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  1. You'll have to let me know if/when you decide to visit Kennywood! If free, wouldn't mind meeting up!
  2. 38 so far for me, so just about one-third of them (Rank: #98 of 548 users (top 19%)). Not too bad I guess, and it's probably around 40 or so if I add in ones that aren't open anymore. I would've loved for it to say 39, but oh, that tricky Lightning Rod didn't want to play nice when we visited Dollywood last year!
  3. Hmmm, sounds like your 2017 trips are either to new parks or to parks with new B&M's.....at least your "philosophy of theme park visiting" is acceptable!! What, too soon?? I kiiiid, I kiiiiid!! I only have plans to go to 2, maybe 3 new-to-me parks this year. I did not pick them because of how many credits they have, they just look like awesome parks. I have no problem with either way of choosing what parks to visit. I just want to go to parks that look great, have good looking coasters, that friends have recommended, etc. Doesn't matter if they have a ton of credits or not. If people wanna go to parks for credits thats fine, if people wanna go to parks because they are new/different, rock on. The majority of my trips this year will be to parks I have been to and want to go back to because I like them for one reason or another. Sorry man, as apparently my attempt at a funny was misconstrued. No need to ever have to justify why you picked certain parks to visit. I actually 100% agree with your philosophy, which is why I continually visit places like CP, Knoebels, and Kennywood while sprinkling in newer parks from time to time (for instance, and you might approve of this, we are looking to return to Wildwood for a vacation this summer, and part of that will involve heading to Morey's.....not because of any "credits", but because the place is freaking great! Plus, I'm sure our daughter will love it, as they seem to have plenty of kids/family rides to suit her tastes! ). I'm definitely not of the mindset to constantly search out "new credits". I was simply and jokingly (I thought) bringing up that phrase that was used in the other thread, cause I too was left scratching my head by it. Oh well, joke fail!
  4. Like I said, it is ludicrous. You just didn't know what the heck you were doing. You instead made it seem the trip was long, complicated, taxing, etc...which would discourage the person you were responding to from using public transport. Leaving downtown at 430 am if you had a clue of what you were doing. you would have made the 540 UP-N, which would have got you to Waukegan Station at 650am. After taking the bus you would have been at SF about 3 hours before the park opens. There also is a train that leaves like 630am which would have gotten you there way early or even the 725am one, the 835am was also an option to arrive tight Goddamn. Pump the brakes a bit, guy. No one is an expert at public trans immediately, expecially coming from a non local. Mistakes happen and sometimes technology doesn't do the best job either. Clearly no one would have taken that route had they known the results. The story sounds like and is utter BS. There is absolutely no reason, even if you don't know Chicago, to leave from downtown to SF at 430am. It doesn't pass the basic BS meter. Second why would any logical person not use google maps or transit chicago if they don't know there way around? Oh wait, the excuse will be they don't have a phone, have no laptop, or can read a map. Btw, if you use Trans Chicago or Googke map or any directions service they will not tell you to go from Grand to SF by taking the purple line up to Evanston. They all will tell you to go to Oglvie Third, none would tell you to leave at 430am ? There are 4 trains that leave after then that all get you to SF by 1030am The guy wanted to turn someone off from public transport by a story that doesn't pass basic logic or any modicum of the BS sniff test. Naw, you're just being an @$$hole. Yeah, total @$$hole for sure....and his follow-up just kept it coming. I think we should all flood him with travel questions when any of us head to the Chicago area, since he's obviously the supreme czar of public transportation.....or maybe just a supreme dick, I'm not sure.
  5. I'm just gonna say it - this coaster looks like an AWESOME addition to the park and I think from a wood coaster perspective, it will complement the Beast wonderfully. I have a feeling this thing's going to dish out some stellar rides, especially at night!! Hoping to maybe check it out this year!
  6. ^^ Ummm, I can't speak for the OP, but I'm pretty sure it was a joke.....and the Holiday Inn Express part made me chuckle. I don't think anyone who's sane would argue the very valid point that Bill pointed out (but shouldn't need to). Good grief, the offseason makes some people around here tense as hell.....I know it wasn't another lame "boat" reference, but it's okay to lighten up and laugh a little!
  7. Hmmm, sounds like your 2017 trips are either to new parks or to parks with new B&M's.....at least your "philosophy of theme park visiting" is acceptable!! What, too soon?? I kiiiid, I kiiiiid!! 25 of the North American ones for me....getting close to half of them, so not too shabby I guess! The one that's calling me the most is that shiny new-ish one down at Carowinds!!
