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  1. ^ That's awesome!! And let's be honest, that's pretty much gonna be like Christmas in June! Can't wait to see that glorious (and steady) POV! It's going to make me want to go back there this year even more, I'm sure!!!
  2. Wow! That ending (which I already thought looked great) looks even crazier now! Seriously looks like a stellar ride! With that amazing out-of-state deal they're offering, I'm definitely contemplating a possible trip down to check it out!
  3. This. This times a thousand. Makes me wonder though if right before this she heard someone say something like "good thing they got this open so RMC's credibility isn't further damaged" Every video clip I see of people on it makes me want to somehow figure out a way to go back there this year (even if it's a solo trip) once it's up and running more reliably. This coaster just looks that good to me!!
  4. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be as good as Joker! Those pics of the completed first drop are simply STUNNING! Wow. I can't get over the look of this thing!
  5. This coaster is just......I can't even!! What a setting! What a layout!! Does this beat Boulder Dash for best use of terrain/surroundings? I dunno, but I think it might!! Considering how extensive the work had to be to construct this, a small part of me will laugh when this possibly opens before Lightning Rod! Very jealous of all of you fine folks who get to experience this glorious creation this year!
  6. ^ What exactly did you want him to say?? It's a QUEUE LINE for one of the most popular coasters in the park.....I think "long" is very accurate for the line! Dang it Bill, why couldn't you just tell him that the line is 1 hour, 28 minutes, and 12 seconds AT ALL TIMES!! Share your secrets!
  7. I'd say that list is totally accurate, and for me LR is definitely the most anticipated/biggest coaster of the year here in the states. Sorry, Joker fanboys, that ride looks great, but LR just looks better. Wildfire does look totally amazeballs though! I can totally see why folks are pumped for that one! Glad to hear it's bumped up to both trains running! We somehow managed to hit it with our trip where we were there in that "dead spot" between the initial tech rehearsals and when they started back up on Monday (the day we were driving home). I really felt for the employees they had out in front who were passing along that they didn't think there would be any rides with people those days. I heard quite a few guests get unnecessarily snippy with them, which was sad. Was I a little bummed that LR was closed the 2 days we were there? Yeah, sure, but that only speaks to how AWESOME the coaster looks in person! We did see it test for a few hours Sat. night, and it was flying!! But hey, what can you do? We waited what we thought was a long enough time past when it was supposed to open and then scheduled our time off from work. I'm jealous of those of you who are lucky enough to live close and can head out on a whim to check it out! That all said, we had an absolute BLAST enjoying our first Dollywood visit!! I thought the park itself was gorgeous, and the theme on some of the coasters/rides was really awesome and well done! I also thought all the coasters we rode were fantastic, and a few surprised me (in a good way!). They already have a pretty stellar selection, and I feel that now with LR they'll have a world-class coaster as icing on the cake! Oh, and speaking of icing.....that cinnamon bread was life changing! Holy freaking crap!! That stuff might have the power to cure cancer.....or at least single-handedly cause diabetes! To be honest, all the food we had was pretty excellent. Also, the employees are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet....as are most of the guests, for that matter. We joked that we saw more nice people down there per square foot than we'd ever seen anywhere we've visited. Add that setting in the Smokies and you have a park that is truly top notch! I'm not sure when we'll be back, but I do know we will certainly return. I will certainly vote for sooner rather than later because......well.....Lightning Rod!! Oh, and the DreamMore resort is absolutely spectacular! Can't say enough good things about it. I can't imagine staying elsewhere when we return, as it really is a great deal considering all the benefits and perks offered to guests. The Timesavers were fantastic, and allowed us to enjoy the park at a perfect pace. We'd hit the coasters with no wait, and that left loads of time for us to enjoy watching our 16-month old do more things at a park than she's ever done before, which included her first solo rides! Seeing her laughing, smiling, and clapping while on the carousel, lucky ducks, and busy bees are what it's all about!!
  8. Yeah you guys totally never have. Wow. Seriously, way to be a giant arrogant d*ckhead to a guy who works for the park and frankly doesn't deserve a crappy attitude like that. It's responses like that that make me shake my head at some of this "enthusiast" community..... Pete, for what it's worth, I applaud your park for the fantastic effort and hard work you've put into at least getting the ride up and running in some format! It is appreciated, and not all of us share the kind of attitude that the poster above showed. My wife and I are heading to your wonderful looking park for the first time this weekend, and we're very excited!! If we manage to hopefully snag a ride on LR while we're there, that'd be tremendous!
  9. It's a valid point though. Look, I love a good running joke as much as the next guy, but the hashtag thing is just not that funny. #SorryItsTheTruth #LameAssJoke We're heading there this weekend, and even if they're just doing these technical rehearsals, that'd be awesome! If I could snag 1 ride on this awesome looking creation, I'd be elated!! Anything beyond that would just be icing on the cinnamon bread, so to speak!
  10. OMG!! Did Bill just stumble across the solution to some of the recent "forceless" B&M coasters?!? They forgot to add FLOUR to their design recipe!!
  11. Hersheypark, in Hershey, PA Home of the incredible Skyrush (which I LOVE, even though it seems to be such a polarizing coaster!)
