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  1. I found out that the new Gerstlauer will be VERY similiar to Karacho at tripsdrill
  2. im 99.99% sure people will refer to this as baron everywhere since it's just inconvenient to say baron eighteen ninety eight, or in any language what so ever. As in i'm going there with friends and i wouldn't like saying "hey let's go on paroni tuhat kahdeksan sataa yhdeksänkymmentä kahdeksan"
  3. I should visit them maybe next years christmas times, it looks beautiful! The size of this type is the size of my manhood!
  4. I do beleive it's for this: http://www.chancerides.com/rides/freestyle.html
  5. Really electric cars to go for are Opel Ampera (Chevrolet Volt in the states), BMW i3, Mitsubishi Outlander PHeV and other plugin hybrids, because just incase you run out of electricity you can tank up on regular petrol.
  6. wouldn't it be great if they got one of those gossetto ghost trains?
  7. When is this estimated to open? Because i'm going in the end of march i hope it's open by then.
  8. Also next time hide the GUI before taking pics, name a guest David Walsh and the press ctrl+u
  9. I really like the one of Linnunrata at linnanmäki but i cant find it anywhere
  10. Could i suggest more trees and foliage? It looks a bit like a field at the moment. Otherwise i'm liking it!
  11. vertigo I mean it was open for only like two weeks and no-one really liked it, plus the maintenance was like 2000€/month or something
  12. How did you get giga trains for twister coaster? Awesome park!
  13. It got removed recently from ITAL website so it got sold but it might've been around 1 million USD or something like that. Did you mean $11 million USD? 1 million seems a little low for a B&M. Yes thanks i fixed it now
  14. It got removed recently from ITAL website so it got sold but it might've been around 11 million USD or something like that.
  15. Can i ask why it says: P. 205: 'Mechanica' Top Scan for 2015 announced! LINK In the description? Instead of Starshape? Top Scan =/= Starshape Just saying
  16. oh for shits sake Yesterday i was in Linnanmäki and everytime i went on Kieputin (a topspin) someone said whenever there was the small click before it put the brakes on someone always was like "WHAT WAS THAT DID A BOLT FALL OFF?!"
  17. I've also started my own one in nolimits maybe i should start posting them too?
  18. Please fix the "huss hammerhead" thing. That's a zamperla rotoshake. Sorry im kind of a flatride nazi Otherwise, great job! I think you need a bit more fencing etc, but otherwise great job!
  19. Check out the first post, it was seeing how much Adventure Island made themselves that made me start this thread.
  20. Adventure island in britain did an amazing job with the time machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyFhaJTAhqc They've made some of their other rides themselves as well
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