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  1. There's also a seatbelt in the video but they do look like they'll offer plenty of freedom
  2. Pretty much anything in WDW, I love the pretzels in the Tomorrowland Lunching Pad and you can never go wrong with a Dole Whip either. I also loved Mythos at IOA. I Had a great meal when I went last summer and I like a lot of the food BGT has at its counter service places. Makes the all day dining deal they offer that much more worth it!
  3. You can cut through Safari Discoveries to get to/from KK and El Toro. The original Temple of the Tiger entrance and the gift shop close to El Toro act as both entrances and exits.
  4. It's what is used to charge the Green Lantern's ring. Assuming it's the same as Gadv's, it'll blink through brightest day and blackest night. I'll end the nerdiness there. Edit: ^Beat me to it lol
  5. Did they reconfigure the queue? If the merge point is at the stairs, the Flashpass users could still have a 15 - 20 minute wait with the slow dispatches the ride always has. I guess that also means from now on the right side is going to be the side running on days when they only ride one side. No they didn't, Flashpass will have a bit of a longer wait in the station than they used to when the entrance was through the exit. For whatever reason most people were ignoring the right side and went directly to the left side when I went. Left had an almost full station and the right side was empty.
  6. Rolling Thunder's Flashpass location has moved, it now merges with the line for the right track just before the staircase into the station.
  7. I'm suprised no one's mentioned or filmed Superman's visual scan. Complete with kneeling as the train dispatches
  8. Just saw new the Green Lantern commercial, looks like the park is able to actually call it Green Lantern on tv now rather than just "the new stand-up coaster".
  9. Great to see the jet found it's way back into the park! I never actually saw Mach 1 Adventure but the theming for it looked pretty extensive, including the plane sitting in front of the hanger
  10. I was surprised at how loud the ride is even going through the turn into the first drop! The ride looks great and it looks to not even be slowing down at the MCBR (yet). Can't wait to see it open.
  11. I'm not sure how many times I've been referred to as the "DJ" when sitting in the operator booth of my ride by guests on the train. Of course I'm not sending your train out or anything, I'm here to play the music. And by "play", I mean turn the station mute on or off and let the park loop flood my station. The rest of this control panel is completely for show. See, look at all the pretty lights blink!
  12. Standing in Kingda Ka's queue today: *As Rolling Thunder train passes by* "Yeah, that one is The El Toro. It goes soooo fast and has a really steep drop".
  13. ^I can't really answer question 1, having never been to Magic Mountain but the way the Q-bot works is that your are allowed to reserve your next ride as soon as the current ride reservation has been completed. As soon as you scan your q-bot with the Flashpass team member your able to sort through the list and pick your next ride to reserve. Generally, most rides (at my park anyway) merge their Flashpass lines with the normal queue once you get into the station. During the time you're waiting for your time in the station you could already be virtually waiting in line for another ride.
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