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  1. Except for Piraña(rapid river) and Flying Dutchman, Efteling runs most of their rides when it's above 0 degrees. Although during the off-season some of them are closed for refurbishments a couple of weeks. The schedule of that is on their website. The outdoor area of Toverland is open on weekends, Wednesdays and Dutch school holidays, so make sure to plan your visit to Toverland on one of those days. I would also advise to plan a full day at Toverland because usually the bigger rides(Troy, Booster Bike) are only opened for a couple of hours. You can also give them a call in the morning so you don't have to show up at 10 AM when the coasters open somewhere in the afternoon. I don't really know what Phantasialand's policy is on closing their rides but during my visit last year all of the coasters were operating and it was one of the coldest days of the year. If you visit Efteling on weekends they're open until 8 pm and the park is deserted for the last two hours. Then again, if you visit on weekdays the park is also quite empty. When you're there you really shouldn't miss the 3D projections they have on Villa Volta(Vekoma madhouse) this year. After dark they play every 10 minutes or so... Hope this helped!
  2. How nice to see a TR of Walibi Holland on here . Did you ride Robin Hood in a row not above wheels(so rows 2, 5, 8, etc.)? I think it's still quite an enjoyable ride if you sit there, especially in the middle of the train. Also, Speed of Sound(La Via Volta), Robin Hood, Xpress(Superman the Ride) and the Mack wild mouse that moved to France last year were all built under Six Flags management, so the reason that most of them are Vekomas is not because of the park was under Dutch management at that time . Only El Condor was built before the Six Flags years... How nice to see those cranes around Xpress by the way, it's getting repainted to black track with grey supports, which I think is a bit odd... Oh well, everything is better than the pink/light-blue color it used to be, you could even see the original green color from when it still was Riddler's Revenge at some points .
  3. They're waiting on new parts of the launch system with a delivery time of 30 weeks(if I remember correctly). It's expected to open again at the start of next season.
  4. Both Rock 'n' Roller Coasters, GIB's, Vekoma Minetrains, MK-900's(Vogel Rok and the terrain coaster at Tibidabo), Revolution at Bobbejaanland, Speed of Sound at Walibi World, I enjoyed all of these coasters a lot. And I guess Vekoma woodies are also just ''ok''.
  5. Backseat on the first drop of Expedition GeForce .
  6. Goliath at Walibi Holland. Although it was not running *that* great yesterday it's still an awesome ride...
  7. I hate to say it, but I was a bit disappointed with Montu. It smashed my head a few times and I thought it was not *that* intense.
  8. I'm in Florida until May 7th. Any chance of Cheetah Hunt soft openings? (...since it's kind of a big deal for someone living in The Netherlands )
  9. Paris' Space Mountain. That thing is just unacceptably painful.(although new trains would make a HUGE difference)
  10. My two favorite steel coasters are Expedition GeForce and Paris' Rock 'n Roller Coaster, WITH all it's original effects, lights, smoke machines and onboard-subwoofers working(which has not been the case since like 2004): My favorite woodie so far is Troy(haven't ridden any Intamin Prefabs unfortunately).
  11. How about the new trains on Morey's Piers' SLC? Do they make any diffrence in roughness? If so, it would be a great improvement for many SLC's.
  12. Amazing pictures! May I ask how you've got them so colorful?
  13. Does anyone know if a Quick Queue pass also gives you priority access to shows at SeaWorld Orlando? Can't find anything about it on their website...
  14. So that launched coaster is actually gonna have single cars??
  15. Facing the ground on the first lift of Stunt Fall(the Vekoma GIB at Parque Warner Madrid), my restraint popped open 1 click, it was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life . Still one of my favorite and one of the smoothest(!) coasters I've ridden so far...
  16. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm gonna save some money for all those Quick Queue and Express passes now . Will the second week after Easter be less crowded?
  17. Hey all, I will be in Orlando from the 23rd of April until the 7th of May which is kind of a big deal for me(from Holland), and since it's Easter week(and spring break?) then, I was just wondering how busy it will be. Which parks should I definitely go to in the second week of my visit when it will probably be less crowded? What Disney parks should I visit on which days and will it also be that busy in Busch Gardens? Any other advice you can give me? Also, my family are kind of water ride-haters so are rides like Splash Mountain and Journey to Atlantis -really- wet, or are they ''acceptable''? Thanks! -Julian (and sorry for my bad English)
  18. I wonder what's going to open in Movie Park Germany... I'm hoping it will be a coaster like Saw or Fluch von Novgorod, with the new restraint system.
  19. Last January Walibi World confirmed that it will get a new Vekoma MK1212 train(the same as on Carolina Cobra). That's the first thing I thought when I heard it was going to have a music theme!
  20. Riding EGF last year was AMAZING, -until- that first trim brake, it was really noticeable when passing it, and there was very little airtime left on the final bunny hops. I'm so glad it's gone now! Also, it was indeed shaking/rattling like crazy, good to hear that's not the case any more. Can't wait to ride EGF again, but I'm afraid I will have to wait until next year...
  21. The last coaster I rode was ''Teststrecke''(old Laser from Dorney Park) at the fair in Tilburg this summer. Really an amazing coaster, especially for it's age.
  22. I completely agree! The Giant Inverted Boomerang at Parque Warner Madrid was seriously way smoother than most B&M Inverts I've been on. Maybe the American GIB's are rougher, but unfortunately I have no experience with that . I also loved the ''industrial'' look of it and it sure is one of those coasters that just doesn't need any theming.
  23. Of course not! I was just trying to say that I hope Tibidabo doesn't suffer from all the bad media attention, because they just don't deserve that. Of course I'm not ruling out the park just because I had a good time there. And if this accident is in any way related to Tibidabo's maintenance, they should be blamed of course. Sorry for my bad English if that sounded like I was saying it could not have been the park's fault.
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