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  1. Kennywood by far, and more times than I could ever count or remember! Been going there since I was 4 or so, and my first ever coaster ride took place there (Jack Rabbit).
  2. Thanks for the Trip Report! I'm looking forward to checking out Waldameer for the first time myself at some point this summer. I was always on the fence about heading up there, but it's only 90 minutes from home, and with RFII now on board, how could I not go?? It sounds like a neat little park, and I think they hit a home run with RFII. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews of that puppy! My #1 coaster is a GG installation, so I'm more than eager to hop aboard another one!
  3. I haven't been on a ton of inverts yet, but for now, my favorite is Talon at Dorney Park. It just edges out Raptor. Montu, Afterburn (Carowinds), Dueling Dragons, and Nemesis are high on my must-ride inverts list.
  4. Top 10 Steel: 1. Millennium Force, CP 2. Top Thrill Dragster, CP 3. Phantom's Revenge, KW 4. Maverick, CP 5. Nitro, SF GAdv 6. Storm Runner, HP 7. Talon, DP (tie) Raptor, CP 9. Steel Force, DP 10. Magnum XL-200, CP Top 10 Wooden: 1. Voyage, HW 2. El Toro, SF GAdv 3. Phoenix, Knoebels 4. Lightning Racer, HP 5. Thunderbolt, KW (tie) Raven, HW 7. Jack Rabbit, KW 8. Legend, HW 9. Twister, Knoebels 10. Racer, KW Overall Top 10: 1. Voyage, HW 2. Millennium Force, CP 3. El Toro, SF GAdv 4. Top Thrill Dragster, CP 5. Phantom's Revenge, KW 6. Maverick, CP 7. Phoenix, Knoebels 8. Nitro, SF GAdv 9. Storm Runner, HP 10. Talon, DP (tie) Raptor, CP
  5. Nice trip report! The photos looked great, and I liked your ride descriptions as well. This looks like a really nice park with a good assortment of coasters. I have a work trip planned for very early September to a suburb of Chicago, and I found out this park is less than an hour from where I'll likely be staying. Needless to say, with rental car in hand I will head out there a day early so I can chalk up a new park!
  6. Hey there Theme Park Reviewers! Well, after hearing so much about this place and seeing Robb post in some other forums, I figured it was time to take the plunge and join the party! Bring on the coasters......and the donkeys!! Well, I'm Nick and I'm 29 years old. I live in Natrona Heights, PA, which is a small suburb north of Pittsburgh, and work as an engineer. I am a full-fledged coaster nut, and have really gotten into riding them and visiting new parks over the past 5 years or so. My home park is Kennywood (mmmmm, Patch fries!!) and I have been on 88 different roller coasters. My favorite Wooden Coaster is Voyage at Holiday World (see shiny avatar for a purty picture!), and my favorite Steel Coaster is Millennium Force (the most misspelled coaster in the USA! ) at Cedar Point. Besides the obvious interest, I also enjoy photography (especially at parks with all that coaster porn), sports (more watching than playing!), movies, music, and hanging out with my family and friends. On a personal note, I am engaged to the love of my life and we are tying the knot in November of this year! She's a keeper, and my very best friend. She even likes going to parks with this coaster geek, so I'm a lucky fella! Although, I wonder if she realizes how big of a coaster dork I really am?? Lastly, I would like to thank Robb and Elissa for creating such a great looking website! From what I've seen already this is a pretty cool place. And I'm hoping that someday I may be able to meet ya both on one of your killer coaster trips! That's all from me - see you all on the boards!!
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