  8. And FOOD TRUCKS!! Can't forget the food trucks, haha! If they keep that up, Labor Day weekends might become an annual tradition for us visiting the Point!! Seriously though, those things were awesome last year! Totally agreed on their food as a whole though. Franchises are just about the only safe bet there, really.
  9. The always tremendous El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure!
  10. I have to say, we drove past Carowinds a few weeks ago on our way to a family wedding in South Carolina. Fury looked even crazier than I imagined seeing it in person (albeit for just a minute or so).....I have a feeling I would totally dig that ride. Definitely need to return to the park sooner rather than later to check it out! Our 2-year-old daughter noticed it out the window as well as we passed by and said "Ooooo, ride!! Go ride it??" Yeah, she's my kid all right! I like the look of their new County Fair section for this year. I seem to remember during our one visit years ago that the flat selection was fairly thin, but they seem to be bolstering that up now.
  11. ^ Yeah, that deal they had last year for out-of-state guests was an incredible bargain! If the one for this year is even remotely similar, I may have to take advantage of it and come down for a visit, as the park looks really nice! Plus, I'd like to finally get a chance to ride an RMC! (Darn you, Lightning Rod!! )
  12. ^ You're right, that's an AWESOME deal on tickets!! So now you have no excuses.....go buy 2 of them and come check out Kennywood! We have a crazy-good airtime machine of a hyper, and - most importantly for you - a pretty kick-butt log flume! I might even be inclined to join you for some park fun if you decided to visit! (Although, you guys did avoid us Labor Day weekend at CP, soooo......hahaha! ) In all seriousness though, Kennywood's a pretty cool place that I think you'd enjoy. I mean, I know it could never replace Knoebels as your park of choice in PA, but it's still not too shabby!
  13. Yes. Yes you do, Bill. And you also need to say when you are coming.....it is my home park, after all! Might I suggest Phantom Fright Nights? While they're no Universal or anything like that, for a more modest/mid-sized park, I feel their Halloween event is quite excellent!! Nice report and pictures! Looks like Robb and Elissa delivered another of their typical stellar and super FUN trips!!
  14. How do we get you to discover punctuation, capitalization and proper sentence structure? Burn!! Boldikus, your level of sarcasm and one-liners makes me feel like you'd be fun to hang out with at a park! Speaking of hanging out at a park, we had an amazing couple days at Cedar Point over Labor Day weekend! While we never ran into this certain celebrity around these parts that they call "Bill", there was plenty of fun to be had by our little group, which also included Chris (deguy) and Nicole (sspaz). Our daughter was absolutely beside herself with all the things she could ride this year at 19 months old! While some folks are posting complaints in the forums about food lines, kid ride/pass additions, and the ever popular "my park didn't build me the OMG Coaster that I somehow deserve", I just quietly shake my head and think that those few might be missing the whole point of this hobby - FUN. As I happily watched my little one run full tilt with overflowing excitement, laughter, and happiness to rides like Peanuts 500, Charlie Brown's swings (she seriously LOVED those!!), and the carousel, I was reminded that THIS is what going to a park is all about. Her joy and energy as she discovers new things, new parks, and new rides is helping me gain a whole new appreciation for going to parks like Cedar Point as a family. We had such a blast that we said we need to make this into a family tradition moving forward - Cedar Point over Labor Day! Awesome stuff! I believe I ended up riding "only" 6 of their coasters (some a few times) while we were there, yet it was easily the BEST trip I've ever had to the park! Some general notes and musings from the weekend: From a capacity and operations standpoint, Cedar Point truly does destroy a lot of the competition. I've never seen ride crews hustle so much to get people in, secured, and on their way. Truly top-notch, and you know they're amazing when you're in line and you barely stop moving the entire time you're there. Food Truck Festival for the win! We all know that the park's food offerings are mostly very average at best (with the exceptions being some of the chains that are there), so this was a very welcome addition! Everything we had from the trucks was delicious and very reasonably priced. Standouts for me were the BBQ and the gourmet grilled cheese, while my wife raved about the hibachi truck. Some will say that it is overpriced, but for my family and I, there really is no better place to stay than Hotel Breakers when visiting the Point for several days. There are plenty of perks like cheap tickets and early entry, but the real benefit is that stellar location. It helped that we split some of the cost with another member of our little group, but even if it were just us, I think this is where we'd stay. With a little one, you simply cannot beat the option of being able to walk back to the hotel, recharge, and let the kiddo nap before enjoying more of the park.....or the beach....or the pools. Plus, it needs to be said that those renovations from last year are still gorgeous a year later. It really polished the place and gave it the true "Resort" feel that was lacking in the past. For me, there