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  1. We just booked a stay on May 20-22 because they were running a special, but everyone in my family that has been swears up and down that it is the best resort that they have stayed at. You can't beat the free Timsavers and free transportation either! I'm looking into a stay for June. Hopefully LR is running! At a minimum of $239 a night, I would say transportation and Timesavers are included rather than "free". My wife and I are heading down over Memorial Day weekend, and we booked a stay at DreamMore...and we cannot wait!! The resort looks absolutely gorgeous, and though the price seems a bit steep at first glance, when you factor in the perks, it sounded like a great deal to us. We got a 2-day ticket for the price of 1, we get length of stay Timesaver devices, and we're saving on parking with the shuttle. Factoring that in and subtracting it from the rate, the real room cost is a little over 100 bucks. For a swanky looking resort, that's a big win!!!
  2. Yeah, don't you just hate it when people speculate and, you know, discuss things in a discussion thread?? I dunno, maybe it's me, but I don't think it hurts anything if someone wants to speculate on a date. It's all in good fun, and people I'm sure are just excited to see some progress and activity. Everyone is just eager to see this awesome ride peel out!! Seems like some people are so chippy in this thread anymore....have fun and relax, folks!
  3. Bill, I hate to say it, but based on the time of that tweet.......HE STOLE YOUR JOKE!!! Shame on him! You should get like 2 passes to Media Day to make it up to you.
  4. Now THAT should be a tagline on Maverick's ride sign!!
  5. ^ Even better than what I was thinking!! Guy with the inside scoop!
  6. I'm somewhat wondering if they're possibly going to have the ride go through a building as it finishes the dive loop? I know the rendering showed a nicer wall next to that element, but it looks a bit more like a building (windows?) than a wall.....and they appear to be building on both sides. Might not be the case, but that would be a cool little thematic element if they do. Not that it needs it as far as I'm concerned though....I think Valravn looks awesome with its layout alone!! Circled area is what I'm referring to.... Thoughts?
  7. First off, I truly wish RMC and Dollywood the best of luck in getting LR up and running as quickly as they can. And I certainly get what Robb is saying (and quoting several times ), but the notion that you're foolish for planning a long trip there without waiting until the ride officially opens seems a bit much. I'd love to have that luxury, but I know for us that's just not how it works. My wife has VERY limited vacation, so we need to plan in advance somewhat....we chose Dollywood as our vacation spot for this year, partially due to LR. We picked a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) to give us more time there. I gave as much "buffer" as I could. It may be open....but we realize there's now a chance that LR will be sitting idle. We've never been there, so we will certainly have a BLAST regardless!! But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be a little disappointed if LR sits closed when for us it could be many years before we return. I'm still VERY excited to visit Dollywood, but I also can sympathize with those who are bummed that the new RMC hotness might not be ready for their trip. I don't think it makes them necessarily whiny enthusiasts or bad planners. Anyway, here's wishing everyone good luck with trips there in April, May, and beyond! May you get to enjoy zooming through the woods on this awesome looking new RMC beast!!
  8. I feel this needs posted again, since your "pointing things out" seems a lot like "I feel the need to tell everyone I was right"..... Oh, and also..... Valravn, on a much better topic, looks fantastic! The construction crew really did a great job placing track at such a brisk pace over the last week or so!! It really feels like it is a perfect fit for that spot. The layout is very intriguing to me as well, as it has a much different look to it than the other dive coaster I rode (and LOVED) in Griffon. Can't wait to ride it!!
  9. Just make sure you check out the POV when they release it, that way you can tell us how forceful it is and if it gives you enough "wow factor" (like with Flying Aces), hahaha!! Sorry, I just had to..... But yeah, I'm really impressed with how Mako is shaping up!! The layout looks pretty awesome, and those colors are just stunning! Looks like Sea World picked a pretty solid addition to their skyline!
  10. I really wish people would stop trying to decide how the ride is based on an off ride video and the speed it appears to be going when someone who has ridden it says it has great pacing and forces. Jeebus. THIS. Over and over and over again, until people realize that maybe, just maybe, you might want to freaking RIDE something to form your opinion of how "forceful" a coaster is!! Jeebus indeed! Oh, someone trusted on the site rode it?? I dunno, but I watched a video!!!11! I think the part that made me laugh the most was when he almost immediately contradicted himself: So, you know videos don't do the ride justice, and you know someone here actually rode it saying the pacing is great, but you'll still judge off of the video anyway? Got it, makes perfect sense then!
