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Best Drops....

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Acrophobia is definitely my favorite. Got to ride it a couple times on my previous trip to Atlanta. It's absolutely insane.


Wild Eagle's first drop is really good too. I like to stick my arms and legs out forward on it. Feels like you're just free-falling. Goliath at SFOG was a good one too.

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Wood: El Toro for me, hands down (or hands up... )


Steel: I305 (sans trims, of course), especially at night. The fact that you're already moving at a decent rate, and the angle and length of the drop make it one of the best anywhere.


Random: I love Alpengeist's first drop so much. It seems to take forever to drop, and the sense of speed is incredible flying through the valley.


Honorable mentions: Maverick and Fahrenheit. I really wanted to include Dare Devil Dive, but the heavy brakes going over the crest killed it for me. Still a good drop, but not nearly as intense as it could have been. I can't wait to get on Mystery Mine to try out another Eurofighter.

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Griffon - drama and weightlessness


Skyrush - ejector seat

runner ups: I-305, Xcelerator, X2, Superman Discovery Kingdom, Millennium Force, Superman SFA (Maryland), Raging Bull (first drop, only)


Maverick - favorite beyond 90 degree drop

Fahrenheit was great. Dare Devil Dive is too braked. Mystery Mine is like a wild mouse on steroids (lap bars would improve it).


Voyage - favorite wood drops

(I haven't been on El Toro)

runner ups: Tremors, Apocalypse (dropping through the structure), Raven (back seat)

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- Any on the Phoenix (Airtime!!)

- 'The Drop' on Ghostrider



- X's Skydive

- Xcel's Tophat (I love how it seems like it's going to dump right on to the street below)



- PP before neuterification (soo steep)

- ToT at DCA (only seat-belts!)


I'm sorry, but what is "PP".


I love Millenium Force's drop and Maverick's drop. Diamondback has a good drop (I think), as does, well, any other coaster with airtime over the drop.

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