really isn't a place (that I've been to anyway) here in the U.S. that has any kind of coaster collection as ridiculous as Cedar Point's. There is such an incredible variety of coaster types there, and to be honest a large majority of them range from very good to excellent to flat-out world class!! And it will be an even more unreal collection once the park bids farewell to one of the bigger "meh" members (sorry Bill....while I don't hate it with the kind of fiery passion that some do, I just don't think it really does anything, at least not for me. Great ride to look at though) Valravn is a fantastic addition to the park's coaster lineup! These dive coasters are one of my favorite coaster types from B&M, and this one delivered the goods! I don't have any real issues with the vest restraints like some do, and in fact, I think those actually helped me like Valravn more than the only other dive coaster I've been on, Griffon. The drops were excellent with some decent air (especially in the back), the inversions were fun and flowed well, and the ending hill surprised me in a good way! BIG thumbs up from me! I know it is short.....and frankly, I don't even care! I absolutely LOVE Top Thrill Dragster!! Even to this day after many rides on it, that launch and subsequent insanity gets me every single time! That view at the top is spectacular, the launch is ridiculous, and the drop is pure wonderful craziness!! And for me, I think Dragster totally and without question outclasses its younger sibling in New Jersey. Look, I love Ka too, but everything about this type of coaster is done better by Top Thrill - from the setting and location, to the bleachers/atmosphere, to the revving engines, all the way to the ride itself. For these two near twins, it's readily apparent to me that the true "king" resides in Sandusky. Millennium Force just flat out delivers.....time and time and time again!! Seriously, this coaster is truly spectacular, and though I do admittedly like some rides a bit better, every time I return to the Point, I'm reminded why this hobby is so awesome by riding Millennium. Everything about this ride is exactly what I love in a coaster - the relentless speed, the towering and incredible first drop, the seamless blend of power/intensity and smooth comfort, and the sprinkling in of some very good to great air over the hills, especially that glorious little hop past the station. That said, as much as I love this ride, I had to concede that it is now likely my "1B" at the park..... ....because sweet ever-loving Jeebus, Maverick is F*@#ING INSANE!!! I mean, holy hell, that coaster is one of the most bat-$#*t crazy rides I've ever ridden!! Each time I've ridden it I seem to love it more and more, and this year it gave some of the most intense, jaw-dropping, incredible rides ever!! This is the epitome of roller coaster perfection crammed into this little crazed bucking bronco! The HOLY MOTHER OF GOD EJECTOR airtime on this thing is unreal, and its entire layout is taken with the kind of blazing speed that feels much faster than advertised. The clincher was a glorious front seat ride tearing through the darkness to close out Saturday. It freaking knocked my socks off, and left me on the brake run dumbfounded at the sheer craziness that had just ensued. No doubt about it....this bad ass coaster is indeed my "1A" at CP!! Just WOW. If you haven't had the chance to ride Maverick yet, do yourself a favor and get your ass out to Sandusky pronto....you won't regret it!! Just a perfect weekend with stellar weather, big laughs, great rides, and loads of fun with the people I love. Cannot wait to do it again next year!!
  15. Sounds to me like the park is in "technical operating schedule rehearsal"......the park may be subject to closure from time to time I'd love to go there on a random weekday in Sept. or Oct., as I'd imagine the park is dead and lines are fairly non-existant!!
  16. Your #1 steel would like a word with you. Ummm, I highlighted my quote for you.....Skyrush is listed as a height of 200 feet, so yes, other than Kissing Tower, nothing is above 200 feet in height. Yes I realize the drop is taller, I was specifically speaking of ride heights in the park.
  17. THIS. Repeated several times for clarity. I honestly don't see what is so confusing about this addition. I think this is a GREAT addition to Hershey's lineup personally. Instead of just one drop tower, the park is getting THREE.....can't see how this is a bad thing. And I tend to think they knew exactly what they were doing with the 3 choices. Maybe I'm off base and wrong here, but I certainly think that all three towers will have riders, even the much maligned middle one: 80' Tower - Great step-up thrill ride for kids. Adults could ride too, which is especially beneficial if a kid is "on the fence" about riding. 131' Tower - Some people, including some here, have said that the S&S Double Shot towers are the best rides, especially slightly smaller ones. Is that your preferred tower ride from them? Then here you go! Same Double Shot program, but a decent sized jump in height for added thrills. 189' Tower - The biggest tower, and running a Combo mode. Pretty self explanatory here....this is their "extreme" tower. No, it's not 250-300 feet, but it's almost 200 (and other than the Kissing Tower, nothing in the park is higher than 200 feet that I know of) and is near the top of a hill that will provide an illusion of being higher. Can't wait to give them a ride, as I generally really like these towers, especially the space shot types (big air at the top!)