  11. Looks like the park posted a pretty cool video in regards to Flying Aces opening up! There are even some POV segments thrown into the mix: Thanks for the awesome coverage, Dave! I'm not at all surprised to hear how awesome the ride is! And imagine that - all the "armchair engineers" weren't as right as they all thought, as it sounds like the ride is plenty quick and chalked full of airtime! It's been said a million times on here, and it's so true.....looks can be deceiving, and there's truly no way to judge until you hop aboard, throw your hands up, and ride! Considering Skyrush is my #1 steel, I'd probably love Flying Aces. Highly unlikely I'll ever get to ride it, but it looks awesome anyway. And yes, their detail in the theme of the coaster/queue is really top notch, which was a great surprise to see in Dave's pictures.
  12. Very awesome photos (as per usual with your trip reports!), thanks so much for sharing them! It looks like a great event, and it had to feel a little weird being at a "winter tour" when temps were warm enough to want to hop aboard their coasters! I like some of those perks that were announced, including that sunrise VIP tour. That'd be awesome to climb Valravn's lift and get some killer photos from that perch! Just curious, did they mention anything in regards to Valravn's Media Day? I by no means expect them to repeat what was done for GateKeeper's in 2013 where they opened it up to coaster enthusiasts, but I'd be thrilled to go if they did! That was such a wonderful (though unnecessary) gesture by the park for that year, but I have a sad feeling that some of the folks who give our hobby a bad name probably complained about aspects of it (I hate people like that, for the record!). Again, just curious more than anything else.
  13. I stumbled across this post on another site with some more detail on the new direction for Coasting for Kids.....and I have to say, I was perhaps a bit too harsh on CF with my initial assessment. It sounds like they will still have a working relationship with GKTW, just not hosting the event itself. This also is in line with what Robb broke to us last week - that the event may possibly still happen in 2016! I'm not looking to promote other sites or any of that stuff, but this information seemed pertinent and worth sharing, especially considering this wonderful cause and event. I for one think we're all on one big team when it comes to Coasting For Kids.....from us here at TPR, to ACE, CoasterBuzz, or any others teaming up to raise funds for the great folks at GKTW!! Here's the pertinent excerpt: Looking forward to hearing an update from Robb on what's in store!
  14. Agreed 100%, on all points of this! I too look forward to whatever future version of C4K GKTW comes up with, and I will be there supporting it as passionately as before!
  15. I can confirm after hearing from several folks that this is indeed true, and it looks like Coasting for Kids, as we've come to know and love here, will no longer be happening. It sounds like plans are being worked on by GKTW to look for an alternative, so here's hoping they have success in that regard. I have not been shy on here with expressing my AVID support of the Give Kids The World organization as a whole, and this event in particular. This event/cause has become a passion of mine, and that was one reason why I was thrilled to help organize Team TPR's efforts over the last couple years. You should all be SO PROUD of the amazing work you've all done in helping us as a team raise so much money for this exceptional cause! Do not discount how much of a direct impact you've had on the lives of these children who truly need and deserve what GKTW offers considering what so many of them are going through. I don't want to speculate too much until more details are known, but from what I've heard, this decision was made by Cedar Fair. If that's the case, then I truly do not understand the move and decision, and it is disappointing to me to say the least. Perhaps I shouldn't feel that way, I dunno. But, for my 2 cents, I feel like it is a pretty crappy decision by Cedar Fair to move away from hosting this event, imho. And this has nothing to do with just getting to ride a lot while participating. For me, this has to do with the impact we were helping to make for a cause that needed it. To me, it just doesn't feel right for Cedar Fair to (on the surface anyway) just turn away from this cause after 7 years of making a positive impact. Why wouldn't you, on simplest terms, want the good PR from continuing to support such a cause?? I just don't understand it. In any case, THANK YOU again to all those who have participated for Team TPR in support of GKTW and their mission! You are all wonderful! I will certainly continue to advocate for and support Give Kids The World for all the incredible things they do, and I'd welcome you all to do the same!! EDIT: I see Robb posted in before my post went up, so there's all the confirmation you need! I'm hopeful he is right and another version of Coasting for Kids happens in the not too distant future!
  16. And that is the type of selfish attitude of people that Robb is trying to avoid. Instead of you thinking about what is best for Robb and Elissa you complain about "your" wasted opportunity. That was a similar attitude that many of the total "d^cks" shared. Well said, Larry. Well said... I agree that the original poster was lacking in tact and probably falls into that category of selfish people that Robb and Elissa would like to avoid, no question. But, to be honest, I think there's a small part of his message (and others have touched upon this as well) that I don't disagree with. It IS a shame that too many "entitled"-type people actually complained about these fantastic and fun journeys (instead of kicking back, relaxing, and HAVING FUN!), meaning that some folks on here who would be respectful and appreciative of all the effort that you guys tirelessly poured into these trips will seemingly not get a chance to maybe experience them at some point in our coastering lives. To be clear, I 100% understand Robb's decision, and I totally respect that he and Elissa need (and deserve!) a break....plus, I can't even imagine how frustrating that had to be seeing/hearing the complaints when you're having to worry about planning everything and coordinating everything. It's still a bummer though. Just my 2 cents. And for the record, Thank You for all the work you guys do with not just the content (website, Facebook, etc.), but with organizing the fun events that you do. My only real TPR experience for an event was Banshee Bash, and I was blown away with how much FUN it was. It was one of the coolest days I've ever had at a theme park, and that was largely due to the experience you guys put together! Maybe another bash will be in my future someday, especially once our little pumpkin gets a bit older. Merry Christmas to you, Robb, Elissa, & Kristen!! (And to all of TPR!) Hope Santa treats you well!
