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  1. Does the ride system still exist for Musical Circus? I mean, is whatever attraction that replaced it still using the original ride system for musical circus? Because it was spectacular.
  2. One thing that's irritating to electric car drivers is when a plugin hybrid which can use gas uses a charger when they don't absolutely need to (as in a pure electric). There should really be some designated all-electric spots but I guess that discourages everyone.
  3. Aw. Thought this thread would get a bit more love as I am truly curious. Guess electric car owners truly are a rare breed!
  4. So I'm thinking about buying an electric car, so the recent adding of charge stations to Disneyland Resort has me thinking about what other theme parks have electric car charging? Would love to see pics, and news about them (as well as any advice from other electric car owners).
  5. Hey everyone... Super excited about Magic Mountain WCB! looking forward to hanging out with you all... Haven't been to a TPR event in almost 6 years! I noticed some people were wondering about Hurricane Harbor discounts... im a six flags gold member so I can get up to 6 tickets to Hurricane Harbor at around half off if anyone would like some. I believe i have to be the one to buy them with my pass and I.D. but I'd also like to go to hurricane harbor and relax some during the day at some point so company seems like it will be less creepy (im going by myself to WCB this year). See you guys there.
  6. Anyone know if they ever run Goliath at SFMM without the trim brakes before the helix anymore? Ever since the trim brakes were added there no greyouts for me (and by far the best part of the ride).
  7. "Blackfish" did what any 'successful" documentary wants to achieve, which is to create a polarizing view of a subject that creates real debate, even if it has an agenda. The reality is, ALL successful Oscar-winning caliber documentaries have an agenda. That's what makes them effective! If you think about all the winning documentaries, "Bowling For Columbine", etc... they all have slants and questionable facts... but its more of the debates and arguments they actually start which would not have been started without the film's existence. In this sense, the films are important if only because they ignite discussions on topics that maybe people wouldn't have thought much about previous to watching them. If all one does is simply watch a documentary and thinks they are then a 'self-proclaimed expert' on the documentary's subject, then they're just as big of a moron as someone who reads a review of the film and thinks they're an expert. The truth always is in the grey area somewhere in between. Every big corporation is bound to have corruption problems, and there's hypocrisies in every group. What really pains me is all the negative responses towards Robb and Allysia, who I personally know are really good people, and having crazy fanatic PETA nut-cases openly attack them on Facebook and their own forums here, when all they asked was for some rational perspective in the spirit of common sense. That's the trouble with anything polarizing... you're gonna have the people that are sure they are right...make opinions that they're sure are right... have people agree with them that are equally sure they're right... all making wild statements from the walmart laptop in the collective meth lab from trailer-park USA.
  8. JPS294 hit it on the head. These are Intamin supports all right. Unquestionably, these are supports for "Full throttle".
  9. I also find the 2016 date for LA to be staggeringly dissapointing. They better be cloning Forbidden Journey because if they're not, it's just a freakin' joke. I thought they were simply demolishing the amplitheater? There's plenty of room if they just get rid of that money drain.
  10. On the topic of cell phones, it brought something to mind: I just got an iPhone 4 and although I'm sure I'll bring it with me next time I go to SFMM I also know that I won't be able (or want to) bring it with me on the actual coasters. On that note, I'm slightly terrified to leave it in the cubby holes while I ride. The true fear of riding the coasters would be not knowing if my iPhone would be there when I returned to the station, which isn't the best way to enjoy a day at the park. I know I can't be alone in this, what do you guys do with your expensive smartphones? Ever had a problem with them being stolen from the cubbyholes or something similar? Perhaps my suspicions of people are paranoid rather then being based in reality.
  11. Seriously...... tears..... oh my god...... the #2...... oh my god......LOL.... I almost threw up I laughed so hard...
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