  18. Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect list of some of the best rides out there. I would only make two small adjustments and replace Triy withFirmula Rissa and medusa with Wildfire. I just have to say that I love how you actually posted corrections to someone's personal bucket list, as if their choices were somehow "wrong". I'm sure he will change his plans accordingly now..... As for my bucket list: U.S. Coasters: Lightning Rod (sooo close, yet soooo far!) Storm Chaser Lightning Run Outlaw Run Superman (SFNE) Wicked Cyclone Fury 325 Boulder Dash New Texas Giant Iron Rattler Outside the U.S. Coasters: Wildfire* Expedition GeForce* (*NOTE: Those 2, for me, are probably the very definition of "bucket list" coasters!!) Balder T Express Colossos Goliath iSpeed ANY Mega-Lite Formula Rossa/Flying Aces Medusa Steel Coaster Keep in mind, these are all subject to change once Henry M reviews my list for accuracy and correctness!
  19. Definitely agree about their flume, that thing rocks and is pretty unique! I know people rail on it a lot here, but I for one like Dorney. It's a nice park with a good selection of rides, and crowds are always quite manageable. Talon is the star for sure, and I feel it's a very underrated invert! My tastes must be weird though, because I don't feel Hydra is nearly as bad as people make it out to be. At least the layout is unique, and it has to be better than that pile of crap that was there before it. I know Bill, I know, Hercules was probably a blast as long as you sat in the front row and leaned forward, right? I also find Steel Force to be a very FUN coaster that is also not as terrible and boring as its made out to be. I do agree though that the better ride can be found in the front car, especially the front row. Haven't been there in a few years, but I wouldn't mind returning someday, especially as my daughter grows over the upcoming years and wants to try out new places.....she's already a pretty huge rider at 18 months, haha!
  20. I'm looking forward to the announcement! I already think KI is a fantastic park, so any excuse to go back there is fine by me!! Their coaster selection is very solid, with one of my favorite B&M hypers & possibly my favorite B&M invert (close call between Banshee and Afterburn down at Carowinds), along with the Beast....plus I feel their "next tier" of coasters is also very good. Add this new modern wooden coaster to the mix, and they'll really have a great assortment! I never got the chance to visit KI back in the Paramount days, so I can't truly compare to then, but I have been very impressed with what Cedar Fair has done since they took the reigns for the park.
  21. ^ I'm guessing he means that the park told only season pass holders about these 70 pokestops.....like a heads up that they're there. I think the concept of this game is really great, and I love how it's getting people out and about and active! Hunting for them while at a park has to be pretty fun, as Robb's pictures from Sea World showed!!
  22. Thunderbolt at Kennywood on July 2nd....and it was running wonderfully too!!
  23. I hear that Cedar Point just so happens to have a "slightly used" flume that they'd surely be willing to send to Carowinds!! In all seriousness though, I feel a flume is near the top of the "what Carowinds could use to round out their rides" list. I actually also think a large sized ferris wheel is another one, behind the flume of course. I tend to agree with prozach on this one that they don't really need a new coaster until after they round out the park's flats first. I mean, they still have THREE fairly world-class coasters, and not a lot of parks can even say that. Once they round out the flats (and next year is a great start in that regard!), maybe a modern wooden coaster would be next up for them. That all said, I just need to get back there and check out Fury!! I have a feeling that it is definitely my kind of coaster!!
  24. Ahhhh, so here's the definition of irony. Poster posts this lovely pile o' crap..... Then follows up one post later with this..... Perhaps you should take your own advice then?? The forum has spoken.....*snuffs out torch* Getting that out of the way, I have to say the POV's for LR look even more AMAZING than I imagined!! What a beauty of a coaster!! Just wow! That airtime on the quad down just looks As for those complaining about the "extra time" spent while others are taking too long to board the ride or whatever, methinks you're being a smidge dramatic. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, and I would certainly hope that wouldn't ruin your day at a fine park like Dollywood!
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