3) Stuntfall's Vertical drop (gives me the creeps over and over again )

4) Oblivion (biggest Dive Machine yet in my list)

5) Goliath (Still great Airtime)


Not verry spectacular, if you compare them to some members...

I had a hard time making this top 5, never really taught about it before...


Not one of the 3 Euro-fighters ridden in it! Because I love vertical, but 95-97° doesn't do it for me...

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Here's my top 3 steel and wooden drops....



1. Millennium Force's 1st drop (especially in the back!)

2. Phantom's Revenge's big drop that slices through Thunderbolt

3. Apollo's Chariot's 1st drop



1. El Toro's 1st drop

2. Jack Rabbit's double-dip

3. El Toro's "Rolling Thunder hill" (and subsequent "crap yourself" airtime!!)

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Medusa (West) has a great pre-drop which creates a brief moment of tension before the major action begins.


Roar (West) also has a great first droo, and has aged really well, always a fantastic ride!


It's not exactly a drop, but Tatsu's Pretzel Loop Dive has to be on of the most insane moments ever!

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  • 5 months later...

I have a lot, so ill just post my top 5 in both wood and steel ( In no really order)



The first drop of maverick

The first drop of Sponge Bob Rock Bottom plunge

The first drop of Medusa in the back

The first drop of Millennium Force

The first drop of Demon at SFGA in the back



That crazy airtime thing on Cyclops

The first drop of Hades

That hill jumping over Rolling Thunder on El toro

That double down thing on Viper

That double down thing on Apoclo-nator

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The second drop on top thrill dragster.

But really i would have to say (dont hate) the first drop on desperado in vegas. Still a great ride up to date. I also love the ejector air on the bunny hops



i <3


Since when was there a SECOND DROP on TTD??? Did you mean Millennium Force??

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