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  1. We have visited Kennywood twice thus far this season, and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the park and everything they’ve done to help keep their guests and staff safe. They did a wonderful job implementing the measures in ways that make sense. And aside from the occasional random folks here and there that feel they’re “above” needing to follow simple rules, guests I’ve seen for the most part were very good with the social distancing and mask wearing. It’s been a unique summer there for sure, but I’m just thrilled (as was my oldest daughter who at last hit 42”!! ) they were able
  2. Jack Rabbit at Kennywood! More coaster rides are in the future tomorrow as well, at Coasting For Kids!!
  3. Done! Robb, good sir, you rock!! Thanks for spreading the word out on the socials! Well folks, with about 8 hours left until the fundraising deadline, Team TPR is continuing to set the bar as the Top Fundraising Team!! Outstanding effort by all of my great teammates! Our total raised for GKTW now sits at an AMAZING $4,166!!! I am truly SO proud of our group of riders! Incidentally, that gives us a $599 lead (actually, technically a $704 lead, as I have $105 of "offline" donations being turned in at check-in tomorrow!) over the equally impressive total from ACE's team
  4. Awesome!! Thank you so much, Dustin! Okay, so what a day yesterday was!! BIG pushes all around in donations....Kennywood has now raised over $40,000 for GKTW, making it the BIGGEST single Coasting for Kids event EVER!! Simply incredible stuff by all parties involved supporting this cause! As for us and Team TPR, we have surged into the lead as the Top Fundraising Team, and have now raised $3,626!! WOW!! Well done, team!! Today's the "last push".....can we hit $4,000?? Let's go for it! Please keep reaching out to your fundraising circles and keep those last minute donati
  5. ^ Thanks, Elissa!! You guys rock!! That puts Team TPR at Kennywood up over $3,000!! Awesome stuff! Plus it still looks like the #2 and #3 individual fundraising spots are within reach of a couple Team TPR members! GO TEAM TPR!!
  6. My apologies for the double post (though I feel this thread is worthy of bending that rule a bit! ), but I wanted to post a quick update that Team TPR at Kennywood has now opened up a bit of a lead in the race for Top Fundraising Team!!! GREAT JOB, everyone!! Let's keep the foot on the gas and finish strong! Also, our team is now only $77 away from hitting an amazing $3,000 raised for GKTW!!! Who wants to help us get there? You can donate to a Team TPR member from here: http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?team_id=6872&pg=team&fr_id=1886 Thanks
  7. ^ Wahoo!! Welcome aboard! That's also a nice bump to the Team TPR total!! Thank you! GO TEAM GO!!! Also, for anyone else doing some last minute fundraising for those tail end donations (there's always a bunch of those), consider using the following video from GKTW.....I've always felt like it's a good snapshot of what they do and some stories of who they've helped, along with the founder's story of how this magical place came to be!! It has usually worked well for me, so please feel free to post it to your socials, email it to friends/family, etc.
  8. Greetings, Team TPR!! First and foremost, I want to apologize, as my initial intention was to be way more active in this thread about the awesome revival of this FANTASTIC event!! Alas, life very much got in the way of that, but I'm here now to hopefully post frequently and drum up support for the final event of the bunch - Coasting for Kids at Kennywood!! I want to give a huge THANK YOU first to Robb and Elissa for again partnering up with this tremendous charity! GKTW is truly phenomenal! Also, a BIG thanks as well to those who already participated at some of the other parks whil
  9. Some awesome new shots of Steel Curtain's construction progress were just posted on the park's Facebook page!! Looks like they took advantage of the great (and random) almost 60-degree January weather day, and are now onto the coaster's corkscrew! The more I see of this ride, the more I really dig it!! Courtesy of the park's Facebook post: Corkscrew time! The colors (to me anyway) seem perfect
  10. There was a great update (and also a Facebook live video) posted today by Kennywood's PR guy Nick, showing off that Steel Curtain's vertical construction has now also begun in the lagoon area!! I am getting more and more excited for my home park's new addition with each new update and picture I see! We were at Holiday Lights on Sunday, and when we rode Thomas with our girls, you can get a great look at the construction area. Things look big already, so I can only imagine what it will be like when they top this thing off at a full 40 feet taller than their Skycoaster! Kennywood's
  11. We as a family had an amazing opportunity to represent TPR and cover the media event for the Grand Opening of Kennywood's new addition for 2018 - Thomas Town!! This new kids area welcomes Thomas the Train to the park, along with 4 new kid/family rides, an indoor soft play structure, a new show, and more! We were all in agreement that the new area looks absolutely fantastic! The park did a very nice job incorporating this new area in a space that I never would've guessed would hold as much as it does. Thomas Town is not an expansion of the park's Kiddieland per se, but more like a separate
  12. As a resident Kennywood local, after digesting this huge announcement I thought I'd offer up some thoughts. I think this coaster looks absolutely fantastic!! What an awesome thing to have a design and layout that is about as far from "cookie cutter" as we could get. I really dig the flow between elements, and the inversions seem to be placed just right. Watching the stream yesterday, I was initially skeptical of the notion of going with a U.S. record 9 inversions, but I love that the first several are all towering elements that really look majestic! Props to Kennywood, as this was not
