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  1. I have only ridden 6 woodies, (some awesome ones though) but i'm gonna go with Falken at Fårup Sommerland so far. It has some really good floater and is fairly smooth. Picture taken by me.
  2. Little update here. Source: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkdenmark Proposed site for the Kang'a'Bounce
  3. Wow, i love those small video updates! This is going to be one steep sucker!
  4. Gotta agree with you on this one, to bad. I mean the airport is not even that far from the park, they could probably work something out.
  5. The park had hired a local contractor to finish the last bits and to get the ride running again... So i'm not sure how much S&S will be bummed as they have not been part of this project for over a year (or at least that's how it appears to have been) Okay didn't know that, but it doesn't makes it better that the Air-Launchers from S&S seem to have lots of problems, that is at least what i have read.
  6. I am pretty sure that the 747 doesn't have the upturned wingtips...... Discussion on other forums has reported that the whole plane was bought as one in scrap form and is an Boeing 737, it looks as though Merlin Studios have moved the engine mounts as this is a single engine wing and would never have an engine that close to the wing tip. It looks incredible though, I cannot wait for opening day!!! As a current plane spotter... and avid Airliner enthusiast, the plane is a 737-300. The wing is faux, and the engines are basically models- and not the real thing: Engines, unlike airfra
  7. Well, that's right, but it has 'some' theming. I will agree with you that it doesn't have much or detailed theming, but then again, it's Six Flags...
  8. This sums it up. The GP won't notice or care. Just be glad it's a THEMED Wing Rider!!!! Don't get me wrong, i am! And which Wing Rider isn't themed?
  9. I think it's safe to say they have some really nice looking concept art, which still makes it really difficult to know exactly what they are getting. Does it actually have a "coaster part" or are they calling it a "coaster" because the drop track is technically roller coaster track. I'm of course hoping for a coaster, but I think you should pay attention to some of the moderators on this thread when they tell you that just because a park has posted a picture with a bunch of coaster track, doesn't *actually mean* the ride "is safe to say" that there will be some huge coaster section on i
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