  12. You, sir, are worthy of applause! Absolutely nailed it! This thread just reeks of a bunch of enthusiasts who want to puff out their own chests like they're superior because they know how many bolts are on a particular lift hill or coaster train. News flash - these folks you term the "GP"? They're the ones probably having a better time cause they don't worry about silly crap like that! I for one absolutely HATE the term "GP". I think it's great that the majority of us here share a fun passion of riding roller coasters! And for those that geek out about it, more power to you.....that's great too! But what's not great is sounding pompous by throwing around the term "GP" like other folks who don't quite share our passion for coasters are somehow second class citizens. They're at the park for what should be the same reason as any enthusiast - to ride coasters/rides and to have FUN!!
  13. Indeed it is, and I agree 100%! I just spend my time throwing my hands up and riding the coasters there that are actually......what's the right word?...... Oh yeah - GOOD. I can get an extra lap on Maverick or Millennium instead of wasting time walking over and barely waiting for that thing. Heck, I'll just take the extra lap on Maverick and kill two birds with one stone, since the best part of Mean Streak is how it looks......from afar!
  14. Sweet!! And I'll enjoy another season of not riding that boring piece of rough garbage!! Not to take away from your fun though, Bill! I'm sure you'll still have a blast riding up front as you lean forward, touch your knees together, close your left eye, flare your nostrils, stick your tongue out of the left side of your mouth, and flap your arms like a chicken! I hear that beast gives rides like it's '91 when you do those simple things! (I kid cause I appreciate your always entertaining posts!)
  15. Now THAT's some awesome airtime!!! Adds to the thrill factor too.....will I make it back to the station?? Oh wait, I forgot, need to end with a hashtag or it doesn't count in this thread..... #ItllOPEN #SuckItDoubters #BelieveInDollysMounds
  16. It's ridiculous that they are ensuring that particular train is safe for you to ride? You are complaining that the third train was not ready? Did you ever think for a split second that there may have been a delay with that train? They are stripped and inspected completely during the off season, then rebuilt. Sometimes, parts are replaced as needed. Rides are REQUIRED for a minimum number of cycles by different departments. Maintenence, state, operations, etc. From my experience, operations are the last to get control of the ride. Then before they can put anyone on the trains, they must have a minimum number of cycles per ride vehicle. I can tell you, things do not always go as planned when it comes to commissioning these rides. As someone who works at a park, I am very offended by you post. How dare you call something that is done for YOUR safety "ridiculous"? Every rule or procedure a park has is for YOUR safety. "Now back to your regularly scheduled program." Dude, seriously?? You're acting like he personally attacked you or something! It's not that serious......you might want to calm down and take a deep breath or something.... Besides, this is Bill we're talking about here, who's one of the easiest going guys on this site, haha! The only real issue he has is that perplexing enjoyment of Mean Streak!
  17. ^ Exactly. What made me laugh is how he presents his homer opinion as a foregone conclusion and fact. Which was why I decided to do the same so he'd understand it. Although, I'm apparently just "denying the obvious" too, I guess. But yeah, Volcano on its own is still a very awesome coaster, and certainly gets points for being unique.
  18. ^ He doesn't have to keep saying it. Because now I will - AFTERBURN IS BETTER THAN VOLCANO. Fact. Volcano is a very fun ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, after the launches and coming through the volcano, it just does the same repetitive thing over and over - circle the volcano, random roll, repeat. Afterburn, on the other hand, has incredible pacing and is an old-school B&M that delivers a variety of elements and inversions that pack a punch. To compare those 2 coasters in general is silly, but to say Volcano is better?
  19. Yeah, the sideways format was a little annoying, but as mentioned above, any video of some solid testing is good stuff! And I must say - Holy crap was that thing HAULING!! I can't even begin to fathom what a ride on this awesome coaster will feel like.....okay, maybe I can fathom it.....probably will feel something like this: I have to say, Lightning Rod is gonna make one hell of a first RMC coaster (hopefully, provided it's open by our trip!) for me!!
  20. El Toro No. Not even close. I love El Toro but it's not butter smooth. It's smooth but not Fury smooth. Look, Fury may be smooth, but it will never be Mean Streak smooth. Very few coasters can ever be as smooth as Mean Streak. Sits quietly and waits for our buddy Bill to chime in that Mean Streak is perfectly fine.....as long as you sit in the front, lean forward, grab an ear with one hand, pat your head with the other, and stick out your tongue. You're the best, coasterbill, but I just don't see Mean Streak as anything but boring and bordering on bone-rattling! Mako looks like a damn great coaster to me! Of course, I don't fall into the enthusiast camp of "everything B&M makes is forceless and lame" camp either!
  21. Storm Chaser looks pretty ridiculous.....in a very awesome sort of way!! I mean....it just looks like an feast!! I really didn't think KK was in the cards this year, but I'm now seriously considering it (even if it's a solo trip), especially due to that INSANE deal for out-of-state visitors! Shoot, 30 bucks for TWO days is almost too great to pass up!
  22. ^ It's 48".....first ride listed under the Rides & Attractions section on their website. www.dollywood.com/themepark/Rides
  23. Use to when saw a new post in this thread I would think it was an update on lighting rod. . . But nope, just more of these stupid pictures. So the guy who partakes in all the "boat" nonsense in the CP thread comes over here to complain about a running joke in the Dollywood thread?? Oh, the wonderful irony there!! I'm sure like the boat it will eventually cease being funny, but some of them have made me chuckle.....especially since they all say "Delayed" when we all know that Lightning Rod will never even open!
  24. ^ Not surprising to hear considering all the strippers who will be part of the theme!
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