  17. For you..... Kidding aside, Black Widow really is a phenomenal ride, and to me a far better ride than Pitt Fall ever was (and don't get me wrong, I really liked Pitt Fall when it was there!) My only honest beef with it is the ridiculous wait times for it. I've seen fairly minimal lines on it still take 60+ minutes, which is a tad crazy. Part of it, I think, is the ride system, as it seems to be almost overly sensitive. But in all honesty, the park could benefit from seeing how Cedar Point manages the line for an almost identical ride (maXair). They assign numbers, and have a "waiting pen" for the next cycle of riders. It keeps that line really moving. Kennywood's line management for Widow is more like "organized chaos", as people don't seem to know where to go or what to do. I heard rumors that they tried handing out "seat cards" at points this year, but they were not in use the times I visited the park, so who knows. It's a shame really, as like I said, the ride itself is top notch and fantastic! But I've probably only ridden it maybe 4-5 times since its installation, mostly because I don't want to commit 90 minutes waiting in a line that should maybe take a third of that time.
  18. 45 minutes to go!! And our Team TPR is pushing strong here at the end! Just updated the first post and ran our latest tally..... $38,849 raised for GKTW!! INCREDIBLE!!!
  19. Good Morning, Team TPR!! Well, today's the day! We're about 4 hours away from the fundraising deadline (for determining prizes/top fundraisers.....it should be noted that your pages should still be active and able to accept donations after that). For those in the running for Top Fundraiser spots at parks, good luck!! Hopefully you can snag a spot for Team TPR! Let's finish this strong!! GO TEAM TPR!
  20. Hahaha! I almost feel bad that while you're doing that, I'll be marathon-ing on Millennium at CP! I hope everyone is gearing up for some awesome fun on Sunday!! Be sure to send Robb plenty of pics so he can share them via the TPR social media sites! Just under 18 hours before the donating deadline.....
  21. ^ Thanks for posting that in here, Joey! I'll get that up on the first post. Over $37K and growing!! Keep the final pushes going, everyone! GO TEAM TPR!!
  22. Alright Team TPR, as we enter the last full day of fundraising, I did an update to the first post in the thread, along with running our latest fundraising totals!! For fun, I also posted where each Team TPR stands at each respective park. In short, you guys and gals are ALL absolutely CRUSHING this fundraising thing! 5 of our 9 teams are the top fundraising team, and another 2 are the 2nd highest! Everyone, all 59 of you, your work has been OUTSTANDING!!! As for that updated total, be prepared to be AMAZED!! **drum roll, please** Team TPR has now raised........ $36,648 for Give Kids The World!! WOW! Truly tremendous....there's just no other word to describe it. I am so very proud of you all! GO TEAM TPR!! Let's push hard before the deadline on FRIDAY AT NOON (EST), and push that total as high as possible. Is $40K reachable? Hey, you never know!
  23. Sounds like a generous plan to me....I like it! Donation made.....and I kicked in an extra 5 bucks to get you to an even $200! Good luck these last few days, and I will see you at the Point on Sunday!
  24. ^ That's awesome, Andy!! Well done! Have a great time there on Sunday! I am continually in awe of the support that the TPR community has for one another during this event! I'm hoping to run updated totals tonight once I get home.
  25. ^ Yep, that's pretty awesome that we are the top fundraising team at 5 of the 9 parks where Team TPR is represented!! And for 2 others, we are 2nd! Fantastic job, everyone, as we count down the final fundraising days! The Cedar Point Team TPR is close to another milestone, as we are now just $37 away from raising $5,000 for GKTW!! Awesome stuff. Someone new has surged way ahead into the top fundraiser spot there, over $1K ahead of my pace.....so, I've shifted focus to hopefully grab the 2nd place fundraising spot for Team TPR!! I'm pushing out some last emails/messages to some of my typical procrastinators, so we'll see what happens.....$168 to go (currently) for 2nd at CP! I love this last frantic week of fundraising and donations, as the total that goes to GKTW seems to balloon pretty quickly! Here's hoping for another year where the overall total by all participants reaches 6 figures!! About 2 and a half days remain before the donating deadline on Friday at Noon (EST).....don't stop now - make those final pushes for last minute donations!!
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