  13. Yeah, no problem leaving that to you guys, cause your announcement posts are awesome and polished with tons of info in one spot!! Incidentally, I hope I did not step on any toes here when I posted about this announcement a couple days ago! I do apologize if that was out of line or if you were already planning on a more official post about today's announcement. I was so excited I hadn't thought that they might have sent info to TPR directly! I am so freaking excited about this announcement!! So much mystery, so much kept under wraps......and now we're just 10 minutes from find
  14. Exciting news!! Kennywood is set to announce their new 2019 attraction this Thursday, July 19th! Kennywood 2019 Announcement this Thursday!!! In a live stream with one of the local news stations, Kennywood's PR guy revealed there will be a news conference at Noon to reveal details for Project 412! They claim the ride designer will also be in attendance for an "official groundbreaking ceremony" to take place after the news conference. Home park or not, I'm really stoked for this big announcement!! They've done a great job with the teaser campaign and kept everything very se
  15. ^ First off, I hope you and your wife have a wonderful visit to Kennywood!! As a "Kennywood local" who's been going there my entire life, I always enjoy seeing someone's first impressions of our cool mid-sized park. I will always rank Kennywood pretty highly, but I totally realize that's probably a bit biased. I will say though that, in my opinion, Phantom's Revenge is absolutely legit!! If anything, I feel it is often forgotten in the discussion of top steel coasters. I will be curious to hear your take on it, as the second half is overflowing with loads of ejector airtime, which may
  16. USA Today had a pretty cool article with more pics and details about Kennywood's new Thomas Town addition for 2018! Yes, I know for a good majority of folks on here it might not be the most exciting addition, but as the parents of 3-year-old and almost 6-month-old girls, we are thrilled with this new kids' area!! (especially since my oldest is on the shorter side and still chomping at the bit to hit 36" ) The only one of the new rides to even have a height restriction is the small drop tower, and even that is only 42". Considering the area they're putting this in, I'm very impressed wi
  17. Looks really nice, and seems to be a great fit for the park! I haven't had a chance to ride one of these coasters yet, but they do look like a lot of fun! I will also echo that Premier's trains can be a tad on the uncomfortable side, at least speaking from my experiences on Sky Rocket at Kennywood.....that said, I absolutely love that little coaster!
  18. ^ Someone should tell them that just because riders were often on it for hours at a time, doesn't make it "popular", haha!
  19. Well, it does literally say at the bottom of the press release that a ride will be $20 with VR and $15 without. You're not wrong, just off by a factor of 2. Ha, totally glazed over that! My bad.....reading, it's fundamental!!
  20. Ahhh, gotta love their efforts to try polishing a giant turd!! They'll probably jack the price up now too! "Now you can experience VR on one of the worst coasters in America!! Saddle up for the low price of only $40 per ride!! Payment plans available!"
  21. Google Earth says that Xcelerator sits upon ~1.33 acres of land. What's your source for the 5-10 acres? Instagram: @Dippin.Dots.Guy.Coasters Website: https://www.dippindots.com/home.html Your so funny. You should do stand-up. It made me laugh! And, for the record, YOU'RE pretty awesome at grammar!!
  22. Sooo, this may not be possible, but putting my crazy hat on....since this ride already looks bonkers.... Focus in on that wave turn before the stall through the lift. The one that looks to be 90 degrees. Now look right above at those long upper ledger pieces. Do you think it might possibly bank up and quickly cut back left to travel over the top of the same ledgers that already support the wave turn?? Like a warped pass-by moment? Again, might not even be feasible, just thinking out loud.... What are your thoughts?? Or do you think it might knife right through the structure next
  23. Hey you know what??? Go f*ck yourself! You dont read my posts fine but why do you need to announce it? Again go f*ck yourself! Im sick of the egotistic people on this site. No what I dont need this sh*t. F*ck this sh*t. Ummm, it's a forum.....one that suggests having a sense of humor.....so, maybe lighten up a little? I'm sure there are folks who might not like what I post from time to time, but I take the stance of "who cares??" We're just having some fun here, or at least, we should be. No point in taking things that seriously!
  24. After catching a glimpse of the much discussed picture earlier today, all I can say is the guys at RMC designing these layouts are seriously messed up in the best way possible!!! That banked hill element is just plain f***ed up....and I love it!!! Seriously, the apex looks so sharp, then it immediately banks as it drops down....I can't even imagine what that insanity will feel like, nor can I even imagine what all they have up their sleeves with the rest of the layout! And having this a short drive from me at a park I already love the crap out of is just awesome! This and Mave
  25. "So wait....this piece of track we've been waiting on actually has to attach to the supports?!?! Well, $%it then!! Back on the phone with S&S!!"
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